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Debug Room
Basic Info
Original Name(s)



EffectAll of them

Events None
Notable NPCs Various
Connecting Areas

Urotsuki's Room
Many others


bluetile_sun (kuraud's Debug Room)

Map ID 0001, 0191
Version Added 0.036
Author 20

The Debug Room is an area only accessible by the use of Debug Mode.


Upon entering, on the right side of the door to Urotsuki's room is another door whose function is to teleport the player based on the map ID along with the specified X and Y coordinates, and four icons whose functions are as follows: Author Commentary, Speed, Toggle all effects, and Sound Test (for the first 32 tracks). On the right of the "Debug Room" sign is a switch for word-related events as well as the words "Map Rate", which shows the number of maps visited over the total number of accesible maps along with the corresponding completion rate, with the option to force the rate to 100%, and just below the icons is a bed which leads to the Nexus.

Just left of the entrance is a diamond portal, which leads to Atlantis if interacted with, a booth that teleports Urotsuki next to the block to the secret room of the Rough Ash World, and a staircase to kuraud's Debug Room.

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デバッグルーム +
1 (?) +  and 191 (?) +
0.044-b +, 0.047-++ +, 0.080 +, 0.082c-b +, 0.087d patch 1-++ +, 0.090f-++ +, 0.112i patch 1 +, 0.112i patch 2 +, 0.113a-- +, 0.117f patch 1-++ +, 0.118c patch 4-++ +  and 0.119e patch 5- +
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