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    Fall Shoal
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Aio Asase

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Earth Brick World
    Spectral Hub Unlock🔑
    Lamp Passage
    Winter Petal Nebula
    Collaged Charcoal World

    BGM jjj_tattvas (No. 793D)
    Map ID 2590
    Version Added 0.123e
    Last Updated 0.124
    Author oneirokamara

    Fall Shoal is a world accessible from the bumpy pillars in Collaged Charcoal World.

    Map of Fall Shoal.


    Fall Shoal features various patterns in the terrain, as well as some logs, golden plants, and orange leaves throughout the murky water. Parts of the land break away into a dull-colored expanse.

    Entering from the pair of sphere-covered pillars in Collaged Charcoal World places Urotsuki near a moon-shaped island. Continuing north-northwest brings her to a standard red vending machine on the right of a fallen log. Above this vending machine, there is a door that leads to the Spectral Hub and unlocks the connection between these areas.

    Southeast of the Collaged Charcoal World entrance, there is a colorful abstract object that leads to Lamp Passage.

    West of the Spectral Hub entrance, there is an arrow-shaped Teleport Rune that brings Urotsuki to Earth Brick World. Further west, there is a gray tunnel, similar to one in Broken Shoal. Entering the tunnel transports her to Winter Petal Nebula.


    With the Wolf effect, after visiting Parallel Graveyard once:

    After unlocking the connection from Theatre World to Spelling Room:

    After unlocking the connection to Upside-down Forest World from Collaged Charcoal World: