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    Yume 2kki:Lamp Passage

    Lamp Passage
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Mizutama Gaitō Tsūro
    Polka Street Light Passage

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Shadow Lady, Shadow ???
    Connecting Areas

    Sea of Clouds
    Tan Desert
    Fantasy Isle
    Blooming Blue Lagoon
    Fall Shoal

    BGM ninfea_yume2kki0 (No. 373)
    Map ID 0631
    Version Added 0.108a
    Last Updated 0.123e
    Primary Author 710
    Contributing Author(s) shigurin, Autumn

    The Lamp Passage is a small area accessible from the bumpy head in the Sea of Clouds.

    Map Of the Lamp Passage


    The Lamp Passage is an area made of long purple paths spotted with red polka dots, spreading over what appears to be an enormous stained glass window. The paths are flanked with the titular lamps as well as other attractions that each mark the entrance to other worlds: green bells around the entrance to the Sea of Clouds, odd melon things with flashing bright green insides around the entrance to the Tan Desert, pink berries around a certain object, and question marks around the entrance to the blue blocked passage.

    Starting from the entrance from the Sea of Clouds, the path forward is to travel up and around counterclockwise and then to travel south from the isolated island on the bed. This will lead the player to a large open section, home to two chasers who will appear if you killed at least a total of 444 NPCs, the chasers will teleport you to the Flesh Paths World in an isolated area with a geisha head when caught.

    The entrance to the Tan Desert is on the west side of this open area. Diverging from this path will lead the player either to one of the blocked paths or to another attraction, including a strange blue frog the player can chainsaw as well as a grinning blue ghost at the southernmost point of the world. In addition, directly north from the bed found along the way is a sea angel that will transport you to the Blooming Blue Lagoon upon interaction. Further west from Blooming Blue Lagoon, interacting with an abstract structure will lead to Fall Shoal.

    The area's southernmost section is a horizontally-looping path, where a flashing cantaloupe can be found, leading to Fantasy Isle upon interaction.


    If text events are enabled:

    After unlocking the connection to Upside-down Forest World from Collaged Charcoal World:

    After unlocking the connection from Theatre World to Spelling Room:


    Old Images