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Like Yume Nikki and many of its fangames, there are many events found throughout Uneven Dream. Here is a list of all the current events that can be found, along with their individual locations and what they may unlock when activated. Feel free to expand this article by adding more events if necessary.

Note that although they are listed in alphabetical order, nearly all of the names of these events are not official.

Kubotsuki's Events

The cubes and the graffiti after which this event was named

78 Skidoo

Location: Cube Road

Description: Walking all the way to the right in Cube Road, the player will reach a street full of big cubes in different colors and with bizarre shapes protuding out of them. At the end of this section of the road is a small rotating gray cube, interacting with it will play a sound effect resembling barking, after which Kubotsuki will be teleported on top of one of the cubes, which will be floating over the street as the other cubes float at the side of the road and energetic yet omnious music plays. After a short while the music will stop, the colors of the screen will become less saturated and the cube will start moving at a slower speed. Pressing Space at any moment stops the event and returns Kubotsuki to the road.

Seeing this event unlocks wallpaper #034.


Anti-Seer's Awakening

Location: Puppet Theater

Description: (This event requires the Pencil and Seer effects) After reaching the deepest section of the Puppet Theater, Kubotsuki will find a dark, omnious room with the same symbols recourring through the second half of the world painted on the northern wall, the room is full of Puppeteers sitting in a symmetrical arrangement, equipping the Seer effect in this room will spawn the Anti-Seer, a bigger version of the Puppeteers, in the middle of the room, replacing the two central Puppeteers in the room, and will make the regular Puppeteers' eyes start glowing. Interacting with the Anti-Seer will make him laugh and show a full screen closeup of his face, after a few seconds the Anti-Seer's portrait will distort in a disturbing manner as the background is replaced by rapidly moving eyes and loud, distorted music plays, after some few seconds Kubotsuki will be teleported to an isolated platform in the first half of the Puppet Theater, with no chances to escape other than using the Box effect or waking up.

A cheesy nightmare...

Cheese Chase

Location: Congregation Island

Description: Interacting with the Cheese in the main area of the Congregation Island, Kubotsuki will be teleported to a looping void infested with Cheese Chasers, the only way to escape that area without getting caught is to find and interact with a stationary piece of cheese similar to the one that teleported Kubotsuki to the looping void, doing so will return him to the main area of the Congregation Island, where a white creature will show up near the stairs connecting to Alphabet Tower. Interacting with this creature will give Kubotsuki 255 money and make it vanish.

While this event can be seen multiple times, the reward can only be claimed once.

Deer Head

Location: Grayscale Gardenscape


DUDE Containment Breach

Location: DUDE Complex



El Bebe

Location: Toxic Waste Plant

Description: One of the platforms in the Toxic Waste Plant has a small hole that can only be accessed using the Dark Matter effect. Going down the hole will take Kubotsuki to a small underground area lined with toxic waste barrels that cannot be escaped from. Going down the path will lead to El Bebe, a massive, glowing white baby. Interacting with El Bebe will cause Kubotsuki to stand in place for a couple seconds, before the game cuts to black and strange bubbling noises play. Kubotsuki will be transferred to a seemingly glitched path made out of parts of El Bebe while an uterus scan filter covers the screen, reaching the baby's face will show a fake Game Over screen before Kubotsuki is teleported back in front of a three-eyed monster in the Sea of Static after this.

This event is only viewable once.

Event haunted hallway.png

Haunted Hallway

Location: Neon City

Description: As you explore the glitched house in the Neon City, you will eventually come a long, dim hallway with glitchy tiles alternating between the vector style of the rest of the world and more detailed artstyles. As you go down the hallway, ghostly Hoodie Men will quickly levitate towards Kubotsuki before vanishing. Upon interacting with the door at the end of the hallway, Kubotsuki will hear a door slam from the other end, causing him to jump. A Hoodie Man will run up to him and trap him inside a room where he can obtain the Box effect. Although he cannot go out the door to the north, he can go out to the balcony of the house. Upon revisiting the house, a child Kubotsuki can be seen standing on the balcony, if the balcony was visited from the box room using the Seer effect will reveal a passive Hoodie Man standing next to him.

Due to the nature of the event being linked to finding an effect, this event can only be completed once per save file. However if the player wakes up without taking the Box effect the event will still be viewable.

Lonely Subway TV

Location: Lantern Alley


Event mime meeting.png

Mime Meeting

Location: Metal Mounds

Description: In the Metal Mounds, you can find two identical-looking NPCs known as The Mime. Interacting with The Mime in the right-uppermost door will display a full-screen image of their face, open their eyes, and then disappear, in a similar manner to Monoe from Yume Nikki.

The Mime found in the bottom most door (with the vomiting face in front of it) will play out the same scenario as the other Mime, only this time their eyes are much more detailed and will cause the screen to glitch out for a couple seconds, before disappearing. Strangely, these events are separate from each other. Viewing both Mime events unlocks Wallpaper #006.

Paper Boat Ride

Location: Lantern Lake



Location: Ice Chapel

Description: Seeing this event unlocks wallpaper #025.

Strange Giants

Location: Alphabet Tower



Seer's Awakening

Location: White Spikes World

Description: In White Spikes World, you can find a staircase leading down to the Seer's Room. Climbing up the hill in the room leads to the Seer, a large humanoid figure with a glowing head in a prayer pose. Interacting with them will pan the screen up to reveal an eye floating over them, causing the screen to shake as distorted music plays. As the screen cuts to black, a full-screen event will play where small eye symbols gradually multiply as calming music plays. Viewing this event is necessary to unlock the Seer effect. Viewing this event again reveals the large eye is no longer there.

The Corpse at the Bottom

Location: White Spikes World

Description: (This event requires the Seer effect)


Location: Deranged Faces Zone



Turtle Hole

Location: All-Seeing Forest

Description: (This event requires the Turtle effect) Taking the northern path at the crossroads in the bridge in the All-Seeing Forest will take Kubotsuki to an area with a fence which has a small glowing hole, only accessible with the Turtle effect. Going through this hole will take Kubotsuki to a room full of DUDES dancing near a deep hole, in this room Kubotsuki can't change effects or switch to the Turtle effect's human form. Going forward attracting the DUDES' attention will enrage them, they will stop dancing and stare Kubotsuki down angrily as an off-screen DUDE will run in, pick him up and toss him down the hole as the other DUDES start cheering. A short cutscene of Kubotsuki falling down the pit will play until the player presses Z, when Kubotsuki will finally land at the bottom of the hole. From this point, the player is can interact with the DUDE statues to open an entrance to the DUDE Complex. Viewing this event is one-half of unlocking Wallpaper #017.

Event upside down.png


Location: Beige Box Factory

Description: Going behind the long fence at the Beige Box Factory and interacting with the hole at the end of the path will take Kubotsuki to a short corridor heading north. This corridor seems to dead end as it ends with a fenced off culvert, however interacting with it will cover the the screen in letter A's as the Upside-Down Creature grabs onto Kubotsuki (or maybe it replaces him) for a few seconds. The screen will then fade to black as Kubotsuki is teleported to a looping balcony overlooking an upside-down city. The same Upside-Down Creature can be seen here and it will jump and bark on interaction. It's possible to leave the balcony by going down, which will take Kubotsuki back to the Factory itself at the side of the hole.

Event caroling.png

Villagers' Song

Location: Winter Village

Description: Interacting with a pair of stationary villagers in a somewhat isolated area of the Winter Village will cause Kubotsuki to stand in place as the couple starts singing a song for him and the screen begin gradually changing colors as the song progresses.

You Are

Location: Corroded Dream


Totsutsuki's Events

Event angry fairy.png

Angry Fairy

Location: Red Forest

Description: (This event requires the Lily of the Valley effect) Attempting to kill the large Sunflower Fairy with the Lily of the Valley effect will anger her, darkening the screen as a glitching noise plays. After this Totsutsuki will be kicked out of the tree for the the remainder of the dream. Seeing this event grants that the Horned Spirit shows up on the tree's knothole, however it will be blue and have an angry expression. Totsutsuki will be unable to enter the tree even from the Subconscious Garden entrance, attempting to do so will play the same glitchy noise and darken the screen as Totsutsuki steps back. The entrance to the tree can be unlocked again by waking up.

Appleworm's Birth

Location: Lightbulb World

Description: Seeing this event unlocks wallpaper #020.

Blockgirl's Flight

Location: Neon Village

Description: (This event requires the Music Box effect)

Burnt Cookies

Location: Mutant Sunflower World



Location: Fast Food World

Description: Seeing this event unlocks the entrance to the Shoe Rack.

Event corrupted dojo.png

Corrupted Dojo

Location: Sky Islands

Description: (This event requires the Lily of the Valley effect) In the Sky Islands Dojo, attempting to kill anyone with the Lily of the Valley effect will cause the screen to dim and the music to slow down. The monks will then mutate, turning into monstrous chasers with a strange glow surrounding them. Getting caught by any one of them is one-half to unlocking Wallpaper #013.

Goodbye Totsu

Location: Heaven's Docks


Hornet's Wrath

Location: Bumblebee Lounge

Description: (This event requires the Sunflower or Lily of the Valley effect)

Mysterious Slide

Location: Shoe Rack


Event origami crane.png

Origami Flight

Location: Sky Islands

Description: (This event requires the Origami effect) On the roof of the building in the Sky Islands, there is an gap between the bushes. Using the Origami effect here will allow Totsutsuki to fly off the roof as upbeat music plays, much like the Witch's Flight event from Yume Nikki. Pressing X will return her to the roof. Viewing this event is one-half of unlocking Wallpaper #017.

Sun Lord's Wrath

Location: Astral Ruins

Description: (This event requires the Lily of the Valley effect)


Location: Galleta World


Removed Events

Event kuboa.png


Location: Kubotsuki's Dream Room

Description: When messing with the light in the room, there was a small chance of this event occurring. When it did, the room would become glitchy and play a distorted version of the title theme music. The TVs displayed a laughing image of Kubotsuki on the screens. Interacting with the TV on the floor would cause Kubotsuki to be warped to a blank room with only a plain TV. Trying to wake up would trigger a cutscene, displaying disturbing text with loud music, causing Kubotsuki to wake up in front the TV. After seeing this event, a new screen would be accessible in the currently-defunct Computer Room.

This event was slightly different in version 0.02, when trying to wake up from the black room would play a cutscene of Kubotsuki waking up, watching TV and then trying to leave his bedroom only for the scene to glitch out and repeat. At the fourth repetition of this scene Kubotsuki would walk inmediately up to the hid bedroom's door, just to be intercepted by a Shadow Hearl and wake up, this would unlock a different picture in the Computer Room. This version of the event only lasted for that version of the game.

This event was removed as of version 0.03

Kubotsuki's Intro

Location: N/A

Description: This event played in older versions of the game when selecting Kubotsuki for the first time.

This event was removed as of version 0.03.

Totsutsuki's Intro

Location: N/A

Description: This event played in older versions of the game when selecting Totsutsuki for the first time. The event consisted on Totsutsuki walking on a bright grassy field as peaceful music played, as the player progressed, the music would become more intense and the map would become even brighter. After reaching the end of the path, Totsutsuki would appear in a dark purple hallway surrounded by Shadow Hearls as white noise replaced the original music, interacting with the Shadow Hearl at the end of the hallway teleported Totsutsuki to her bedroom and started the normal gameplay.

This event was removed as of version 0.03.


  • El Bebe was originally meant to be viewable once per dream session but available again after waking up, however a programming bug made it permanently inaccesible after seeing it for the first time.
  • In some of the oldest versions of the game, there was a bug which made Totsutsuki's intro trigger every time the player selected her.