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    Yume 2kki:Floating Tiled Islands

    Floating Tiled Islands
    Entrance to Party Playground
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Party Playground
    Blue Sanctuary LockedCondition🔐
    Flesh Paths World Chainsaw NoReturn➡️
    Stone Hand Flatland Chainsaw NoReturn➡️
    Intestines Maze Unlock🔑 NoEntry
    Vantablack Isles

    BGM n3-CaSP (No. 167C)
    spelude-9 (Bedroom) (No. 670)
    2_19 (Bedroom: After killing the bear) (No. 421B)
    noise1 (Red Cave) (No. 132B)
    2_27 (To Stone Hand Flatland) (No. 224E)
    Map ID 2213, 2214, 2216, 2259
    Version Added 0.120b patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123c
    Author Takikomi

    Floating Tiled Islands is accessible from interacting with the blue orb in Party Playground and a house in Vantablack Isles.

    An annotated map of Floating Tiled Islands


    This area is composed of several floating islands connected by teleporter tiles and doors leading to other doors. Several elements from other worlds by the same author are present, such as trees and flowers from Blue Sanctuary, tiles from Party Playground, and boxes seen in Expanded Corridors. A standard red vending machine can be found near the Party Playground entrance. There are also a couple of red construction signs denoting available connections.

    One of the islands has a deformed red NPC that vaguely resembles an octopus, like those in Fish Person Shoal and other Takikomi worlds. This is where you will arrive from the Intestines Maze. If you have visited the main area of Floating Tiled Islands once, you will find a teleporter that will lead to the main area. You may return to the Intestines Maze by interacting with the red creature, but stepping on the teleporter below is a one-way trip.

    From Party Playground, go through the doorway, then take the leftmost teleporter, then the one to the right, and lastly, use the middle one to find a small house icon. Interacting with it will lead to Blue Sanctuary if you have visited Blue Sanctuary and the main area of Floating Tiled Islands once (visiting the isolated section from Intestines Maze will not work).

    From Blue Sanctuary, use the teleporters to the left and then the second doorway to return to Party Playground.

    To reach the Bedroom from Blue Sanctuary, use the first warp point, then the left one, then the one to the right. From here, head through the left doorway to find a golden door leading to the Bedroom, or through the right doorway to find a colorful, smiling creature on an island only big enough for them and Urotsuki. The door to the Bedroom will be inaccessible until certain conditions are met.

    On the same island as the door to the Bedroom, you can go through door "F" to find a floating corridor of doorways blocked by signs. Also found here is a monochrome door that connects to Vantablack Isles.


    This area contains a giant bed and desk, as well as a black teddy bear and a white one. Not much can be done besides using the Chainsaw effect on either teddy bear. Doing so will cause the screen to fade to black with a distorted laugh sound. The screen will then turn back on, showing a darkened bedroom with the bears gone and some odd white creature with a blue spiral cone atop their head, facing away from Urotsuki with a puddle of blood in front of them. A bloody nail will now be present on the bed.

    Leaving the room after this point will lead the player to a red cave area. This area is full of various deformed versions of the snowman-like creature, with some being mutilated by cones and writhing around. The northern path is blocked by a barricade. If certain conditions are met, it leads to Stone Hand Flatland. Eastwards, a snowman leads to a path that seems to be an isolated area of the Shoal Caverns of Fish Person Shoal, with one of the previous creatures having an opened and bloody mouth. The mouth acts as a one-way portal to Flesh Paths World.


    If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

    After entering the Server Hub from the Lonely Home:

    After unlocking the connection between Blue Sanctuary and here:


    • The snowman-like creature is seen in many other worlds made by Takikomi, including Candlelit Factory, Flamelit Wasteland, Fish Person Shoal, and the passage connecting the three.
      • The two bear toys in the bedroom reference the bears in the fishing rooms of Fish Person Shoal and Flamelit Wasteland, and a clover on the desk resembles the one in Candlelit Factory's passage. The red octopus on the desk can be seen in Fish Person Shoal as well. The painting of a pink bunny on the wall seems to reference the bunnies in Blue Sanctuary.
      • The cone hat they wear is also referenced in multiple areas, such as the Fish Person Shoal's mountainous entrance to Expanded Corridors, also seen from the distance at the convenience store's exterior in Somber Establishment, as well as the blue cone linking Expanded Corridors with the Chaos Exhibition.
      • This suggests all the worlds are intertwined fundamentally, but there may not be much else to conclude from that.

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