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Answered Prayers:Green World

Green World
Basic Info

EffectTall Geta

Events None
Notable NPCs Blobmen, Chimiko
Connecting Areas

Glitch World


Empty Choir

Map ID 0002, 0012, 0060
Map Type Large, Looping, Multiple maps

Green World (previously called Macabre World) is one of the four main areas accessible from the Nexus and can be entered through the green door.


Map of Green World

The Green World has a parallax background resembling a grey spiral that moves over a black floor. The bright green colours of some NPCs and floor tiles contrast vibrantly with the background. Ghostly wafts of mist float around alongside glitching grey NPCs. Patches of swaying white lilies also dot the landscape.

No NPCs in the Green World can be interacted with (or harmed by the Shovel prayer) except the green, glitching NPCs called Blobmen and a friendly Chimiko. If you enrage the wandering Chimiko by hitting her with the shovel, she will trap you in the Playground.

The landscape of the Green World seems to be constructed to aid the player. For instance, two arrows guide the player to the Nexus, and another arrow south-east of the entrance points to the brightly colored, morphing door to the Glitch World.

The Tall Geta prayer, first added in this world in version 0.03, is the speed effect of Answered Prayers and makes Fluorette walk faster. There are two short-cuts to this prayer.

One option is to follow the trail of green tiles south-west from the entrance.

Another option is to go left from the entrance until Fluorette bumps into a Blobman surrounded by green tiles. The green tiles around the Blobman are laid out similarly to the way the flowers are arranged around the tall geta sandals, hinting that the prayer is nearby. Go south from the Blobman to find the tall geta.

Green Hallway

The Green Hallway is accessible through the green gate northeast of the entrance. This hallway is made out of bright green tiles and green drops that fall outside the path. The pathway leads to the Outlands.


Nexus → Green World


  • The white lilies resemble the lilies in the Sky Garden from Yume Nikki.
  • If interacted with, Blobmen respond with a buzzing sound and morph into a sequence of signs that resemble the ones in Symbols Maze. This may indicate that they are attempting to communicate with Fluorette.
  • Right from the entrance of this area, the use of the recurring Buddhist manji symbol is evident. Four pathways begin at the entrance and end at Blobmen in the manji pattern.
  • klaufir's inspiration to add the Tall Geta prayer was the movie Princess Mononoke.
    • Originally, klaufir considered having the player find the Tall Geta sandals broken. This would then require players to fix the sandals by paying a Chimiko in the city, providing a use for the money system.
  • As of version 0.03, Green World and the Green Hallway were renamed from their previous incarnations as Macabre World. NPCs and graphics were changed to green.

Macabre World

Macabre World was very different compared to its current iteration as Green World. Some of the differences in the Macabre World included:

  • The soundtrack was different - instead of a gloomy tune, it played a menacing and somewhat nonsensical joining of telephone beeps and radio noises.
  • The Blobmen stayed in a glitched form after being interacted with.
  • Large pools of red liquid covered the area. Grey jellyfish were found in the red liquid pools, and a glitched blue one with eyes took you to Glitch World.
  • Blib from Arrow Lane was there, was coloured red and followed you around if interacted with. If not interacted with, it would fly around in circles. It played a different sound effect and neither reacted to you equipping the Shovel nor activating the Phantom Prayer (which in this version made you invisible).
  • There were three motionless Blips with muted colours. These Blips were surrounded by ice.
  • Some gloopy black/red statues were present.
  • The Chimiko was not in this version.
  • The hallway leading to the Outlands had a different appearance and looked more like a hallway.