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    Yume 2kki:Spectral Hub

    Spectral Hub
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Dal Segno Labyrinth Locked🔒
    Ancient Stone Plates Locked🔒
    Fall Shoal Locked🔒
    Techno Rave Ruins Locked🔒
    Acoustic Lounge LockedCondition🔐

    BGM bgm-l (No. 084D)
    Map ID 2461
    Version Added 0.123e
    Author oneirokamara

    The Spectral Hub is an area accessible from Dal Segno Labyrinth, Ancient Stone Plates, Fall Shoal, and Techno Rave Ruins.


    Spectral Hub is a small room consisting of four doors and a beam of light in the center. When you first visit this world, the doors are all closed (except the door you used to arrive here, as the four connections are the only entry point until at least two are unlocked). By finding the corresponding doors various other worlds, you can unlock them in the Spectral Hub, allowing for quick travel between more remote worlds.

    Starting leftmost, going clockwise, the doors lead to: Techno Rave Ruins, Dal Segno Labyrinth, Ancient Stone Plates, and Fall Shoal, respectively.

    The more doors that are unlocked, the brighter and more colorful the beam of light in the center becomes, until it glows a rainbow hue. After unlocking two doors you can go up or down to leave the Spectral Hub, revealing that the world is inside of Acoustic Lounge. By fulfilling these conditions, and if you have the Child effect, you can now find an unlocked in the main area of the fifth floor of Acoustic Lounge, which leads to Corrupted Data Purgatory via the Decayed Lounge.

    Finally, by unlocking all four doors in this area, the elevator becomes accessible in the monochrome area of Acoustic Lounge. To access it, the Stretch and Rainbow effects must be activated while standing on the colorful beam of light in the center. Then, you can call the elevator using the button with the Stretch effect equipped. Once inside, interacting with the far window with the Stretch effect equipped shows a fullscreen image of a view of the Twin Mountains in the distance.


    After unlocking the connection between here and Acoustic Lounge:

    After visiting Red Marbling World once and unlocking the connection to Digital Forest from Fluorescent Halls:

    After unlocking the connection between here and Acoustic Lounge and the connection to Crystal Star Tower from Acoustic Lounge: