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Ultra Violet:Emerald Square

Emerald Square
UV EmeraldSquare.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events None
Notable NPCs

Little Sometsuki

Connecting Areas

Dark Forest
Boreal Forest
Banquet Hall
Stained Glass World


BGM038きょーかいぽ (Church Interior)

Map ID 0037, 0081, 0145

The Emerald Square is an area accessible from a figure resembling the area in the Boreal Forest.

Map of Emerald Square


The Emerald Square is a small town square with a green color palette. The square is surrounded by large buildings, albeit half of them are locked, and a single lamppost marks the center of the square. A simplified version of Sometsuki wanders about the center square.

By heading along the buildings on the upper-left side of the square, Sometsuki is able to enter the third door in the row of buildings in order to enter the Banquet Hall. Going past this door and into the alleyway beside the church will reveal a crowd of people surrounding a corpse that a man and woman sit close to. The Sometsuki copy wandering the town square can also be seen nearby, though they are looking away from the corpse.

Continuing to the right of the church will lead to the Dark Forest. Entering the church instead will reveal it lacks the green palette seen in the square. The area is slightly dark, though it does not require the Street Lamp effect to see. A stained glass window depicting a woman lets light into the church, and looking up at this window will take Sometsuki to Stained Glass World.


The Nexus → Boreal Forest → Emerald Square


  • Emerald Square Faces.png
    By no-clipping and heading into the alleyway with the corpse, getting past the crowd will reveal a large number of distorted faces and hands, gripping at and destroying the building while watching the crowd.