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Yume 2kki:Soundtrack/201-300

1 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401 to 500 501 to 600 601 to 700 701 to 800 Misc.


201 parallel Urotsuki's Dream Apartments: Apartment Amoeba Plays at 70% speed.
202 ゆめにっき風? Ending #3 Translates to "Yume Nikki Style?".
203 A yama_noisy Nostalgic House: Closet event Plays at 110% speed.
203 B Shadow Lady Estate: TV Room Plays at 150% speed.
204 A 2 GB Dungeon
204 B Great Fish's Stomach Plays at 50% speed.
205 bgm-s Jigsaw Puzzle World: Main area
206 A toji Underground TV Complex Translates to "close" or "closed"
206 B Underground TV Complex: Chicken Room Plays at 110% speed.
207 A 水族館@ネコノハ Cyber Maze Translates to "Aquarium@Nekonoha".

Plays at 90% speed.

207 B Cyber Maze: Extended Passage Plays at 50% speed.
207 C Underground Burial Site
208 A 2_37 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Ocean Plays at 80% speed.
208 B 2_38 Lorn Tower Plays at 60% speed.
208 C 2_37 Strange Plants World: Main Area Plays at 70% speed.
208 D Clover Ponds: Under the Ponds Plays at the same speed as 208A.
208 E Candlelit Factory: Passage to Flamelit Wasteland and Fish Person Shoal Plays at 50% speed.
208 F 2_38 Rainbow Road: Teleportation to Video Game Graveyard Plays at the same speed as 208B.
209 A 2_46 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Battle with magician
209 B Visine Velvet Corridors Plays at 80% speed.
209 C Crazed Faces Maze: Path to Nighttime version
210 2_52 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Night Sky
211 A 2_24 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Mirror event Plays at 90% speed.
211 B Bleak Future: Prelude Plays at 80% speed.
211 C Snowy Village (Maiden's Room)
211 D Empty Abode: Balcony Plays at 60% speed.
212 A yama-loop2 GALAXY Town Plays at 120% speed.
212 B Graffiti City Plays at 50% speed.
213 A innuendo Boogie Street: Music box
213 B Playing Card Dungeon: Cylinder room Plays at 80% speed.
214 A tech3 Urotsuki's Dream Apartments: Flight Area Plays at 50% speed.
214 B Sea Lily World Plays at 70% speed.
214 C Smiley Face DECK: Upbeat version Plays at 150% speed.
214 D Funky Dusky Hall: Party Mode
214 E Platformer World: Second area Plays at 20% speed.
214 F Bacteria World: Upbeat version Plays quieter than 214C.
215 2012_0513_2 Monochrome GB World
216 A ねおん@ネコノハ GALAXY Town: Ice cream Shop Translates to "Neon@Nekonoha".

Plays at 140% speed.

216 B Dream Park: Trapped Plays at 60% speed.
216 C Clover Ponds Plays at 120% speed.
216 D Clover Ponds: Hot Springs
217 A youyake_anon Industrial Towers (day) Plays at 120% speed.
217 B Industrial Towers (night)
218 A e17 Red Rock Caves
218 B Vermilion Cave Plays at 70% speed.
218 C Ancient Aeropolis Plays at 50% speed.
219 A 0109BGM4 Netherworld Plays at 90% speed.
219 B Tatami Room Slightly quieter than 219A.
219 C Overgrown Condominium Plays at 60% speed.
219 D Maroon Gravehouse Plays at 70% speed.
220 A 0109BGM5 Flying Fish World: Helmet Girl's Apartment Plays at 80% speed.
220 B Maple Shrine: End of maze
221 celeb High Priestess Event: Circus scene Plays at 120% speed.

In-game, the music gets slower each time you get caught.

222 drm_loop_30 Laboratory: Hallucination event Plays at 130% speed.
223 A 怪奇工事_Anon Chaos Exhibition Translates to "Bizarre Construction _Anon".
223 B Flamelit Wasteland Plays at 50% speed.
223 C Elemental Caves Plays at 70% speed.
224 A 2_27 Flooded Baths Plays at 60% speed.
224 B Nightshade Corridor Plays at 70% speed.
224 C Twisted Thickets: Blue Tent Plays at 80% speed.
224 D Bodacious Rotation Station: Stretch effect location
225 drm_oop_135 Soldier Row
226 A 2_31 Abandoned Dreadnought: Distorted area
226 B Deserted Town: Ladders Plays at 50% speed.
226 C Marble Ruins: Upper Section
227 2_48 Flooded Baths: Red Moon Plays at 70% speed.
228 e9 Black Building: Fairy effect Room Plays at 70% speed.
229 A bgm7 Downfall Garden A Plays at 70% speed.
229 B Deserted Center Plays at 60% speed.
230 A e11 Flesh Paths World Plays at 70% speed.
230 B Antiquated Bathhouse Plays at 10% speed.
230 C Experimentation Building; Floor 1 (Upon interacting with the creature) Plays at 50% speed.


