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    Answered Prayers:Prayers

    All 12 Prayers, shown in the game's menu.

    The goal of the game is to collect all of the 12 different Prayers.

    Prayers can be learned from interacting by objects and characters throughout the dream world, and each prayer alters Fluorette's appearance and may also give her special abilities. Some have a decorative purpose, while others prove useful for exploring the dream world.

    The Prayers are modeled after Yume Nikki's Effects. While the game does notify you when you've found all the Prayers that exist, unlike most fangames, collecting the Prayers does not unlock an "Ending Sequence" that finishes with the credits rolling. This is due to Answered Prayers being currently uncompleted.

    This page lists all of the different Prayers in Answered Prayers, complete with instructions on how to find them.


    Name Image Description
    Phantom PHANTOM FLOWER.png Fluorette becomes a phantom. Pressing SHIFT returns her to the Nexus.
    Shovel SHOVEL FLOWER.png Fluorette holds a shovel. Pressing SHIFT makes Fluorette hold it over her shoulder. Used to hit NPCs.
    Koraiyn KORAIYN FLOWER.png Fluorette becomes a small Koraiyn. Press SHIFT and she makes a small jump.
    Food FOOD FLOWER.png Fluorette holds a submarine sandwich. Pressing SHIFT will make her take a bite out of it.
    Light LIGHT FLOWER.png Fluorette's eyes are golden lights. Has the passive effect of lighting up dark areas.
    Chromakey Dreamcoat CHROMAKEY DREAMCOAT FLOWER.png Fluorette's lower body turns invisible. Press SHIFT shows television static and a colorbar test on her lower body.
    Halo HALO GFLOWER.png Fluorette wears a halo.
    Tentacles SquidEffectv03.png Fluorette turns into a squid/jellyfish. Tentacles replace her body from the head down.
    Tall Geta TALL GETA FLOWER.png Fluorette wears tall geta and her speed doubles.
    Karakasa KURAKASA FLOWER.png Fluorette transforms into a humanoid Karakasa/ umbrella ghost.
    Guitar Guitar2.png Fluorette carries a guitar. Pressing SHIFT makes her play it.
    Monochrome Mono2.png Fluorette's colour palette becomes monochrome. Pressing SHIFT makes the screen monochrome for a few moments.




    Become a shadow.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: none)

    Appearance: Fluorette becomes a silhouette only showing two white squares representing eyes.

    Passive Effect: You become invisible to NPCs. This is only in effect in versions pre 0.03.


    Action: (Shift) Go back to the Nexus (V 0.03 only).

    Directions: Nexus > Playground

    lil' Phantom

    Instructions: From the Nexus, enter the Playground door on the bottom right. Walk left until you reach the swings. Interact with the swing, wait for the reaction, then continue walking left. Interact with the little phantom NPC sitting near the ledge to have her teach you the prayer.

    Practical Uses: You are able to teleport back to the Nexus quickly and escape from traps without having to jolt Fluorette out of her trance. In older versions, being invisible is useful for escaping enraged Chimiko, but it is likely that the prayer's use was replaced as Chimiko barely place a threat unless you intentionally provoke them.



    For dirty work...

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: none)

    Appearance: Fluorette holds a shovel.

    Passive Effect: Some of the NPCs will run or back away. Some animated characters will animate faster.


    • (Shift) Fluorette switches the shovel placement, either to her shoulder or holding it outward.
    • (Space) Fluorette hits with the shovel, wounding or killing characters.

    Directions: Nexus > Clock Work World > Industrial Maze

    Shovel Item.png

    Instructions: To learn this prayer, enter the Clock Work World from the Nexus. Go right and down to the grey area and enter the door to the Industrial Maze. From the entrance go: right, up, right, down, right. Pick up the shovel from the floor to learn the prayer.

    Practical (?) Uses: Enrages friendly Chimiko. Hitting certain characters triggers some events in which Fluorette is held responsible for what she has done.



    What's a Koraiyn?

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta)

    Appearance: Fluorette looks like a small blue furry ball with cat ears. Her hair and shoes are kept the way they were before.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Fluorette makes a small jump and a cute cartoony sound is heard.


    Directions: Nexus > Clock Work World > Industrial Maze > Game Boy World

    The Koraiyn NPC

    Instructions: To learn this prayer, enter Clock Work World and head right and down towards the Industrial Maze door. In the maze, go left, up, left, down twice, left.

