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Yume 2kki:Clandestine Research Laboratory

Clandestine Research Laboratory
Clandestine research laboratory.png
Basic Info
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Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Robotic Institution
Phosphorus World



Map ID 1254, 1259


Clandestine Research Laboratory is an area accessible from the tree in Robotic Institution if it has been fully grown.

Map of the Clandestine Research Laboratory


This area is a dreary, sinister-looking laboratory with a faint green tint, where the sides of each rooms are bordered with caution stripes.

Exiting some of the rooms in this area has a 5% to 10% chance of, instead of leading to the next room, teleports Urotsuki to the other side of the current room. After this happens, it will only be possible to quit the room after trying to leave one to three times. Entering rooms that aren't affected with this event won't reset the conditions to normal.

The area starts off in a room with green liquid tubes, with one of them containing the tree leading here, leading to one of many corridors. You can find several interesting spots here, such as a room with three grassy creatures that react to various effects (such as the Red Riding Hood, the Plaster Cast, and the Chainsaw), a room with a solitary piano, as well a book on top of a pedestal, whose appearance depends on the effect being equipped. A staircase going down can also be found in the area, which leads to the Infinite Stairs.

Infinite Stairs

The Infinite Stairs (無限階段, Mugen Kaidan) is a set of seemingly looping staircase going downstairs. Trying to go upstairs will lead to the beginning. If the Lantern effect is equipped, a static screen will appear, along with a noise. After that, Urotsuki will be forced to unequip it.

At first, the staircase will seem fairly normal, but the deeper it is explored, the more changes will appear. For example:

  • On the 14th loop, a vending machine will appear. It laughs on the first interaction, but allows Urotsuki to buy drinks on subsequent interactions.
  • On the 16th loop, a Shadow Woman will appear. It will jump at the player, making an image appear on the screen, along with a screech.
  • On the 17th loop, half of the room will be just a hole, going downstairs again will play the sound of a telephone beeping.
  • On the 18th loop, a door will appear, which leads to Phosphorus World. Two holes will block downstairs.

Other changes include holes, footprints, office chairs, doors and more.



  • The piano room contains an event, which, under certain conditions, would play a song called "Nuaah's_Music VI", however, this song isn't in the files, so the event doesn't play anything.
  • This area and its layout may have been inspired by the SCP: Containment Breach series, supported by Nuaah apparently being a prominent fan of SCP. The Infinite Stairs are most likely a homage to SCP-087, which is also a similarly dark, winding, infinite stairwell that manifests increasingly bizarre anomalies as one descends the stairs.