231 A bluetile_moon Clawtree Forest: Prismatic Tent Plays at 110% speed.
231 B Monkey Mansion
232 A RIMA-bgm-acid001 Flooded Baths: Red Plant-like Creatures Plays at 70% speed.
232 B Evil Cube Zone Plays at 50% speed.
233 2_32 Cosmic World: Dark Room Plays at 50% speed.
234 A RIMA-bgm-Accordion001 French Street
234 B Twilight Park: Ladies' Date
234 C Totem Hotel: Cafe Plays at 80% speed.
235 A bgm008 Strange Plants World: Entrance from Rusted City Plays at 60% speed.
235 B Tesla Garden: Passage to Pierside Residence Plays at 90% speed.
235 C Silent Sewers: Giant hand statue room Plays at the same speed as 235A.
235 D Snowy Village (Entrance)
235 E Forgotten Megalopolis (Entrance) Quieter than 235A.
235 F Rusted Factory: Ladder to Exterior Plays at 80% speed.
235 G Forest Pier: Entrance from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments Plays at 50% speed.
235 H Old Train Station: Ladders
236 A 2_49 Sea of Clouds: Inside of Building Plays at 50% speed.
236 B Restored Character World Plays at 80% speed.
236 C Ancient Hydrangea City Louder than 236A.
236 D Maple Forest Plays at 90% speed.
237 A e6 Frigid Meadow Plays at 120% speed.
237 B Undersea Temple: Temple Interior Plays at 110% speed.
237 C Silver Mansion
237 D City of Liars Plays at 60% speed.
237 E Shallows of Deceit
237 F Azure Garden: Crystal Chamber Quieter than 237A.
237 G Lost Shoal Plays at 70% speed.
237 H Hidden Shoal Plays at the same speed as 237D and 237E.
237 I Somber Establishment Plays at 80% speed.
238 noie TV Room Channel #3

Plays at 140% speed.

239 A e38 Red Rock Caves: Second Area
239 B Ice Floe World Plays at 70% speed.
240 A drm_kan_ge_doupicho01 Laboratory: Cave System
240 B Neon Sea: Entrance to Viridian Wetlands Plays at 50% speed.
240 C Wintry Cliffs: Lower area Quieter than 240B and 240D.
240 D Bottom Garden Plays at the same speed as 240B and 240C.
240 E Deep Red Wilds: Prehistoric Passage
241 A drm_kan_ge_kaze_kouya01 Abandoned Chinatown Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Wind_Wasteland01".
241 B Bottom Garden: Entrance Plays at 50% speed.
241 C Town Maze: Bottom Garden passage Plays at 60% speed.
241 D Pierside Residence Plays at 80% speed.
241 E Golden Chinatown Quieter than 241A.
242 A drm_kan_ge_machi01 Laboratory Translates to "drm_kan_ge_Street01".

Plays at 130% speed.

242 B Alien Cellar
243 A Cave Ancient Crypt Plays at 80% speed.
243 B Aquatic Cube City Plays at 50% speed.
243 C Square Ruins Plays at 60% speed.
243 D Realm of Gluttony
244 A umoreru@アノン Highway: Bedroom Translates to "To be buried@Anon".

Plays at 60% speed.

244 B Highway: Bedroom (Lights Off) Plays at 50% speed.
244 C Rainbow Hell
245 A 2_byふーた Square-Square World: Giant event Translates to "2 by Fuuta".

Plays at 50% speed.

245 B Toxic Sea
246 ded_ED Ending -1
247 A meri- Eyeball Archives
247 B Opal Archives Plays at 70% speed.
247 C Axolotl Abode: Library Plays at 90% speed.
248 185Go_Seasponge_map1 Star Ocean: Sea Sponge Path Plays at 80% speed.
249 A tonny02 Othello Board Plays at 70% speed.
249 B Blue Restaurant Plays at 50% speed.
250 A 風化 Rusted City Translates to "weathering".

Plays at 60% speed.

250 B Indigo Pathway Plays at 80% speed.
250 C Guardian's Shrines Plays at 90% speed.


251 A loop_74 Cocktail Lounge
251 B Wine Cellar Plays at 80% speed.
252 A tonny05 Square-Square World Plays at 50% speed.
252 B Blob Desert Plays at 80% speed.
252 C Refrigerator Tower Plays at 70% speed.
253 tonny06 Flying Fish World: Moonlit Balcony Plays at 80% speed.
254 Yeris_Sky_blue_Tone Cloudy World
255 e39 Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Lake
256 Mary's song for Ib byYASUpochi Eyeball Archives: Music event in bar
257 sakai_4 Ending ?
258 A RIMA-bgm-elepi002 Mailbox
258 B Pastel Sky Park Plays at 70% speed.
258 C Abyss of Farewells: Presentation room
258 D Sea of Trees: Slime Room Plays at 80% speed.
259 A e40 Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Event (Bright)
259 B Red Rock Caves: Blue Rose Event (Dark and bloody) Plays at 80% speed.
259 C Twisted Thickets (Peak Event) Plays at 60% speed.
259 D Secret Society
260 A bgm011 Seaside Village: Beach Plays at 80% speed.
260 B Ruined Garden: Boat passage Plays at 70% speed.
260 C Ruined Garden: Giant door between Vintage Town and Decrepit Dwellings
260 D Verdant Promenade: Antiquated Resthouse entrance Plays at 50% speed.
260 E Monochrome Wastelands Plays at 130% speed.
260 F Blue Cactus Islands (Mirror Lake) Quieter than 260B, 260C, and 260J.
260 G Memory Garden Plays at 60% speed.
260 H Toxic Sea: Upper Labs Slightly quieter than 260E.
260 I White space between Overgrown City and Chaotic Buildings Plays at the same speed as 260A.
260 J Arc de Pillar World Plays at the same speed as 260B, 260C, and 260F.
260 K Deserted Town: Passage to Abandoned Apartments Quieter than 260A and 260I.
260 L Deserted Town: Town Square Quieter than 260G.
260 M Tarnished Ship Louder than 260A.
260 N Flooded Buildings Plays at the same speed as 260B, 260C, 260G, 260J and 260K.
261 A 2_51 Butterfly Passage Plays at 90% speed.
261 B Misty Bridges Plays at 70% speed.
261 C Grand Scientific Museum: Transmission Tower Path Plays at 50% speed.
261 D Forgotten Megalopolis: Middle section Plays at 80% speed.
261 E Entomophobia Realm Plays at 120% speed.
261 F Transmission Tower World Plays at the same speed as 261C.
261 G Abandoned Apartments: Middle Section Slightly quieter than 261B.
261 H Abandoned Apartments: Elevator Plays at 60% speed.
261 I Himalayan Salt Shoal (Light Blue Creature's Subarea) Plays at the same speed as 261C.
261 J Deep Red Wilds: Prehistoric Passage
261 K Rice Field: Abandoned Railway Plays at the same speed as 261B.
262 A Yeris_WhiteTree_Sun White Tree from Pencil World
262 B Yeris_WhiteTree_Moon White Tree from Broken City
263 A Yeris_Home_L_1 Broken City: First section (near Rough Ash World)
263 B Yeris_Home_L_2 Broken City: Second section
263 C Yeris_Home_L_3 Broken City: Third section
263 D Yeris_Home_L_4 Broken City: Fourth section
263 E Yeris_Home_L Broken City: Entrance
263 F Yeris_Home_R Broken City
263 G Yeris_Day_Dream_Park Broken City: Daytime
263 H Yeris_Home_L_1 Library: Yeris Book Dictionary Plays at 90% speed.
264 A Yeris_Scratch_1 Pencil World
264 B Yeris_Scratch_2
264 C Yeris_Scratch_3
264 D Yeris_Scratch_4
265 Yeris_SaiBAR_Slip Cyber Bar
266 Yeris_SaiBAR_Smile Cyber Bar
267 A bgm021 Void Park Plays at 50% speed.
267 B Wind Turbine Plateau (Entrance) Plays at 60% speed.
267 C Twilight Park: Tunnel to Monolith Jungle
267 D Complex: Blocked Tunnel
267 E Complex Plays at 80% speed.
267 F Old Train Station: Deeper Section Slightly louder than 267B.
267 G Party Playground (Dark version) Plays at 90% speed.
267 H Monkey Mansion: Basement Plays at the same speed as 267 A.
267 I Serene Docks Plays at the same speed as 267B and 267F.
268 A bgm042 Haunted Forest Town Plays at 140% speed.
268 B Floating Catacombs Plays at 50% speed.
268 C 3D Structures Path Plays at 90% speed.
268 D Passage from Dream Pool to Dark Nexus
268 E Old Train Station
268 F Mansion: Basement Plays at 60% speed.
268 G Shadow Lady Estate: Mannequin Maze Plays at the same speed as 268A.
269 A Sea Vending Machine Factory: Balcony Plays at 40% speed.
269 B Depths Plays at 60% speed.
270 A bgm048 Escherian Passage Plays at 130% speed.
270 B Forgotten Megalopolis: Elevator Room
270 C Neon City Plays at 150% speed.
270 D Abandoned Apartments: Staircase Plays at 140% speed.
270 E Square Ruins: Entrance to Depths Quieter than 270B.
270 F Decrepit Village: Chaser trap Plays at 50% speed.


