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Ultra Violet:Old Storehouse World

Old Storehouse World
UV OldStorehouseWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Navy Blue Sea



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

The Nexus
Floating Library Rabbit
Seabed NoReturn
Bloody Water Dungeon Nail Hammer



Map ID 0005, 0011, 0015, 0018, 0024

The Old Storehouse World is an area accessible from the Nexus.

Map of Old Storehouse World


The Old Storehouse World is a gloomy, primarily-blue set of rooms and brick buildings with shadow people and furniture scattered throughout the area. There are also slightly-broken crates found around the area which have a chance to contain 100 yen when smashed open with the Nail Hammer effect.

Traveling left of the Nexus door will lead to two short stairways that continue either west or north.

  • Going west will lead to a lone shadow person watching over the water that teleports Sometsuki to a different part of the world when interacted with. Going forward from where you are teleported will lead to a room with a shadow person near a pool of deep blue water, which leads to the Seabed. In this same room is a small hole in one of the shelves that can be entered with the Rabbit effect, leading to the Floating Library.
  • Going north and then taking a right will lead to a door with a room filled with smashable crates behind it. Inside this room is a small, blonde girl who can occasionally be found curled up in an empty space in one of the room's bookshelves. Equipping the Rabbit or Cake effect will grab her attention and make her follow you if she is outside of the hole.

Traveling right of the Nexus door will lead to a fork in the paths leading either east or north.

  • Going east will lead to a dark room filled with a maze of furniture. This room can be more clearly seen if the Street Lamp effect is used, allowing for easier navigation. Heading to the pathway at the bottom of the room simply leads to two empty rooms close to the world's water. Heading to the stairway at the top of the room will lead to the Armory.
  • Going north will lead to several halls containing shadow people and furniture. Following these halls will lead to a short, winding path with smashable crates blocking the way. Destroying the crates and opening the door leads to a red-tinted room with a bloody shelf that will take Sometsuki to the Bloody Water Dungeon.


The Nexus → Old Storehouse World


  • By no-clipping and heading south of the door to the room with the Seabed and Floating Library warps, a single building can be found with a strange pink creature or structure atop it. This can not be seen during normal gameplay.
    • This figure is intended to be located in a room south of the world's Nexus door, acting as a warp to Dark Forest. However, it can only appear there if Switch 40 is set to ON, which can not be done due to the switch being used for purely debug purposes and having no way of activating it in-game.