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    Masks can be obtained and worn by Urotsuki in the dream world. They change Urotsuki’s appearance, however they aren’t stored in the menu like the Effects. Most masks can be stored in mask storage boxes, which can be found in some of Bean's worlds (like Pillar Ark). Usually they’re purely cosmetic with rare exceptions. Below is a list that catalogs the masks that can be worn in the game.

    Mask Shop/Deluxe Mask Shop Dream Wardrobe Others

    These are masks that are purchasable from the Mask Shop or the Deluxe Mask Shop.

    Effect Masks

    These are masks that Urotsuki can change into with certain effects equipped.

    Icon Name Effect(s) Required Special Interactions
    Mask-telephone.png Pet Telephone Telephone
    Mask-boy.png Boy Outline Boy
    Mask-fairy.png Sprite Fairy
    Mask-wolf.png Ookami Wolf
    Mask-maiko.png Maiko Ghost Maiko
    Mask-twintails.png Pole Man Twintails
    Mask-spring.png Bane Jack Spring
    Mask-gakuran.png Gakuran-kun Gakuran
    Mask-haniwa.png Grey Haniwa Haniwa
    Mask-cake.png Shimofuri-tan Cake
    Mask-grave.png Walking Grave Grave
    Mask-bunny.png Usamimi Bunny Ears
    Mask-bike.png Shadow Biker Urotsuki Wolf + Bike
    Mask-tsundere.png Twintail Monster Twintails + Glasses
    • Can be used to get through gaps in the Stone Maze.
    Mask-yellow.png Kidoairaku-kun Red Riding Hood + Teru Teru Bōzu
    Mask-haniwa-cake.png Cake Haniwa Cake + Haniwa

    Non-Effect Masks

    These are masks that Urotsuki can change into without any effects equipped, which can be selected via a menu, where the choices are unlockable upon interacting with certain NPCs.

    Icon Name Unlock Conditions
    Mask-shadow-woman.png Black Witch None
    Mask-yukata.png Yukata Interact with Yukata in Invisible Maze.
    Mask-monmon.png Monmon Interact with a Monmon six times in one visit to Marijuana Goddess World.
    Mask-painter.png Painter-kun Interact with Painter-kun in Art Gallery.
    Mask-girl.png Twintail Girl Visit Lotus Park.
    Mask-megusuri.png Megusuri Uri Interact with Megusuri Uri in Visine World.
    Mask-scrunkly.png Black Cat Interact with the black cat in the School.
    Mask-provost.png Provost-san Interact with Provost-san in the Docks.
    Mask-appururi.png Appururi Interact with Appururi in Fairy Tale Cottage.
    Mask-witch.png Halloween Dress Urotsuki Interact with the shining pumpkin in Halloween Forest.
    Mask-ahogeko.png Ahogeko Visit her house.
    Mask-shadow.png Shadow ??? Get caught by a Shadow ???.
    Mask-bird.png Shadow Bird Get caught by a Shadow Bird.
    Mask-gloop.png Shadow Gloop Get caught by a Shadow Gloop/Black Slime.
    Mask-robot.png Robot Guard Get caught by a Robot Guard.
    Mask-shadowmold.png Shadow Mold Visit Forest Cavern.
    Mask-scientist.png Scientist Visit the Underground section of Laboratory.
    Mask-onimusume.png Oni Musume Visit Oni Musume's Room in Dark Room.
    Mask-octoman.png Tako Otoko Interact with Tako Otoko in Atlantis.
    Mask-TVhead.png TV Head Visit Underwater Amusement Park.
    Mask-whitedroolingcreature.png White Drooling Creature Visit one of the interiors in Apartments.
    Mask-dogboa.png Dogboa See Dogboa in Sky Kingdom.
    Mask-huyure.png Huyure-chan Visit the Bottom of the Swamp in Dream Beach.
    Mask-angelpriest.png Angel Priest Visit the Fountain House in Fountain World.
    Mask-eyeballman.png Eyeball Man Visit Eyeball Archives.
    Mask-chainsawgirl.png Chainsaw Girl Visit GALAXY Town.
    Mask-ninetails.png Ninetails Interact with Ninetails in Red Lily Lake, but only if they were not damaged by the Chainsaw effect.
    Mask-seal.png Seal Visit the main part of Paradise.
    Mask-kiigaaru.png Kīgāru Visit the main part of Cotton Candy Haven.
    Mask-candlegirl.png Candle Girl Interact with Candle Girl with the Red Riding Hood effect in Snowy Village.
    Mask-whmouse.png White Mouse Visit the Cheese House in Toy World.
    Mask-blmouse.png Black Mouse Visit the Cheese House in Toy World.
    Mask-takoyaki.png Takoyaki Creature Purchase a Takoyaki from the vending machine in Stove.
    Mask-barricade.png Construction Barricade View Ending #1.
    Mask-rune.png Teleport Rune Visit Digital Hand Hub. Note that this mask is separate from the ones found in the Dream Wardrobe.
    Mask-cone.png Traffic Cone Visit the Secret Garden in Deserted Town.
    2kki-ShadowGentleman-Mask.png Shadow Gentleman None
    2kki-Slug-Mask.png Shadow X Unlocked after visiting Blue Apartments.
    2kki-VM-Mask.png Vending Machine Visit the Snack Gallery.