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Ultra Violet:Dark Forest

Dark Forest
UV DarkForest.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Dark Forest



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Emerald Square
Floating Library



Map ID 0041, 0073

The Dark Forest is an area accessible from the eastern exit of the Emerald Square.

Map of Dark Forest


The Dark Forest is a winding forest trail with a slightly dark atmosphere, although it is still able to be navigated without the Street Lamp effect lighting up the area.

The path through the Dark Forest is largely linear and does not have many trails that go off of the path. Large eyes may appear from the trees while walking through the forest, watching Sometsuki as she walks by. There is a short loop in the forest where several rabbits reside. There is also a short extension of the trail on the western side of the forest that ends with a lake where a cycloptic creature can be found swimming. This creature is attracted to Sometsuki if the Headless effect is equipped.

Upon making it out of the forest, the player will come to a cliffside overlooking an ocean with a distant city at night. Continuing east on this cliff leads to the entrance of the Floating Library.


The Nexus → Boreal ForestEmerald Square → Dark Forest


  • By no-clipping and heading south of the lake creature, a long bridge can be found in a sectioned-off portion of the forest. Following this bridge leads to an entirely inaccessible set of areas with a monochrome appearance that is partially unfinished, although still largely functional.