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    Yume 2kki:Soundtrack/201-300

    1 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401 to 500 Misc.
    501 to 600 601 to 700 701 to 800 801 to 900 901 to 1000
    1001 to 1100


    201 parallel Urotsuki's Dream Apartments: Apartment Amoeba Plays at 70% speed.
    202 ゆめにっき風? Ending #3 Translates to "Yume Nikki Style?".
    203 A yama_noisy Nostalgic House: Closet event Plays at 110% speed.
    203 B Shadow Lady Estate: TV Room Plays at 150% speed.
    204 A 2 Monochrome GB World: Dungeon
    204 B Great Fish's Stomach Plays at 50% speed.
    205 A bgm-s Jigsaw Puzzle World: Main area
    205 B Vinegar Vicinity Plays at 80% speed.
    206 A toji Underground TV Complex Translates to "close" or "closed"
    206 B Underground TV Complex: Chicken Room Plays at 110% speed.
    206 C Dusty Grey Town: Interior Plays at 80% speed.
    207 A 水族館@ネコノハ Cyber Maze Translates to "Aquarium@Nekonoha".

    Plays at 90% speed.

    207 B Cyber Maze: Extended Passage Plays at 50% speed.
    207 C Underground Burial Site
    208 A 2_37 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Ocean Plays at 80% speed.
    208 B 2_38 Lorn Tower Plays at 60% speed.
    208 C 2_37 Strange Plants World: Main Area Plays at 70% speed.
    208 D Clover Ponds: Under the Ponds Plays at the same speed as 208A.
    208 E Candlelit Factory: Passage to Flamelit Wasteland and Fish Person Shoal Plays at 50% speed.
    208 F 2_38 Rainbow Road: Teleportation to Video Game Graveyard Plays at the same speed as 208B.
    208 G Jigsaw Puzzle World: Tower Night View
    209 A 2_46 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Battle with magician
    209 B Visine Velvet Corridors Plays at 80% speed.
    209 C Crazed Faces Maze: Path to Nighttime version
    210 2_52 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Night Sky
    211 A 2_24 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Mirror event Plays at 90% speed.
    211 B Bleak Future: Prelude Plays at 80% speed.
    211 C Snowy Village: Maiden's Room
    211 D Empty Abode: Balcony Plays at 60% speed.
    212 A yama-loop2 GALAXY Town Plays at 120% speed.
    212 B Graffiti City Plays at 50% speed.
    213 A innuendo Boogie Street: Music box
    213 B Playing Card Dungeon: Cylinder room Plays at 80% speed.
    214 A tech3 Urotsuki's Dream Apartments: Flight Area Plays at 50% speed.
    214 B Sea Lily World Plays at 70% speed.
    214 C Smiley Face DECK: Upbeat version Plays at 150% speed.
    214 D Funky Dusky Hall: Party Mode
    214 E Platformer World: Second area Plays at 20% speed.
    214 F Bacteria World: Upbeat version Plays quieter than 214C.
    215 2012_0513_2 Monochrome GB World
    216 A ねおん@ネコノハ GALAXY Town: Ice cream Shop Translates to "Neon@Nekonoha".

    Plays at 140% speed.

    216 B Dream Park: Trapped Plays at 60% speed.
    216 C Clover Ponds Plays at 120% speed.
    216 D Clover Ponds: Hot Springs
    217 A youyake_anon Industrial Towers (Day) Plays at 120% speed.
    217 B Industrial Towers (Night)
    218 A e17 Red Rock Caves
    218 B Vermilion Cave Plays at 70% speed.
    218 C Ancient Aeropolis Plays at 50% speed.
    219 A 0109BGM4 Netherworld Plays at 90% speed.
    219 B Tatami Room Slightly quieter than 219A.
    219 C Overgrown Condominium Plays at 60% speed.
    219 D Maroon Gravehouse Plays at 70% speed.
    220 A 0109BGM5 Flying Fish World: Helmet Girl's Apartment Plays at 80% speed.
    220 B Maple Shrine: End of maze
    220 C Glacier Maze: Violet's Room
    221 celeb High Priestess Event: Circus scene Plays at 120% speed.

    In-game, the music gets slower each time you get caught.

