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FC Demon
NPC Info
Role Gives the Demon effect
Location FC House
FC World B
Size Standard
Killable? Yes

The FC Demon is an effect-giving NPC found in the FC House that gives Madotsuki the Demon Effect.


The FC Demon has dark pink skin, black eyes, lilac hair, long pink horns, and lilac/black clothing that includes a checkered top.


The FC Demon can be found in the FC House's basement, inside a room known as the FC Demon's Room. Inside this room, they are surrounded by gray pyramids and Kinoko-san, the latter of which also block the door to the room. Using the Knife effect, Cat effect, or simply waiting for the Kinoko-san to move allows access to the room. Interacting with the FC Demon here will give Madotsuki the Demon effect.

The FC Demon can also be encountered in FC World B in a room with six pyramids, which have the same appearance as the ones in their room. There is a 1/6 chance that they will appear in FC World B's pyramid room, though they are guaranteed to appear if Madotsuki has the Demon effect equipped. If interacted with in the pyramid room, the FC Demon teleports Madotsuki to their room in the FC House basement, by their side.

When interacting with Madotsuki, the FC Demon makes a sound that sounds similar to a smooch. They will always turn to look at Madotsuki when interacted with. The same sound plays when interacting with Buyo Buyo and the lips in Eyeball World.


  • While the FC Demon themself does not resemble the Japanese folklore creature Oni, the Demon effect they give out makes Madotsuki resemble said creature.



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