271 A in Christmas World: Elevator (Leads to River Road A)
271 B River Road A: Elevator (Leads to Christmas World) Plays at 90% speed.
271 C Vending Machine Factory Plays at 10% speed.
271 D Realm of Dice: Sub-area Plays at 150% speed.
272 A kuukann_bgm_01 Inside of the Bus Translates to "Empty Space BGM 01".

Plays at 60% speed.

272 B Scarlet Corridors Plays at 40% speed.
273 A bgm039 Whipped Cream World Plays at 80% speed.
273 B Techno Condominium: Rooftop
273 C Tablescrap Expanse Plays at 50% speed.
273 D Rose Church
273 E Mansion Plays at 90% speed.
274 A bgm016 Rainy Docks
274 B Rusted Factory: Room after Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
274 C Mansion: Corridors
274 D Holiday Hell: Entrance Plays at the same speed as 274A.
275 A bgm020 Verdant Promenade Plays at 60% speed.
275 B Mansion: Study
276 A bgm013 Crimson Labyrinth: Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
276 B Water Reclamation Facility Plays at 140% speed.
276 C Rusted Factory: Interiors Plays at 70% speed.
276 D Overgrown Gate
276 E Overgrown City: Entrance
276 F Mansion: Flooded Ramparts Plays at 130% speed.
276 G Mansion: Upstairs Plays at the same speed as 276C and 276D.
277 A e16

Sugar Road

Plays at 130% speed.
277 B Overgrown City: Neighborhood Plays at 60% speed.
277 C Blueberry Farm Plays at 80% speed.
277 D Chimney Pillars Plays at 70% speed.
278 A e20 Overgrown City Plays at 60% speed.
278 B Azure Garden (Hand passage)
279 A partz@anon Victorian Drains: Underground Maze Plays at 50% speed.
279 B Shoal Caverns Plays at 60% speed.
280 A e14 Cat Cemetery (Entrance to Snowy Village) Plays at 80% speed.
280 B The Gutter (Tribal Graffiti room) Plays at 60% speed.
280 C Hot Air Balloon World Plays at 25% speed.
280 D Aureate Clockworks: Witch's Carnevale Plays at 50% speed.
280 E Victorian Drains: Carnival Town Plays at the same speed as 280B.
280 F Experimentation Building: Floor 1 Plays at 150% speed.
280 G Tranquil Park Played slightly louder than 280D.
281 A bgm044 Radiant Stones Pathway Plays at 90% speed.
281 B Chainlink Lees: Amphitheater lobby Plays at 60% speed.
281 C Forgotten Megalopolis: Main Area Plays at 70% speed.
281 D Victorian Drains: Abandoned Park
281 E Deserted Town Plays at 50% speed.
281 F Marble Ruins: Waterways
282 A bgm059 Chainlink Lees: Interior Waterway Plays at 60% speed.
282 B Floating Catacombs (Mushroom room) Plays at 50% speed.
282 C Paint Blot World Plays at 120% speed.
282 D Bioluminescent Cavern Louder than 282B.
282 E Ancient Hydrangea City: Hydrangea Lake Plays at 90% speed.
283 A himits@アノン Flooded Baths: Small room Translates to "Secret@anon".

Plays at 80% speed.