    222 drm_loop_30 Laboratory: Hallucination event Plays at 130% speed.
    223 A 怪奇工事_Anon Chaos Exhibition Translates to "Bizarre Construction _Anon".
    223 B Flamelit Wasteland Plays at 50% speed.
    223 C Elemental Caves Plays at 70% speed.
    224 A 2_27 Flooded Baths Plays at 60% speed.
    224 B Nightshade Corridor Plays at 70% speed.
    224 C Twisted Thickets: Blue Tent Plays at 80% speed.
    224 D Bodacious Rotation Station: Stretch effect location
    224 E Floating Tiled Islands: To Stone Hand Flatland Plays at 130% speed.
    225 drm_oop_135 Soldier Row


    226 A 2_31 Abandoned Dreadnought: Distorted area
    226 B Deserted Town: Ladders Plays at 50% speed.
    226 C Marble Ruins: Upper Section
    227 2_48 Flooded Baths: Red Moon Plays at 70% speed.
    228 e9 Black Building: Fairy effect Room Plays at 70% speed.
    229 A bgm7 Downfall Garden A Plays at 70% speed.
    229 B Deserted Center Plays at 60% speed.
    230 A e11 Flesh Paths World Plays at 70% speed.
    230 B Antiquated Bathhouse Plays at 10% speed.
    230 C Experimentation Building; Floor 1 (Upon interacting with the creature) Plays at 50% speed.
    231 A bluetile_moon Prismatic Tent Plays at 110% speed.
    231 B Monkey Mansion
    232 A RIMA-bgm-acid001 Flooded Baths: Red Plant-like Creatures Plays at 70% speed.
    232 B Evil Cube Zone Plays at 50% speed.
    233 2_32 Cosmic World: Dark Room Plays at 50% speed.
    234 A RIMA-bgm-Accordion001 French Street
    234 B Twilight Park: Ladies' Date
    234 C Totem Hotel: Cafe Plays at 80% speed.
    235 A bgm008 Strange Plants World: Entrance from Rusted City Plays at 60% speed.
    235 B Tesla Garden: Passage to Pierside Residence Plays at 90% speed.
    235 C Silent Sewers: Great Hand Corridor Plays at the same speed as 235A.
    235 D Snowy Village: Entrance
    235 E Forgotten Megalopolis: Entrance Quieter than 235A.
    235 F Rusted Factory: Ladder to Exterior Plays at 80% speed.
    235 G Forest Pier: Entrance from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments Plays at 50% speed.
    235 H Old Train Station: Ladders
    236 A 2_49 Sea of Clouds: Moai Bro Prison Plays at 50% speed.
    236 B Restored Character World Plays at 80% speed.
    236 C Ancient Hydrangea City Louder than 236A.
    236 D Maple Forest Plays at 90% speed.
    237 A e6 Frigid Meadow Plays at 120% speed.
    237 B Undersea Temple: Temple Interior Plays at 110% speed.
    237 C Silver Mansion
    237 D City of Liars Plays at 60% speed.
    237 E Shallows of Deceit
    237 F Azure Garden: Crystal Chamber Quieter than 237A.
    237 G Lost Shoal Plays at 70% speed.
    237 H Hidden Shoal Plays at the same speed as 237D and 237E.
    237 I Somber Establishment Plays at 80% speed.
    238 noie TV Room: Channel #3

    Plays at 140% speed.

    239 A e38 Red Rock Caves: Second Area
    239 B Ice Floe World Plays at 70% speed.
    240 A drm_kan_ge_doupicho01 Laboratory: Cave System
    240 B Neon Sea: Entrance to Viridian Wetlands Plays at 50% speed.
    240 C Wintry Cliffs: Lower area Quieter than 240B and 240D.
    240 D Bottom Garden Plays at the same speed as 240B and 240C.
    240 E Deep Red Wilds: Prehistoric Passage
    241 A drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 Abandoned Chinatown Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Wind_Wasteland01".
    241 B Bottom Garden: Entrance Plays at 50% speed.
    241 C Town Maze: Bottom Garden passage Plays at 60% speed.
    241 D Pierside Residence Plays at 80% speed.
    241 E Golden Chinatown Quieter than 241A.
    242 A drm_kan_ge_machi01 Laboratory Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Street01".

    Plays at 130% speed.

    242 B Alien Cellar
    243 A Cave Ancient Crypt Plays at 80% speed.
    243 B Aquatic Cube City Plays at 50% speed.
    243 C Square Ruins Plays at 60% speed.
    243 D Realm of Gluttony
    243 E Pinwheel Countryside: Bridge Plays at 70% speed.
    243 F Acoustic Lounge: Decayed Lounge Plays at 90% speed.
    243 G Suspended Steamworks: Chain Staircase Plays at the same speed as 243E.
    244 A umoreru@アノン Highway: Bedroom Translates to "To be buried@Anon".

    Plays at 60% speed.

    244 B Highway: Bedroom (Lights Off) Plays at 50% speed.
    244 C Rainbow Hell
    245 A 2_byふーた Square-Square World: Giant event Translates to "2 by Fuuta".

    Plays at 50% speed.

    245 B Toxic Sea
    246 ded_ED Ending -1
    247 A meri- Eyeball Archives
    247 B Opal Archives Plays at 70% speed.
    247 C Axolotl Abode: Library Plays at 90% speed.
    248 185Go_Seasponge_map1 Star Ocean: Sea Sponge Path Plays at 80% speed.
    249 A tonny02 Othello Board Plays at 70% speed.
    249 B Blue Restaurant Plays at 50% speed.
    250 A 風化 Rusted City Translates to "weathering".

    Plays at 60% speed.

    250 B Indigo Pathway Plays at 80% speed.
    250 C Guardian's Shrines Plays at 90% speed.
    250 D Pinwheel Countryside Plays at 50% speed.


    251 A loop_74 Cocktail Lounge
    251 B Wine Cellar Plays at 80% speed.
    251 C Wine Vault
    252 A tonny05 Square-Square World Plays at 50% speed.
    252 B Blob Desert Plays at 80% speed.
    252 C Refrigerator Tower Plays at 70% speed.
    253 tonny06 Flying Fish World: Moonlit Balcony Plays at 80% speed.
    254 Yeris_Sky_blue_Tone Cloudy World
    255 e39 Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Lake
    256 Mary's song for Ib byYASUpochi Eyeball Archives: Music event in bar
    257 sakai_4 Ending ?
    258 A RIMA-bgm-elepi002 Mailbox
    258 B Pastel Sky Park Plays at 70% speed.
    258 C Abyss of Farewells: Presentation room
    258 D Sea of Trees: Slime Room Plays at 80% speed.
    258 E Glacial Geyser Grounds: Isolated Area Plays at 60% speed.
    259 A e40 Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Event (Bright)
    259 B Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Event (Dark and bloody) Plays at 80% speed.
    259 C Twisted Thickets: Peak Event Plays at 60% speed.
    259 D Secret Society
    259 E Ethereal Garden Plays at 50% speed.
    260 A bgm011 Seaside Village: Beach Plays at 80% speed.
    260 B Ruined Garden: Boat passage Plays at 70% speed.
    260 C Ruined Garden: Giant door between Vintage Town and Decrepit Dwellings
    260 D Verdant Promenade: Antiquated Resthouse entrance Plays at 50% speed.
    260 E Monochrome Wastelands Plays at 130% speed.
    260 F Blue Cactus Islands: Mirror Lake Quieter than 260B, 260C, and 260J.
    260 G Memory Garden Plays at 60% speed.
    260 H Toxic Sea: Upper Labs Slightly quieter than 260E.
    260 I White space between Overgrown City and Chaotic Buildings Plays at the same speed as 260A.
    260 J Arc de Pillar World Plays at the same speed as 260B, 260C, and 260F.
    260 K Deserted Town: Passage to Abandoned Apartments Quieter than 260A and 260I.
    260 L Deserted Town: Town Square Quieter than 260G.
    260 M Tarnished Ship Louder than 260A.
    260 N Flooded Buildings Plays at the same speed as 260B, 260C, 260G, 260J and 260K.
    260 O Pinwheel Countryside: Riverside Plays at 60% speed.
    261 A 2_51 Butterfly Passage Plays at 90% speed.
    261 B Misty Bridges Plays at 70% speed.
    261 C Grand Scientific Museum: Transmission Tower Path Plays at 50% speed.
    261 D Forgotten Megalopolis: Middle section Plays at 80% speed.
    261 E Entomophobia Realm Plays at 120% speed.
    261 F Transmission Tower World Plays at the same speed as 261C.
    261 G Abandoned Apartments: Upper middle apartments Slightly quieter than 261B.
    261 H Abandoned Apartments: Elevator Plays at 60% speed.
    261 I Himalayan Salt Shoal: Light Blue Creature's Subarea Plays at the same speed as 261C.
    261 J Deep Red Wilds: Prehistoric Passage
    261 K Rice Field: Abandoned Railway Plays at the same speed as 261B.
    261 L Suspended Steamworks: Pipe Maze Plays at the same speed as 261D.
    262 A Yeris_WhiteTree_Sun White Tree from Pencil World
    262 B Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon White Tree from Broken City
    263 A Yeris_Home_L_1 Broken City: First section
    263 B Yeris_Home_L_2 Broken City: Second section
    263 C Yeris_Home_L_3 Broken City: Third section
    263 D Yeris_Home_L_4 Broken City: Fourth section
    263 E Yeris_Home_L Broken City: Entrance
    263 F Yeris_Home_R Broken City
    263 G Yeris_Day_Dream_Park Broken City: Daytime
    263 H Yeris_Home_L_1 Library: Yeris Book Dictionary Plays at 90% speed.
    264 A Yeris_Scratch_1 Pencil World
    264 B Yeris_Scratch_2
    264 C Yeris_Scratch_3
    264 D Yeris_Scratch_4
    265 Yeris_SaiBAR_Slip Cyber Bar
    266 Yeris_SaiBAR_Smile Cyber Bar
    267 A bgm021 Void Park Plays at 50% speed.
    267 B Wind Turbine Plateau: Entrance Plays at 60% speed.
    267 C Twilight Park: Tunnel to Monolith Jungle
    267 D Complex: Blocked Tunnel
    267 E Complex Plays at 80% speed.
    267 F Old Train Station: Deeper Section Slightly louder than 267B.
    267 G Party Playground (Dark version) Plays at 90% speed.
    267 H Monkey Mansion: Basement Plays at the same speed as 267 A.
    267 I Serene Docks Plays at the same speed as 267B and 267F.
    267 J Cookie Haven: Passage to MAP3105 Plays at the same speed as 267A and 267H.
    268 A bgm042 Haunted Forest Town Plays at 140% speed.
    268 B Floating Catacombs Plays at 50% speed.
    268 C 3D Structures Path Plays at 90% speed.
    268 D Dream Pool: Passage to Dark Nexus
    268 E Old Train Station
    268 F Mansion: Basement Plays at 60% speed.
    268 G Shadow Lady Estate: Mannequin Maze Plays at the same speed as 268A.
    269 A Sea Vending Machine Factory: Balcony Plays at 40% speed.
    269 B Depths Plays at 60% speed.
    269 C Sunken Paradise: Flower Path Plays at 50% speed.
    270 A bgm048 Escherian Passage Plays at 150% speed.
    270 B Forgotten Megalopolis: Elevator Room Plays at 120% speed.
    270 C Neon City Plays at 150% speed.
    270 D Abandoned Apartments: Lower middle apartments Plays at 140% speed.
    270 E Square Ruins: Entrance to Depths
    270 F Decrepit Village: Chaser trap Plays at 50% speed.
    270 G Hexagonal Pillar Passage: Sandy Land Plays at the same speed as 270E.
    270 H English Thundershower: Entrance Room
    271 A in Christmas World: Elevator to River Complex
    271 B River Complex: Elevator to Christmas World Plays at 90% speed.
    271 C Vending Machine Factory Plays at 10% speed.
    271 D Realm of Dice: Hat Horror Zone Plays at 150% speed.
    272 A kuukann_bgm_01 Atlantis: Inside of the Bus Translates to "Empty Space BGM 01".

    Plays at 60% speed.

    272 B Scarlet Corridors Plays at 40% speed.
    273 A bgm039 Whipped Cream World Plays at 80% speed.
    273 B Techno Condominium: Rooftop
    273 C Table Scrap Expanse Plays at 50% speed.
    273 D Rose Church
    273 E Mansion Plays at 90% speed.
    273 F Technicolor Towers Plays at 70% speed.
    274 A bgm016 Rainy Docks
    274 B Rusted Factory: Room after Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
    274 C Mansion: Corridors
    274 D Holiday Hell: Entrance Plays at the same speed as 274A.
    274 E Pinwheel Countryside: Tunnel Plays at 60% speed.
    275 A bgm020 Verdant Promenade Plays at 60% speed.
    275 B Mansion: Upper Room


    276 A bgm013 Crimson Labyrinth: Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
    276 B Water Reclamation Facility Plays at 140% speed.
    276 C Rusted Factory: Interiors Plays at 70% speed.
    276 D Overgrown Gate
    276 E Overgrown City: Entrance
    276 F Mansion: Flooded Ramparts Plays at 130% speed.
    276 G Mansion: Upstairs Plays at the same speed as 276C and 276D.
    276 H Rainy Woods Path: Tunnel Plays at 90% speed.
    276 I Art Exposition: Figurine Field Quieter than 276H.
    276 J Dream Precinct: Jails
    277 A e16 Sugar Road Plays at 130% speed.
    277 B Overgrown City: Neighborhood Plays at 60% speed.
    277 C Blueberry Farm Plays at 80% speed.
    277 D Chimney Pillars Plays at 70% speed.
    278 A e20 Overgrown City Plays at 60% speed.
    278 B Azure Garden: Hand passage
    278 C Shadow Lady Estate: Second Floor Plays at 140% speed.
    278 D Spear Hell Maze Plays at 80% speed.
    279 A partz@anon Victorian Drains: Underground Maze Plays at 50% speed.
    279 B Shoal Caverns Plays at 60% speed.
    280 A e14 Cat Cemetery: Entrance to Snowy Village Plays at 80% speed.
    280 B The Gutter: Tribal Graffiti room Plays at 60% speed.
    280 C Hot Air Balloon World Plays at 25% speed.
    280 D Aureate Clockworks: Witch's Carnevale Plays at 50% speed.
    280 E Victorian Drains: Carnival Town Plays at the same speed as 280B.
    280 F Experimentation Building: Floor 1 Plays at 150% speed.
    280 G Tranquil Park Slightly louder than 280D.
    281 A bgm044 Radiant Stones Pathway Plays at 90% speed.
    281 B Chainlink Lees: Amphitheater lobby Plays at 60% speed.
    281 C Forgotten Megalopolis: Main Area Plays at 70% speed.
    281 D Victorian Drains: Abandoned Park
    281 E Deserted Town Plays at 50% speed.
    281 F Marble Ruins: Waterways
    282 A bgm059 Chainlink Lees: Interior Waterway Plays at 60% speed.
    282 B Floating Catacombs: Mushroom room Plays at 50% speed.
    282 C Paint Blot World Plays at 120% speed.
    282 D Bioluminescent Cavern Louder than 282B.
    282 E Ancient Hydrangea City: Hydrangea Lake Plays at 90% speed.
    282 F English Thundershower: Menu Theme Room Plays at 70% speed.
    283 A himits@アノン Flooded Baths: Small room Translates to "Secret@anon".

    Plays at 80% speed.

    283 B Cliffside Woods Plays at 60% speed.
    283 C Foliage Estate: to Azure Garden Plays at 50% speed.
    283 D Pop Tiles Maze
    283 E Abandoned Apartments: Dark Maze
    284 A tonny31.6 Constellation World Plays at 150% speed.
    284 B Monochrome Mansion Plays at 80% speed.
    284 C Desolate Hospital: Pediatric Department Plays at 50% speed.
    284 D Budding Life World Unlocked by visiting the cliff at least once.

    Plays at the same speed as 284B.

    284 E Abandoned Apartments: Lower apartments Plays at 60% speed.
    284 F Marble Ruins
    285 A n3-RoW Colorless Pier: Subway Plays at 50% speed.
    285 B Dreary Drains: Dark Sewers Plays at 60% speed.
    285 C Dream Pool Plays at the same speed as 285A.
    285 D Planetarium: Scenery Plays at 90% speed.
    285 E Abandoned Factory: Deeper Plays at the same speed as 285A and 285C.
    285 F Experimentation Building: Trap
    285 G Dark Bunker Plays at 70% speed.
    285 H Dark Bunker: Rooms Plays at the same speed as 285B.
    286 A sound4b Abandoned Residence Plays at 60% speed.
    286 B Sandy Plains Quieter than 286A.
    286 C Planetarium Plays at 50% speed.
    286 D Ripples Maze
    287 A se018-0016 Sepia Clouds World
    287 B Misty Bridges: Waterfall Room
    287 C Ruined Garden Plays at 130% speed.
    287 D Solstice Forest Plays at 50% speed.
    287 E Twilight Park
    287 F Planetarium: Theatre Plays at 60% speed.
    287 G Abandoned Grounds: Nighttime Plays at the same speed as 287A and 287B.
    287 H Thumbtack World: Cliff
    287 I Shadow Lady Estate: Menu Theme Room Plays at 70% speed.
    288 A n3-tWW Cotton Candy Haven
    288 B Star Building Plays at 60% speed.
    288 C Planetarium: Starry Sky
    288 D Birch Tree Docks: Boat Ride Slightly louder than 288B.
    289 e25 French Street: Boombox
    290 A 2_11 Red Brick Maze: Giant Cloning Room Due to a glitch, this track can be unlocked by merely visiting the Cloning Room.
    290 B Ghostly Woods Plays at 50% speed.
    290 C Topdown Dungeon: Oblique area Plays at the same speed as 290A.
    291 loop_146 Fantasy Isle Plays at 120% speed.
    292 A RIMA-bgm-orgel006 Misty Bridges: Lotus Lamp Room Plays at 80% speed.
    292 B RIMA-bgm-orgel004 Bottom Garden: Music Box Creature Plays at 90% speed.
    292 C RIMA-bgm-orgel005
    292 D RIMA-bgm-orgel006
    292 E Mini-Nexus: Someone's Room Plays at the same speed as 292A.
    292 F RIMA-bgm-orgel004 Graveyard of Repentance: Cake Shop Plays at 70% speed.
    293 A Fireplace Erratic Pillar Lands: Cave with the giant machine Plays at 50% speed.
    293 B Rainfall Ruins Plays at 30% speed.
    293 C Twilight Park: Butterfly Room
    293 D Ice Cream Islands: Dungeon Plays at the same speed as 293A.
    293 E Limbus Plains
    294 A 2_8 TV Room: Channel #16 Plays at 70% speed.
    294 B Octagonal Grid Hub Slightly quieter than 294A.
    295 2_35 TV Room: Channel #9

    Plays at 70% speed.

    296 A bgm012 Grand Scientific Museum: Observatory at night Plays at 60% speed.
    296 B Depths: Drowning Event Plays at 50% speed.
    296 C Overgrown City: Staircase to Victorian Drains Plays at 70% speed.
    297 A bgm015 Ark Ride Plays at 50% speed.
    297 B Tree of Life: Qliphothic state
    297 C Aureate Clockworks Plays at 70% speed.
    297 D Desolate Hospital: Exit Slightly quieter than 297A and 297B.
    297 E Rose Church: Corridors Plays at 60% speed.
    297 F Rose Church: Entrance Plays at 70% speed.
    297 G Tunnel Town: Sewers
    297 H Deep Red Wilds: Sandstorm Plays at the same speed as 297E.
    298 A bgm019 Guts World: Pumpkin inside of Gray Building Plays at 50% speed.
    298 B Old Train Station B: Inside the Train Plays at 90% speed.
    298 C Rose Church: Blocked Path Louder than 298A.
    298 D Labyrinth of Dread: Train
    299 A bgm023 Flooded Baths: Red Pool Plays at 110% speed.
    299 B Flooded Baths: Red Pool from Botanical Garden Plays at 120% speed.
    299 C Digital Forest Plays at 90% speed.
    299 D Red Monastery: Drawing Plays at 70% speed.
    299 E Decrepit Village: Outskirts Plays at 80% speed.
    299 F Rose Factory: Entrance from Pinwheel Countryside Plays at 60% speed.
    300 A bgm036 Fossil Lake Plays at 50% speed.
    300 B Monochrome passage between Chaotic Buildings and Transmission Tower World
    300 C Transmission Tower World: Sewers
    300 D Mirror Room: Stairs
    300 E Chaotic Buildings: Entrance to Overgrown City
    300 F Old Train Station: Culvert Surprise
    300 G T-Folk World: Hallway to Horror Maze Wrong speed in the Sound Room; plays at 60% in-game.