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When exploring the dream world, Madotsuki will occasionally come across strange, noteworthy events. These make up most of the memorable content of the game and provide intriguing perspectives of the many dream worlds. Many theories have been developed to attempt to explain what the events represent, if anything.

Some events happen as a result of a specific trigger (e.g. Madotsuki interacting with an object, such as the TV in her dream bedroom), whereas others (such as Takofuusen) are not directly caused by the player.


The Number World variant (left) and the Lamp World variant (right).

Location: Number World

Prompt: Stab the Toriningen in the bed room with the Knife effect to turn her 'lunatic', then allow her to catch you. You will be randomly transported to one of two different enclosed spaces where the event occurs, with an equal chance of either.

Description: The enclosed area that Madotsuki is taken to will have a different unique tile on the floor depending on where she is trapped. In the Number World trap, a tile depicting a red 'あ' character (the hiragana character for "A") can be stepped on to fill all of the area's empty tiles with the character, hence the event's name. In the Lamp World trap, a tile depicting a pink, bloodshot eye can be stepped on to fill all of the area's empty tiles with the eye, partially forming what appear to be faces.

Aztec Rave Monkey

Location: The Rave Box in the Wilderness

Prompt: Interact with the hollow Rave Box near the western area of the Wilderness.

Description: Upon interacting with the Rave Box, the screen will fade to black before the Aztec Rave Monkey suddenly flashes onscreen, rapidly flashing through various states and appearances as upbeat music plays. The player can dismiss this event by pressing the interact button, returning to the Wilderness.

I wonder what's inside...

Crick in the Neck

Location: Madotsuki's Room

Prompt: A 1/64 chance of occurring when Madotsuki wakes up.

Description: Occasionally, when Madotsuki gets out of bed she will have a 'crick' in her neck, causing her head to be constantly turned to the left. In this state, she is unable to write in her diary or play NASU, and has no choice but to go back to sleep. The effect will wear off when she falls asleep again.

This event does not activate if all of the effects have been left in the Nexus, making it impossible to perform the ending sequence with a cricked neck.

Ouch...must've slept wrong.


Location: Madotsuki's Balcony

Prompt: Drop all 24 of the effects in the Nexus.

Description: See Ending for details. Contains spoilers.


Location: The Stairway in Number World

Prompt: There is a 1/8 chance per dream session that a Zippertile in the southeastern corner of Number World will have a sad expression with an open mouth instead of a smiling expression. Stabbing the Zippertile with the Knife will cause it to bleed and rip open, leading to the Stairway. Upon heading right in this new area, Madotsuki will encounter KyuuKyuu-kun and a door that is identical to the one in her room. Open the door to trigger the event.

Description: Upon opening the door, the screen will slowly fade to black and FACE will slowly begin fading in as a loud droning noise plays. FACE rapidly flashes between multiple different colors as the droning noise gets longer. They can not be dismissed until watched for a full ten seconds, to which then a rushing noise plays as Madotsuki suddenly awakens and leaves her bed.

A frame from the FACE animation.

Falling Men

Location: The Stairway to the Sky in the Wilderness that leads to the Sky Garden

Prompt: Determined when Madotsuki sets foot on two specific points on the Stairway to the Sky. There is a 1/4 chance of the first man appearing and a 1/4 chance of a second one appearing if the first one did.

Description: An object resembling a person appears in the sky in the distance. It spins as if falling downward, however, the figure moves in a circular motion and never actually hits the ground. The chance of witnessing two at once is 1/16.

Two simultaneous falling men.

Famicom Glitch

Location: One of the rooms in the FC Dungeon

Prompt: A 1/3 chance of availability, determined when Madotsuki falls asleep. In the FC Dungeon, travel to the deepest room. Unlike the others, this room is fully lit and will not require the Lamp effect to be equipped. Stand in the top-left corner of the room and interact with the west wall.

Description: When interacted with, and if the chance is successful, the wall tile produces a text box with a 'typing' sound like the Lizardmen, but no text is shown. Doing this repeatedly gradually causes the room to corrupt until the game eventually 'crashes' with a nasty stuttering sound. This causes Madotsuki to wake up.

Note that despite the event name, this is not an actual glitch and is intentionally programmed to happen. This event is possibly a homage to two glitches found in Earthbound.

The dire consequences of mingling with a wall.


Location: Madotsuki's Dream Room

Prompt: 1/8 chance of appearing whenever the TV is switched on in Madotsuki's Dream Room.

Description: When the event has been activated, the TV will show the face of one of the KALIMBA. The screen then fades to black and two oppositely-scrolling rows of KALIMBA appear across the screen while a tribal/electronic rhythm plays on a short loop. Upon dismissing the event, the KALIMBA fade away and the TV automatically turns off.

My favorite show!

Melting Madotsuki

Location: The Blazing Corridor, in Underground World

Prompt: 1/5 for each bed that takes you to Staircase of Hands.

While in Snow World, turn into a snowman by using the Hat and Scarf effect. As a snowman, sleep in a bed (the Snow World bed being the closest) and, if the chance is successful, Madotsuki will be taken to Staircase of Hands. Walk down the staircase and continue left in Underground World. Once you have reached the flames of the Blazing Corridor, stand as close to the flames as possible. The snow of the Yuki-onna effect cannot be used as it will stay active and put out the fire.

Description: After some time, the heat from the flames will begin to melt Madotsuki. First, she will turn short and still be allowed to move around, although standing there for longer will turn her into a puddle of water with the Hat and Scarf sitting on top. After turning into a puddle, Madotsuki will simply turn back to normal while wearing the Hat and Scarf effect.

