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Yume 2kki:Floating Red Tiles World

Floating Red Tiles World
The entrance from Teddy Bear Land.
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Akaguro Tairu Tsūro
Red and Black Tile Pathway




WP #72

Events None
Notable NPCs Shadow Woman
Connecting Areas

Farm World
Broken Faces Area
Teddy Bear Land


6_3 (No. 150A)

Map ID 0293
Version Added 0.092f
Author 20

Floating Red Tiles World is an area that can be reached from the Broken Faces Area through the eyeball pole.

Annotated Map of Floating Red Tiles World


This area primarily consists of checkered floating black and red tiles for its landscape. It is similar both in its structure and in its contents to the Checkered Tile Path in Yume Nikki.

There is an enraged Shadow Woman here (which you can bypass with the Invisible, Crossing or Wolf effect, or by simply outrunning or outmaneuvering her), and being attacked by her sends you to an isolated section in the Sewers, also granting you Wallpaper #72.

There are three portals in this world. The tree leads to Farm World, the telephone pole leads to the Teddy Bear Land, and the eyeball pole leads back to the Broken Faces Area. Within the area there is also a bed which Urotsuki cannot climb into.


With the Marginal effect: