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    Yume 2kki:Cruel Bloody Hallways

    Cruel Bloody Hallways
    Entrance to Stone Hand Flatland
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Stone Hand Flatland
    Flamelit Wasteland
    Sea of Clouds
    Glacial Geyser Grounds

    BGM heart beat (No. 031C)
    Map ID 2539
    Version Added 0.122e
    Last Updated 0.123g patch 3
    Author Takikomi

    Cruel Bloody Hallways is an area accessible from a bloody figure in Glacial Geyser Grounds or a hand with a bloody hole in its wrist in Stone Hand Flatland.

    Map of Cruel Bloody Hallways


    Cruel Bloody Hallways is an area that contains paths and red fleshy walls with pink bows. The entire ground is red flesh, and there are several red flesh and meat-like creatures surrounding Urotsuki here. The space between the walls is black, and darkness encircles Urotsuki.

    Follow the left path from Glacial Geyser Grounds, then skip the first path, and then head up the second path to arrive at a bloody white sphere with a fork stuck in it. Interacting with the object causes a hole to appear and blood to gush out, and then Urotsuki will be transported to the Sea of Clouds.

    Alternatively, take the left path from Glacial Geyser Grounds, again skipping the first path, and continue left to come across a bloody white object. Interacting with it takes Urotsuki to Flamelit Wasteland.

    Head down by the Glacial Geyser Grounds entrance, then go left, down, and left to find a white structure connecting to Stone Hand Flatland. Taking the upper right path from here leads to a bloody mass and a construction sign.

    From the Stone Hand Flatland connection, continue down the lower right path, then turn down, right, and go up for the Sea of Clouds connection, or down and left for the Flamelit Wasteland connection, or down and all the way right for the Glacial Geyser Grounds connection.


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