Madotsuki melts down.


Location: White Desert A

Prompt: Using the Knife effect, stab the Dave Spector standing near the looping tunnel in the southwest portion of White Desert A. After doing so, enter the looping tunnel from the left. This will teleport Madotsuki to a dark void where she must find Monoe.

Description: Upon interacting with Monoe, a detailed close-up image of her appears onscreen. When the image fades out, it is revealed that Monoe has teleported elsewhere in the void she inhabits. The player is able to find her again after teleporting and activate the close-up again upon interaction.

Um...a little too close.


Location: White Desert A

Prompt: Near the northern side of the White Desert A is a tunnel which has Monoko inside. To activate the event, Madotsuki must use the Stoplight effect and then interact with Monoko.

Description: Upon using the Stoplight effect, Monoko will transform into a malformed state. Interacting with her will cause a drum beat to start playing as a detailed image of her begins spinning onscreen, constantly moving away and towards the screen.

Red lights and drum beats.

Severed Heads in the Sky

Location: White Desert A

Prompt: Using the Knife effect, stab the Dave Spector standing near the looping tunnel in the southwest portion of White Desert A. After doing so, enter the looping tunnel from the right. This will teleport Madotsuki to a pathway where she must travel all the way to the left. A small building lies at the end of the path.

Description: Upon entering the building at the end of the path, one of two severed heads will fly in and start spinning in the sky above. One possible severed heads resembles a woman while the other resembles a man. If Madotsuki exits the building, the severed head above her will quickly fly away.

One of the severed heads flying by.

Sewer Drawings

Location: Sewers

Prompt: There are several black apertures in the walls of the Sewers that can be interacted with.

Description: Upon interacting with any of the black frames, an image will quickly appear onscreen before fading away. Each hole has a unique drawing that can be looked at. Additionally, there are two other drawings that can only be seen by using the Midget effect to enter another hall in the Sewers. The placement of each drawing appears to lead up to Big Red.

One of the nine Sewer Drawings.

Spaceship Crash

Location: The Spaceship

Prompt: When Madotsuki gets into the bed on the Spaceship, there is a 1/6 chance she will fall asleep and the event will occur.

Description: Madotsuki awakens to the sound of an alarm going off. When she gets out of bed, the red emergency lights are flashing and the Spaceship is losing altitude. Seccom Masada-sensei will be panicking at the organ, and after about 15 seconds a cutscene of the ship crashing on Mars will play.



Location: White Desert A

Prompt: 1/3600 chance of appearing in every 0.5-second interval when Madotsuki stays in the main area of White Desert A, moving or not. It does not appear in any of the tunnels or other maps associated with the White Desert. By probability, it is expected to appear once every half hour.

Description: Takofuusen appears, floating past the screen in a straight line while making an odd sound that is similar to a drum beat. It is not possible to interact with it, even with effects.

Takofuusen floats on by.

Toriningen Party

Location: The far left end of the Wilderness

Prompt: After arriving at the Wilderness from Dark World, weave through the plants until you are reach a clearing on the left side of the room. Madotsuki will be greeted with a short pathway clearing in the plants, which leads to the event.

Description: The player is greeted by a small, non-looping screen where there are three Toriningen (one of each hairstyle) having a party, complete with upbeat music and picnic cloths with food on them. The Toriningen even laugh and spin on the spot, simulating dancing. The player is blocked behind some plants and therefore cannot enter the party, but can still use the Cat and Stoplight effects to mess around with the Toriningen.

Dance like nobody's watching!



Location: Poniko's House, in the Pink Sea

Prompt: 1/64 chance of occurring when Madotsuki switches off the lights in Poniko's House, with a 5-second cooldown which may be circumvented by leaving and re-entering the room.

Description: When the event is triggered, there will be a brief flash of light. Uboa will replace Poniko's sprite, and the entire house will shake and completely change its form. Madotsuki will be unable to turn the light back on or leave Poniko's house. By walking up to Uboa, Madotsuki will be transported in a looping world with a bleeding creature in the background and the music from the White Desert playing. The only way to get out of this room is to pinch yourself awake or use the Medamaude effect.

If Poniko is killed before the event is triggered, Uboa will not appear, trapping Madotsuki in the shaking reformed house. This will also require waking up or using the Medamaude effect to escape.

UFOs on Mars

Location: The Martian Summit on Mars

Prompt: 1/4 chance of appearing when Madotsuki meows with the Cat effect on the Martian Summit.

Description: Small objects will zoom onto the scene from the distant sky and hover in the air when called repeatedly with the Cat effect. The player has 35 attempts to attract the Mars UFOs before they stop appearing. By the probability, an average of eight UFOs can be summoned each time you enter the screen. If the summit is exited, the UFOs will disappear.

Six UFOs attracted to the summit.

Witch's Flight

Location: The Mall Rooftop

Prompt: Equip the Witch effect, mount the broom, and fly off the edge of the roof.

Description: Using the Witch effect and flying to the right side of the building will yield a flash. After the flash, you are able to control Madotsuki flying through the clouds, in the style of a 2D arcade game. Pressing the interact button lets the player return back to the rooftop. Pressing 1 causes the broom to disappear mid-flight, causing the screen to black out. The dream then ends prematurely with Madotsuki lying on the floor.

Soaring through the sky.


  • Old versions of the game feature some removed events that are unavailable in 0.10.
    • The first removed event, NASU Link, may have been removed as the area it would lead to, FC World C, is lacking content.
    • The other removed event, the Toriningen's Bed, was probably removed as it was replaced with a portal to a then-new area, the White Desert.