    To go to Game Boy World, interact with the gameboy in this room. Leave the house and go up enter the small house instead. Go down the stairs and go past the pyramid. Now go up the stairs until you see the Koraiyn. Interact with her to learn the prayer.

    Practical Uses: None.



    Enjoy a sandwich.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta or Rusty Key)

    It's on the house.

    Appearance: Fluorette carries a large submarine sandwich with what seems to be a variety of salad, cheese and meat, and a tomato on a toothpick.

    Passive Effect: None.


    Action: (Shift) Fluorette takes a bite out of the sandwich. The onomatopoeia nom! floats up in green letters.



    • Without Rusty Key: Enter the Green World. Walk slightly up and then right. You should see a friendly Chimiko. Go through the green gate and in the Outlands, walk upwards to four candles arranged in a square. From the puddle under the candles, walk left until you spot a path of candles. Go through the path and pass through the gate in the fence. Go down the hole and up the ladder to arrive in Spirit Town. Go up, left, up, left. Enter the doorway with the noren. Pass through the Phantom Barkeeper and in the storeroom, interact with the sandwich.
    • With Rusty Key: Enter the Clockwork World. Go down and right to the grey area and enter the door to the Industrial Maze. Go: left, up, left. Use the Rusty Key on the brown door. Interact with the sandwich in the storeroom.

    Practical Uses: None.



    Your eyes become lights.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: none)

    Appearance: Fluorette's eyes turn into golden lights.


    Passive Effect: When this prayer is used, dark areas light up, improving visibility.

    Action: None

    Black Caves map

    Directions: Nexus > Playground > Black Caves

    A little lost?

    Instructions: From the Nexus, enter the Playground door. Go left until you reach the grey door. Enter it into the Black Caves. Explore the maze until you've reached the blinking lights, and interact with them to learn the prayer.

    Practical Uses: Dark areas such as the Black Caves are easily navigable.

    Chromakey Dreamcoat


    Better than technicolor.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: none)

    Appearance: Fluorette's body turns invisible from the head down.

    Passive Effect: None.


    Action: (Shift) Fluorette's body from her head down appears as television static and displays a color bar test pattern. A television static noise, a beep and the sound of a television being turned off are played in succession. You cannot move during the animation.

    Directions: Nexus > Green World > Glitch World > Glitch World 2

    Chromakey Dreamcat

    Instructions:: From the door of the Green World, move slightly down and then right. Enter the flashing portal to the Glitch World that is deposited on an arrow. Go right and down again and step on a flashing tile that looks slightly different from the others. Interact with the black cat in this new area to learn the prayer.

    Practical Uses: None

    Trivia: The “Chromakey Dreamcoat” prayer is named after a Boards of Canada song.



    Wear a halo.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta)

    Appearance: Fluorette has a white-blue, luminescent halo floating above her head.


    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: None. It is a purely decorative prayer.

    Directions: Nexus > Snowy Streets > Crashed Bus Site > Crashed Bus

    Halo pixel.png

    Instructions:: Enter the Snowy Streets from the Nexus, and put out the four individual blue bonfires. After you've done this to all of them, you should find a circle of eight bonfires surrounding a Snow Girl. She brings you to the site of a crashed bus with footsteps leading into it. Inside, a dead person lies curled up on the floor, with a halo floating above them. The halo will teach you the halo prayer.

    Practical Uses: None



    Become a squid.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta)



    • (version 0.01) Fluorette's hair changes to appear like a blue squid. Her skin becomes lighter and her jacket has a monochrome colour scheme.
    • (version 0.02.5) Fluorette's hair is blue. Her skin becomes lighter and her jacket has a monochrome colour scheme.
    • (version 0.03) Fluorette's lower body from the head on is replaced by dark blue tentacles. Even when not in the ocean, she appears to swim through the air.

    Passive Effect: None.

    Action: None. It is a purely decorative prayer.

    Directions: Nexus > Playground > Underwater Ship > Ocean Floor

    Did you talk to my friend?

    Instructions: Enter the Playground. Go left and enter the elevator. Starting it up will bring you to the Underwater Ship. Walk left, and at the first crossing, go up and go left again. Walk through the narrow path and enter the door. Interact with the ghostly jellyfish inside the room, prompting it to disappear.

    Leave and go down until you reach a room with a Nexus pattern on the floor. Enter the door on the right and interact with the second ghostly jellyfish. In the Ocean Floor seek out the light blue jellyfish with dot-eyes. Fluorette learns the prayer from them.

