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Ultra Violet:Stained Glass World

Stained Glass World
UV StainedGlassWorld.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Sutendo gurasu
Stained Glass


EffectStained Glass

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Emerald Square

BGM BGM027ぉおおおぉん
Map ID 0144

The Stained Glass World is an area accessible from the church in Emerald Square.

Map of Stained Glass World


The Stained Glass World is a dark area filled with various pieces of glass art. Around the area are various stained glass windows depicting the four seasons, which must be found to obtain an effect.

Sometsuki will appear near a stained glass window depicting a woman when the area is entered from the Emerald Square church. Initially, the area does not have many windows, although the world will fill up upon finding large windows that depict the four seasons.

  • The first is spring, which is directly east of the entrance. This window depicts a cherry blossom tree.
  • The second is summer, which is directly south of the entrance. This window depicts a flowing river.
  • The third is autumn, which is directly west of the entrance. This window depicts a glowing sunset beyond the horizon.
  • The fourth is winter, which is directly north of the entrance. This window depicts snowflakes on an icy landscape.

If all four windows have been interacted with in order, then a rainbow window will appear right in front of the entrance. Interacting with this window gives Sometsuki the Stained Glass effect. Immediately using the effect here will change the world's black background to that of a cloudy sky.


The Nexus → Boreal ForestEmerald Square → Stained Glass World