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Answered Prayers:Outlands

RPG RT.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Green World
Borderland Corridor


Hollow Place

Map ID 0014, 0040
Map Type Large, Looping

The Outlands are accessible from the Green World through the Green Hallway.


Map of Outlands

The Outlands is a white space dotted with puddles that reflect an orange sky. There are a few features across the landscape including candles, moving bumps in the ground, and small holes emitting smoke that resemble the hole to Mars-san in the original Yume Nikki.

Southwest of the entrance is a formation of candles surrounded by white blobs similar to those around the entrance. If you walk through the middle of these candles, the pathway will teleport you to a fenced-in area. Going north and taking the staircase will lead you to the Borderland Corridor.


NexusGreen World → Outlands


  • As of version 0.03, the Borderlands has been renamed Outlands in the game's files. However, the Borderland Corridor has kept its name.