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    Yume 2kki:Flying Fish World

    Flying Fish World
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Ribenji Biru
    Revenge Building

    Effects EffectSpacesuit

    WP #100
    WP #144
    WP #145
    WP #151
    WP #160
    WP #251
    WP #260
    WP #380
    WP #636
    WP #719

    Events Monochrome Eye, Strange Image
    Notable NPCs Smile-san, Nichiyo-san,

    Helmet Girl

    Connecting Areas

    Animated Hub
    Dark Museum
    Urban Street Area
    Clock World
    Square-Square World
    Spelling Room NoEntry
    Chocolate World NoEntry

    Removed Connections


    BGM for (No. 163A)
    dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm082 (Dream Scene) (No. 056A)
    dedp_bgm-orgel002 (Pink Tanuki Road) (No. 059)
    bgm9 (Skull Entrance) (No. 060A)
    dedp_noizu (TV Room)
    bgm080 (Interior/Monochrome Eye) (No. 152)
    bin10011216461000101 (Clock Room)
    0109BGM5 (Helmet Girl's Room) (No. 220A)
    tonny06 (Purple Balcony) (No. 253)
    dedp_qs0UrDFJ_bgm076 (Smile-san's Place) (No. 055C)
    Map ID 0117, 0131, 0132, 0133, 0134, 0135, 0136, 0137, 0138, 0253, 0256, 0257, 0258, 0260, 0441, 0442
    Version Added 0.093c
    Last Updated 0.122f
    Author dedp
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    SmileSan(badgeY2).png The Big Laugh
    FlyingFish(badgeY2).png Us and Them

    Flying Fish World is an area accessible from Clock World and the Dark Museum.

    Map of Flying Fish World


    Flying Fish World is a towering structure comprised of various colored blocks, adorned with many potted plants (which sometimes act as secret entrances to small sub-areas.) Fish swim through the air in the foreground, complementing the space background.

    Traversing this world, there are several elevators that transport you to higher platforms, which occasionally don't act as two-way, requiring a reentry to progress. These elevators can be almost entirely circumvented with the Spring or Bat effect, allowing you to ascend or descend from the edge of the blocks.

    One area in this world can be found two platforms below Smile-san's Place, where interacting with a cluster of empty pots will take you to an area with spinning clocks, which unusually doesn't allow the use of the Crossing effect inside it. In the southeast corner of the Clock Room is a phone booth that connects to Clock World if you enter it from the right side. If you arrived from Clock World, you can exit through the other phone booth in the northwest corner.

    About halfway through the world, two levels below the Clock Room, is a phone booth that will take you to the Dark Museum. If you approach from above, you can interact with the edge of a block to jump down to it. On the annotated map, a red line can be seen from one of the doorways to a platform near the Dark Museum warp. Using this doorway will trap you on a block with the only options being waking up or Eyeball Bombing.

    Continuing two levels above the Clock Room will lead to one doorway that is boarded up. If you Chainsaw it, you can go through it and enter Smile-san's Place. His house is made up of a small hallway with his bed at the end and an annex with a table, chair, and rainbow monster inside. The walls are green and covered in black splotches. Using the Telephone effect in his room will cause Smile-san to giggle very loudly.

    Interacting with the leftmost plant on the same platform as the entrance to Smile-san's Place will take you to the Animated Hub.

    There is also a white Teleport Rune that leads to the Urban Street Area on the edge of a block one row above Smile-san's Place.

    The Spacesuit effect can be found in front of a large vertical elevator near the top of this world. Near here is a platform that can be accessed with the Spring or Bat effect to find an NPC that can also be seen in the Apartments.

    There are some hidden areas that you can access from this map. One of them can be found by taking the large vertical elevator near the Spacesuit effect's location and interacting with the group of three potted flowers, after which you will be sent to a white apartment with another Helmet Girl floating around in it. If you equip the Spacesuit effect and interact with her while in the apartment, she will go out to the balcony to take you to Square-Square World. There is a chance that she will already be on her balcony to take you to the aforementioned world. A version of this balcony can also be accessed by exiting the pink checkered area with the tanuki statue after the elevator has been activated.

    There are some other potted pink flowers and trees here that also lead to hidden areas. A single potted flower on the right will transport you to a hidden room within Smile-san's Place. On the bottom wall of this room (below the chair), there's a hidden door to a fancy room with many house plants. When you use Glasses effect in this room, you can see what appears to be a strange green seed of some kind, which causes the room to be engulfed with plant life. This act is key to Ending #-1. This hidden room is similar to the ones in Rough Ash World and Green Neon World.

    Interacting with a potted tree takes you to a monochrome room reminiscent of the White Desert Lagoon from Yume Nikki. Interacting with the large eye on the wall in this room causes a psychedelic full screen event to happen.

    Another potted tree to the left of the Monochrome Room's entrance will transport you to a small area with a large vintage television, intermittently covering the screen in static. Waiting in the TV room for around 3 minutes and 45 seconds will trigger a timed full-screen event, and using the Telephone effect will cover the screen in static.

    WARNING!!: Please be careful, as this will trigger a VERY LOUD full screen event. Turn down your volume before entering!!

    There is also a doorway found one platform below Smile-san's Place that leads to Urotsuki's Dream Scene. This is a small shore of a large body of water during sunset. The area is bathed in an orange glow, and there are a block and a swing set which you can sit on. The Twin Mountains are visible on the horizon, towering over the area.

    On the way there, you will go through a sizeable hallway with a bench in the background and many large vertical windows in the wall, although it changes every time you go through it. Nichiyo-san can be seen sitting on the bench in the background, facing away, but rarely (1/8 chance every time you enter the room) she can be seen in her sprite form and will be much more noticeable.

    Occasionally, the hallway area will be replaced by a pink area with white stones in the background and much calmer music. Walking to the left will lead to the sunset view, but returning from there still has a chance to replace the room. Walking into the cage in the pink area will take you to a warping path leading into the mouth of a large skull reminiscent of The Monster's Jaw in Forest World. This will take Urotsuki into a pink checker-backed area with a tanuki statue that can change the scrolling speed of the background when interacted with.

    While the background is scrolling in this area, using the Gakuran effect will send the room spinning in different directions before suddenly changing into Flying Fish World's outer-space background.

    After interacting with the statue twice, an elevator door will appear and open in the center of the room. This takes Urotsuki to a purple balcony overlooking a city at night with a full moon in the sky. This area is called Moonlit Purple Balcony. At this point, you will find a pink-haired Helmet Girl, and when interacting with her, she will transport you to Square-Square World.



    • The usage of the Crossing effect on Smile-san seems to be partially bugged. When the effect is activated, the player will often get stuck until they disable the effect and Smile-san may play its laughing animation for longer than usual if the effect is disabled when having stopped Smile-san mid-laugh.


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