    Practical Uses: None


    • Despite being gained from a jellyfish-like creature, Fluorette turns into a squid.
    • In the old versions, the Tentacles prayer referenced the anime character Squid Girl, as klaufir is a fan. However, they chose to change it in the following versions due to not wanting it to be such an overt reference.

    "The Squid/Tentacles effect was originally based on ikamusume, then I changed it, then I changed it back again, then I accidentally released a version of the game where the tentacles were gone so she just looks like a blue-haired girl for no reason. The whole thing is a disaster lmao. I should have just left it alone." ― KlauSource

    Tall Geta

    TALL GETA.png
    Tall Geta item.png

    Wearing them gives you a boost.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: none)

    Appearance: Fluorette wears geta sandals that increase her height.


    Passive Effect: Fluorette's moves around at twice her usual speed.

    Action: None



    "Does my little construct help you?"

    In version 0.01 to version 0.02.5, you need to find the Broken Sandals in the Forest World. Leave to the Spirit Town and enter the shop of the Chimiko with the angel sign next to it. For 400 Nat., she will fix them for you, and they will become your Tall Geta prayer.

    "I'm sure it was very helpful."

    In version 0.03, this item was removed from the game. The Tall Geta prayer can now be found in the Green World. In this world, go right from the door until you reach a static green NPC, surrounding itself with green tiles. Go down from where they are until you see a pair of sandals surrounded by flowers. Interact with the sandals.

    Practical Uses: Explore the spirit world faster.



    Become an umbrella ghost.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta)

    Appearance: Fluorette turns into a karakasa. She gains an umbrella over her head, one of her eyes turn red, and her tongue hangs out to the middle point of her body. She moves forward by hopping on a single leg.


    Passive Effect: Walking speed is significantly lowered.

    Action: (Shift) Fluorette sneezes and makes a "blagh!" noise.

    Directions: Nexus > Snowy Streets > Forest World > Miko Shrine

    Karakasa friend.png

    Instructions: In the Snowy Streets, go right from the entrance and interact with the single burning incinerator. Now in the Frozen Lake area, go south-east and find a gate of two green trees. Enter Forest World and find a brown door somewhere in its middle. You'll now be in the Miko Shrine. Going left and down brings you to a Karakasa NPC, who functions as the prayer teacher.

    Practical Uses: None.

    Trivia: The creator of the game stated on an image board that they like Karakasa, linking a picture of Kogasa Tatara from Touhou. This likely means the aforementioned character inspired the Karakasa prayer and Fluorette's appearance when transformed.



    Take away the colour.

    (Prayers/Items recommended to have before retrieving: Light)

    Appearance: Fluorette's colour palette changes to monochrome.

    Passive Effect: None


    Action: (Shift) Screen flashes white and the colour in the area becomes monochrome for a couple of seconds.

    Directions: Nexus > Playground > Black Caves > Monochrome City

    Monoka Gif Klaufir.gif

    Instructions: Follow the Light instructions up to the Black Caves. Equip the Light Prayer and follow the path through the maze until you get to the white door with a question mark on it. In Monochrome City, keep finding ways to go down, until you see Monoka, the mysterious monochrome character only seen from the back. Interact with her to learn the Prayer. Do not disturb her with your weapon.

    Practical Uses: None.



    Play a guitar.

    (Prayers/Items heavily recommended to have before retrieving: Tall Geta)

    Appearance: Fluorette carries a blue-green and grey guitar.


    Passive effect: None.

    Action: (Shift) Fluorette strums her guitar. She can play up to four different chords. Those are randomized, so one is able to create unique songs with this prayer.

    Directions: Nexus > Green World > Green Hallway > Outlands > Outlands 2 > Borderland Corridor > Spirit Town > Elevator Room > Elevator > Complex > Apartment


    Instructions: Follow the Food instructions to the Spirit Town. From where you enter the town, go: Up, Left, Up, Right and Down the narrow path. Now go left and enter the door next to the traffic cones. Enter the Elevator Room. Interact with the Chimiko guide to start up the elevator and when you leave it, keep going left in the Complex until you reach the last door. Interact with the guitar inside the Apartment.

    Practical Uses: None.


    A Rusty Key that can be helpful for exploring can be found in the Underwater Ship. At the Playground, enter the elevator to the Underwater Ship. Find the room with a Nexus pattern on the floor. Go down to where the floor is see-through. Go right and up a narrow pathway which will lead you to a broken window. Enter the broken window and interact with the key.

    Prayer Guide Video