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    Yume 2kki:Kaprekar Number Zone

    Kaprekar Number Zone
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Earth Brick World
    Blinking Docks
    Red Marbling World
    Monochrome GB World UnlockπŸ”‘
    Techno Rave Ruins

    BGM @sushi_museum (No. 971)
    brownNoise (Glitched Trap) (No. 390C)
    Map ID 2895
    Version Added 0.123e
    Author oneirokamara

    Kaprekar Number Zone is a world accessible from the three-tiered RGB gate in Earth Brick World.

    Map of Kaprekar Number Zone


    Kaprekar Number Zone is reminiscent of Yume Nikki's Number World, although it is much more colorful in comparison, with numbers coming in cyan, magenta, and yellow colors and walls with a variety of vibrant patterns. Like Number World, the scrolling background depicts the area.

    There are colored cubes that teleport Urotsuki to different parts of the world, each color corresponding to its other end. Starting from the three-tiered RGB gate that leads to Earth Brick World, go down to find a green cube (marked as yellow on the annotated map). Interact with it, then go right and move through the crimson doors to enter Red Marbling World.

    To reach Blinking Docks, go left and up from the Red Marbling World entrance to find a purple cube. After interacting with it, continue left and up to find two blue structures that lead to Blinking Docks.

    To reach Monochrome GB World's Iron Crypt, go left from the aforementioned purple cube to find a blue cube. Interact with it to find a wandering monochrome block that leads to Monochrome GB World. Visiting Kaprekar Number Zone once will unlock the connection from there.

    From Earth Brick World, go left to the wall and follow it all the way down, right, and then up to find a cyan cube (marked as green on the annotated map). Interact with it, then go to the right and down for a pink cube. Above the pink cube, interact with the orange cube and continue up to find the Blinking Docks connection.

    After interacting with the pink cube instead, continue down and to the right for a path leading up to a pair of magenta pillars. Proceed between the pillars to enter Techno Rave Ruins.

    If instead, after using the cyan cube, one goes left and then down into one of the dead-ends, there will be an approximately 4% chance (Variable #44 is either exactly equal to 62 or greater than 246) that there will be a red cube. Interacting with it will bring Urotsuki into an inescapable area with glitched red numbers, similar to the ああああああああ events in Yume Nikki. The only options from here would be to use the Eyeball Bomb or wake up.


    With the Wolf effect, after visiting Parallel Graveyard once:

    After visiting Red Marbling World once and unlocking the connection to Digital Forest from Fluorescent Halls:

    After visiting this area once and unlocking the connection to Nail World from Monochrome GB World: