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    Yume 2kki:Alazan Domain

    Alazan Domain
    Alazan domain.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Silver Dragées

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Hat World
    Parking Zone
    Forest of Strange Faces
    Monochrome Ranch Chance🍀

    BGM bgm-o 2 (No. 138D)
    Map ID 1982
    Version Added 0.119g
    Last Updated 0.122c
    Author 21keb

    The Alazan Domain is an area accessible from Hat World.

    Map of the Alazan Domain


    The area has a very simple structure, with the player only being able to go left or right on the crimson brick ledges and up or down on small white ladders. Out of reach, unusual hopping gray circles and plants growing out of the cloudy void can be found. There appears to be a wandering cheese wedge on a ledge that makes a lip smacking sound if you interact with it. Several areas are blocked off, indicating future connections. There is also an extremely unusual vending machine that looks like a wrapped piece of candy.

    Heading past the ladder that leads to the vending machine, there is a ladder at the end of the path. Taking it, then going three more levels up from here will take you to a fork in the road. Going up the ladder on the right between the leaking faucets will direct you to a red teleporter on the right, with a strange NPC that makes a chicken sound on the left. Interesting, there is an invisible cow across from this NPC that produces a mooing sound. The teleporter will take you to another long, straightforward path to a similar green teleporter, which leads to the Parking Zone upon interaction.

    If you go up the ladder on the right at the fork, you will be lead down a different path. A strange NPC that makes chicken and cow noises can be found here. Interacting with it has a 1/10 chance to take you to Monochrome Ranch. Arriving from Monochrome Ranch will place Urotsuki near the Parking Zone connection. Avoiding any obstacles and progressing through the ladders will direct you towards a green Teleport Rune warp to the Forest of Strange Faces.



    • Given the Japanese name for this area, it's highly likely that the hopping gray circles are meant to resemble arazan (aka silver dragées), small balls of sugar with a metallic coating used as confectionary decorations.