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    Yume Nikki:Wilderness

    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Fiddlehead Wilderness

    Inside Shack (Hot Spring House)

    Effects EffectTowel
    Events Aztec Rave Monkey, Falling Men, Toriningen Party
    Notable NPCs Aztec Rave Monkey, Batsu, Falling Men, Ittan-momen, Onsen-san, Toriningen
    Connecting Areas

    Dark World
    Barracks Settlement
    Sky Garden
    Docks B NoEntry
    Teleport Maze DeadEnd↩️ NoEntry
    Static Tunnel DeadEnd↩️

    BGM ぜんまい荒野
    うえへ、うえへ (Stairway to the Sky)
    Map ID 0050 (Dark World Gate)
    0051 (Route 4)
    0052 (Route 1)
    0053 (Route 2)
    0054 (Rave Box)
    0055 (Toriningen Party)
    0056 (Barracks Settlement Entrance)
    0057 (FC Portal)
    0058 (Route 3)
    0059 (Northern Wilderness)
    0060 (Infinite Wilderness)
    0061 (Fence)
    0062 (Northern Wilderness Pylons)
    0063 (Staircase Bottom)
    0064 (Staircase to the Sky)
    0065 (Hot Spring House)
    Map Type Large, Looping, Non-looping, Multiple maps
    Version Added 0.00
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    ARM(badgeYN).png ARM(badgeYN).gif Ancient Raves
    Boombox(badgeYN).png Boombox
    Falling(badgeYN).gif Falling(badgeYN).png Free Falling
    OnsenStab(badgeYN).png A Stab in the Dark
    WildernessFan(badgeYN).png Desert Explorer
    Full map of the Wilderness

    The Wilderness (also known as the Fiddlehead Wilderness) is an extensive deeper location consisting of a large expanse of curly plants and rocky sand. It is also the largest area in the game.


    The Wilderness is a large world primarily consisting of a desert landscape with many curly plants sprouting about. Stone cubes can be found in some sections, with some cubes even having face-like markings on them or accessible holes. There are many routes throughout this sandy area which lead to different events and strange characters.

    Aztec Rave Monkey Route

    When entered from Dark World, Madotsuki will find herself in front of a face-like gate within a plant-surrounded clearing. Heading right will lead to Route 1, a small clearing with two exits. Weaving through the plants and heading towards a small exit in the south will lead to a room acting as the entrance to the Barracks Settlement. Moving through the clearer path instead will lead to Route 2, which has several stone cubes. Maneuvering around the plants again in Route 2 will lead to a small area with a green gate, blocking Madotsuki from accessing a stone cube with a hole in it, which can take her to the Static Tunnel once the Teleport Maze is completed. Beyond the clearer path on Route 2 is a room with the Rave Box surrounded by face-like stone cubes. Peering into the Rave Box's hole will cause the Aztec Rave Monkey event to trigger, prompting the Aztec Rave Monkey to flash onscreen.

    Toriningen Party Route

    Going left from the Dark World gate will lead to Route 3, which is a much bigger room. There is an exit in the northwest of the room which will lead to Route 4, a straight path surrounded by plants. Faint music can be heard on Route 4, which is revealed to be coming from a jukebox when Madotsuki travels further west beyond the route. After Route 4 is a room with the Toriningen Party event, where three Toriningen will be seen laughing and dancing to cheerful music alongside picnic blankets and food. Unfortunately, the party is inaccessible to Madotsuki, as she is blocked from entering by some plants, so she can only interact with the party by using effects.

    Infinite Wilderness

    Map of the Infinite Wilderness

    On Route 3, there is an exit in the room's northeast portion that leads to the Infinite Wilderness, which is a large looping room in the Wilderness. It can be easy to get lost in this looping wasteland, though there are clusters of plants, rocks, and stone cubes that can act as landmarks. Southeast of the Route 3 exit is a small house within the desert. Entering reveals it is a dark bathhouse requiring the Lamp effect to see properly. Inside is Onsen-san, drinking from the hot spring.

    West of the bathhouse is a single NPC within the Infinite Wilderness known as Ittan-momen. Interacting with it will give Madotsuki the Towel effect.

    Slightly northeast of the Route 3 exit is an elliptic formation consisting of plants with a path through the middle of them. Going through this path will lead to the Northern Wilderness.

    Northern Wilderness

    The Northern Wilderness is a short route with a green fence running through it. A gap in the fence will let Madotsuki through, passing by a group of Batsu along the way. Continuing north will lead to a room with purple structures resembling pylons. Going east will lead to a route with more Batsu and eventually the base of a pyramid with a tall staircase known as the Staircase to the Sky.

    Traveling up the Staircase to the Sky, the sky will shift from blue to green as Madotsuki travels towards the Sky Garden. There is also a 1/4 chance that a Falling Man appears in the distance, spinning through the air. There is a rarer 1/16 chance of two appearing.


    NexusDark World → The Wilderness


    • The music used in the Wilderness's desert rooms is the same as Madotsuki's Dream Room, albeit played at half the speed.


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    ぜんまい荒野 (https://yume.wiki/images/f/f3/BGM 034-50.ogg, BGM 034-50.ogg, ?) +  and うえへ、うえへ (https://yume.wiki/images/3/39/BGM 030-50.ogg, BGM 030-50.ogg, Stairway to the Sky) +
    Large +, Looping +, Non-looping +  and Multiple maps +
    ゼンマイ荒野 +
    50 (Dark World Gate) +, 51 (Route 4) +, 52 (Route 1) +, 53 (Route 2) +, 54 (Rave Box) +, 55 (Toriningen Party) +, 56 (Barracks Settlement Entrance) +, 57 (FC Portal) +, 58 (Route 3) +, 59 (Northern Wilderness) +, 60 (Infinite Wilderness) +, 61 (Fence) +, 62 (Northern Wilderness Pylons) +, 63 (Staircase Bottom) +, 64 (Staircase to the Sky) +  and 65 (Hot Spring House) +