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This is a WIP page! Track listing for the completionist in YOU!

(Also for two of the endings)

Sound Room as of version 0.115a.

If you have the time and energy feel free to contribute and modify the list, especially since it will change with future game versions.

This is a list of all the music available for playback in the Music Room, accessible from Urotsuki's Computer. Each track is initially locked, but after hearing it at least once in the dream world it will become unlocked and you will be able to listen to them.

If you unlock a certain amount of tracks, the 'Watch SRED' option will be selectable when you try to exit to PC. The term 'SRED' is short for 'Sound Room Ending'.

As of 0.105a, you can access the 'Old SR' (same as Music Room Track Listing) by selecting 'Enter Old SR Room' option.

As of 0.113, most soundtracks that have belonged to worlds removed in this version's patch can be unlocked based on the number of times you've slept. Some tracks still have yet to be given this functionality, making them unobtainable if they have not already been unlocked.

Sometimes, when you access the Music Room, the music selector will take on a rainbow color, where the colors will change as you scroll through the tracks. Other times, the default room where Urotsuki sits on a chair will have a wooden flooring, brown walls and a yellow light coming from the back windows. If you visited the Gallery of Me, you will unlock a song titled White Out, which is always played when you enter the Sound Room. The only other way to hear this track at will is to press Shift while it is playing, to set it as your PC BGM.

If you idle enough on the couch, Urotsuki will stop swinging her legs and will slowly fall asleep.

Track list

There are 924 tracks and 2181 patterns in total.

1 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401 to 500 501 to 600 601 to 700 701 to 800 801 to 900 901 to 1000 Misc.