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    Yume 2kki:Pink Life World

    Pink Life World
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Mazenta Sekai
    Magenta World

    Effects EffectNone
    Events None
    Notable NPCs None
    Connecting Areas

    Witch Heaven LockedCondition🔐
    Miso Soup Dungeon DeadEnd↩️

    BGM ライト (No. 100B)
    ライト (faster) (Sub-area) (No. 100C)
    dedp_noizu (Glitch)
    Map ID 2049, 2112
    Version Added 0.120a patch 1
    Last Updated 0.122c
    Author 21keb

    Pink Life World is an area accessible from the flashing NPC in Warzone.

    Map of Pink Life World


    Pink Life World is an area that, as the name suggests, is filled with pink. There are a lot of pink-colored NPCs, as well as occasional colored drawings that make a different sound when stepped on.

    The pink NPCs react to various effects, which are listed below.

    • Equipping the Chainsaw effect has different reactions. The bunny-like NPCs will have a sad expression and move away from Urotsuki. The little mole-like NPCs will freeze in fear. The scattered faces' eyes will turn yellow, and their mouths seem to scream.
    • If the Gakuran effect is equipped, the faces will stop looking around, and their eyes will be half-shut.
    • Equipping the Insect effect makes the bunny-like NPCs have a neutral face and walk away. Interacting with them will play an altered version of their usual noise, and they will dart away from Urotsuki.
    • The faces will have heart eyes if the Stretch effect is equipped.
    • The mole-like NPCs will freeze in fear if the Drum effect is equipped.
    • All moving things, except the warps to other worlds, will cease movement if the Crossing effect is used.
    • Equipping the Bunny Ears effect will make the bunny-like NPCs become red-faced. Interacting with them will play a louder, higher-pitched version of their usual sound.

    Going west from the entrance, you'll encounter a group of plants that together form a heart. Going between the plants transports Urotsuki to an enclosed area surrounded by the same plants. Going up, the floor pattern will change several times, until it ends up completely covered with static. Finding a black-and-white drawing there and standing in the middle of it will cover the whole screen in static, play a long, glitchy sound effect and transport Urotsuki to Witch Heaven with no way to return back.

    If the area was entered from Miso Soup Dungeon, the connection to Warzone will be a one-way. The heart shape will have a glitch effect in the middle that transports Urotsuki to a point in the southeast of Witch Heaven. The cluster of pyramids south of the heart shape will contain a glitch effect that leads to where the Video Game Graveyard connection would usually be in Warzone. If you walk into the glitch effect that leads to Warzone from below, you will likely be instantly teleported back to this world.



    • The appearance of the black and white circle leading to Witch Heaven was changed in version 0.122c.