283 B Cliffside Woods Plays at 60% speed.
283 C Foliage Estate to Azure Garden Plays at 50% speed.
283 D Pop Tiles Maze
283 E Abandoned Apartments: Dark Maze
284 A tonny31.6 Constellation World Plays at 150% speed.
284 B Monochrome Mansion Plays at 80% speed.
284 C Desolate Hospital: Pediatric Department Plays at 50% speed.
284 D Budding Life World Unlocked by visiting the cliff at least once.

Plays at the same speed as 284B.

284 E Abandoned Apartments: Lower Section Plays at 60% speed.
284 F Marble Ruins
285 A n3-RoW Colorless Pier: Subway Plays at 50% speed.
285 B Dreary Drains: Dark Sewers Plays at 60% speed.
285 C Dream Pool Plays at the same speed as 285A and 285E.
285 D Planetarium: Scenery Plays at 90% speed.
285 E Abandoned Factory: Deeper Plays at the same speed as 285A and 285C.
285 F Experimentation Building: Trap
285 G Dark Bunker Plays at 70% speed.
285 H Dark Bunker: Rooms Plays at the same speed as 285B.
286 A sound4b Abandoned Residence Plays at 60% speed.
286 B Sandy Plains Quieter than 286A.
286 C Planetarium Plays at 50% speed.
287 A se018-0016 Sepia Clouds World
287 B Misty Bridges: Waterfall Room
287 C Ruined Garden Plays at 130% speed.
287 D Solstice Forest Plays at 50% speed.
287 E Twilight Park
287 F Planetarium: Theatre Plays at 60% speed.
287 G Abandoned Grounds: Nighttime Plays at the same speed as 287A and 287B.
287 H Thumbtack World: Cliff
288 A n3-tWW Cotton Candy Haven
288 B Star Building Plays at 60% speed.
288 C Planetarium: Starry Sky
289 e25 French Street
290 2_11 Red Brick Maze: Giant Cloning Room Due to a glitch, this track can be unlocked by merely visiting the Cloning Room.
291 loop_146 Fantasy Isle Plays at 120% speed.
292 A RIMA-bgm-orgel006 Misty Bridges: Lotus Lamp Room Plays at 80% speed.
292 B RIMA-bgm-orgel004 Bottom Garden: Music Box Creature Plays at 90% speed.
292 C RIMA-bgm-orgel005
292 D RIMA-bgm-orgel006
293 A Fireplace Erratic Pillar Lands: Cave with the giant machine Plays at 50% speed.
293 B Rainfall Ruins Plays at 30% speed.
293 C Twilight Park: Butterfly Room
293 D Ice Cream Islands: Dungeon Plays at the same speed as 293A.
294 A 2_8 TV Room Channel #16

Plays at 70% speed.

294 B Octagonal Grid Hub Slightly quieter than 294A.
295 2_35 TV Room Channel #9

Plays at 70% speed.

296 A bgm012 Grand Scientific Museum (Observatory at night) Plays at 60% speed.
296 B Depths: Drowning Event Plays at 50% speed.
296 C Overgrown City: Staircase to Victorian Drains Plays at 70% speed.
297 A bgm015 Ark Ride Plays at 50% speed.
297 B Tree of Life: Qliphothic state
297 C Aureate Clockworks Plays at 70% speed.
297 D Desolate Hospital: Exit Slightly quieter than 297A and 297B.
297 E Rose Church: Corridors Plays at 60% speed.
297 F Rose Church: Entrance Plays at 70% speed.
297 G Tunnel Town: Sewers
297 H Deep Red Wilds: Sandstorm Plays at the same speed as 297E.
298 A bgm019 Guts World: Pumpkin inside of Gray Building Plays at 50% speed.
298 B Old Train Station B: Inside the Train Plays at 90% speed.
298 C Rose Church: Blocked Path Louder than 298A.
298 D Labyrinth of Dread: Train
299 A bgm023 Flooded Baths: Red Pool Plays at 110% speed.
299 B Flooded Baths: Red Pool from Botanical Garden Plays at 120% speed.
299 C Digital Forest Plays at 90% speed.
299 D Red Monastery: Drawing Plays at 70% speed.
299 E Decrepit Village: Outskirts Plays at 80% speed.
300 A bgm036 Fossil Lake Plays at 50% speed.
300 B Monochrome passage between Chaotic Buildings and Transmission Tower World
300 C Transmission Tower World: Sewers
300 D Mirror Room: Stairs
300 E Chaotic Buildings: Entrance to Overgrown City
300 F Old Train Station: Culvert Surprise
300 G T-Folk World: Hallway to Horror Maze Wrong speed in the Sound Room; plays at 60% in-game.