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Yume 2kki:Rough Ash World

Rough Ash World
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Hai Ara
Rough Ash




WP #258

Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Farm World
Broken City
Glacier Maze
Monochrome Wastelands Locked🔒

BGM 903-suna001 (No. 010C)
Map ID 0292, 0446
Version Added 0.092f
Last Updated 0.099f
Author 20

Rough Ash World is a relatively small area accessible from the Sewers.

Annotated map of the area.


Rough Ash World is an extremely sparse area featuring a large expanse of barren, ash-covered ground, decorated with intricately carved stone blocks that are scattered throughout the area, along with a solitary bench.

There are two much larger stone blocks in this area that have large doorways carved into them. One can be found just northwest of the stairs, which will take Urotsuki to Farm World B, and the other one to the south of the stairs will take her to the Broken City. There is one more that leads to Monochrome Wastelands, provided that you have entered from the opposite side.

Stepping into the back of a specific stone block will take Urotsuki to a fancy room with many house plants. When she uses use the Glasses effect in this room, she can see what appears to be a broken rotten egg and the room looks glitched. This act is key to Ending #-1. This hidden room is similar to the others in Flying Fish World and Green Neon World.


After visiting Farm World once:


  • The tileset for the hidden room was created by an anonymous user named みね (Mine). It was originally pitched as a tileset for Urotsuki's Room.