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    Yume 2kki:Blue Sanctuary

    Blue Sanctuary
    Blue Sanctuary.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Garden World
    Candlelit Factory LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn➡️
    Floating Tiled Islands LockedCondition🔐
    Ruby Forest DeadEnd↩️

    BGM n3-iFF (No. 170C)
    n3-iFF (slow) (Dark version)
    n3-iFF (slower) (Darkest version)
    nanika_moon1 (Boat area) (No. 627B)
    0109BGM2 (Hallway) (No. 937)
    Map ID 2211, 2770, 3143
    Version Added 0.120b patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123c patch 5
    Author Takikomi

    Blue Sanctuary is an area accessible by interacting with the blue hand in Garden World.

    Map of the Blue Sanctuary


    Blue Sanctuary initially appears to be a peaceful and upbeat area with blue grass, blue trees, flowers, and little lakes, some of which are connected by wooden bridges. Populating the area are blue orbs of light and anthropomorphic pink rabbits, one of which can be seen trapped and spinning rapidly in the trees. They both make sounds, and the bunnies will hop upon interaction. When not in their hostile state, the rabbits can be attacked with the Chainsaw, but will retaliate by trapping the player.

    Somewhat southeast of the entrance, near where the trapped rabbit can be found, a black tentacle can be seen poking out of a hole in the ground. When interacting with it, static momentarily fills the screen, causing Urotsuki to flinch as the tentacle vanishes. The hand leading to Garden World also disappears. After this point, the screen will become darker and slow down, as the rabbits and orbs in the area will become hostile chasers and trap the player on an isolated, flower-filled island if caught. They cannot be avoided with the Invisible and Crossing effects, but the Bat effect can be used to escape the trap if it was set before being caught. Equipping the Glasses effect will reveal a white snowman-like figure with a blue striped cone atop their head, sitting on a secluded island above the flowery trap.

    Once the inhabitants are hostile, the player can find one of two pink creatures in the area holding keys, possibly appearing near the long pier or south of a semicircle of rocks. By interacting with one, its face will turn hollow and bloodied; the screen will further darken and the music will further slow. Interacting again causes it to grunt. In this state, the player will be able to enter the staircase leading to Candlelit Factory.

    Slightly northeast of the entrance, there is one body of water that contains a seemingly incomplete bridge or dock. A small white structure can be found here. Interacting with it will lead to Floating Tiled Islands if you have visited both Blue Sanctuary and the main area of Floating Tiled Islands.

    Further northeast is a long pier that seems to end in the middle of a lake. As the pier is traversed, it stretches further and ends at a boat that can be used to cruise the broad lake. Further west are purple tiled pillars from other Takikomi maps sticking out from the water and a building upon which a strange bipedal creature resides. Arriving here from Ruby Forest places Urotsuki atop the building, though it seems to be a dead end. Boating through the wide doorway, disembarking, and continuing north will lead to a hallway that resembles Tiled Abolition in Expanded Corridors. A construction sign sits out of reach, and cones block a break in the tiles that reveals a murky view.



    • In version 0.123c, the area was expanded, which included the long pier leading to the large lake and the hallway. The area's appearance was also updated in this version.


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