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Yume 2kki:Soundtrack/101-200

1 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401 to 500 501 to 600 601 to 700 701 to 800 Misc.


101 A ループ「海」By音師竹内 Kura Puzzle Game Translates to "Loop 'Sea' by Otoshi Takeuchi".
101 B Red Sun
101 C Realistic Beach: Sheep Area Plays at 130% speed.
101 D Japan Town: After chainsawing Heishi-Kun Plays at 50% speed.
102 A ループ「青光」By音師竹内 Teleport Maze Translates to "Loop 'Blue Light' by Otoshi Takeuchi".
102 B Fountain World
102 C Shinto Shrine: Red Tree Passage Background image shows the Red Tree instead of the Red Tree passage.
102 D Decrepit Dwellings: View of the beachside city Plays at 50% speed.
102 E Spaceship: Main area Played slightly louder than 102 A.
102 F Alien Valley Plays at 70% speed.
102 G Blue House Road: The Maze Plays at 60% speed.
103 Yeris_Coulomb_on_Board Circuit Board
104 A ループ「機械音」By音師竹内 Library (book txt 20-1) Translates to "Loop 'Machine Sound' by Otoshi Takeuchi".
104 B Abyssal Garden: Emergency Exit Plays at 60% speed.
105 152-you TV Room (Old Channel) Channel #17

Plays at 150% speed.

106 A 無重力散歩@アノン Sugar World Translates to "Zero gravity strolling@Anon".

Plays at 80% speed.

106 B Sugary Depths Plays at 60% speed.
106 C Fantasy Isle: Castle Plays at 50% speed.
106 D Star Hub Plays at 90% speed.
107 A Crime_Anon Burial Desert Plays at 80% speed.
107 B Electromagnetic Terminal Plays at 90% speed.
107 C Dice World Plays at 50% speed.

Unlocked by visiting Yoru’s Lair at least once.

108 RIMA-bgm-farm002 Scenic Outlook: Flaming Wasteland Plays at 70% speed.
109 A 8 Farm World
109 B Flooded Buildings: Grate Area Plays at 110% speed.
110 bgm-h_m Underwater Amusement Park (Brown Eye Floor Area)
111 A bgm-j_m Underwater Amusement Park : TV Rodeo
111 B Pancake World Plays at 110% speed.
112 bgm-l_m Underwater Amusement Park (Troll Event)
113 A yume d12a Pyramid Dance
113 B yume d12b
113 C yume d12c
113 D yume d12d
113 E yume d12e
113 F yume d12a Faces Zone Plays at 80% speed.
114 985_m_1 Lavender Temple
115 A moseni_luna The Ceiling Plays at 70% speed.
115 B Snowy Forest - Winter Path
115 C Abandoned Dreadnought: Observatory Room Plays at 60% speed.
115 D Reverie Book Piles
115 E Domino Constructions Plays at 50% speed.
116 A moseni_leaf Rapeseed Fields Plays at 70% speed.
116 B Ornamental Plains Plays at 50% speed.
116 C Bacteria World: Upbeat version Plays at 140% speed.
117 A moseni_lotus Lotus Waters Plays at 70% speed.
117 B Techno Condominium: Rooftop Event
117 C Isometry World: TV (Ending sequence) Plays at 50% speed.
118 Yeris_Morse_Chord Binary World (Fairy Room) Entire song
119 A deepsleep TV Room Channel #11

Plays at 80% speed.

119 B Forest Cavern
120 A pinu_heart Heart World
120 B Blood Red House


121 pinu_muyu Dizzy Spirals World "Muyu" is probably an abbreviation of "muyūbyō", meaning "somnambulism".
122 pinu_soshitsu The Deciding Street Translates to "pinu_loss".
123 A 2_23 Hourglass Desert
123 B Mountainous Badlands Plays at 120% speed.
123 C Tangerine Prairie Plays at 70% speed.
123 D Mackerel Desert Plays at 80% speed.
123 E Mackerel Desert: Oasis
124 A 2_28 Plated Snow Country Unlocked by beating the Plated Snow Country minigame.

Plays at 150% speed.

124 B Hidden Egg Room Unlocked by visiting one of three hidden 'Egg' rooms. Background image is the hidden room in Green Neon World.
124 C Fabric World Plays at 110% speed.
124 D Nail World: Red Nail passage Plays at 70% speed.
124 E Head Wasteland Plays at 50% speed.
124 F River Road A: Large Complex
124 G Cliffside Woods: Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
125 A camellia_japanish Danger Panic Zone
125 B camellia-japanish2 Monochrome Feudal Japan
125 C Static Labyrinth Plays at 20% speed.
126 A camellia-themepark Underwater Amusement Park: Clown Area
126 B Underwater Amusement Park: Clown Area event Plays at 90% speed.
126 C Chicken World Plays at 60% speed.
127 A bgm6 Window Room
127 B Desu-chan & Onee-chan's part of the Highway Plays at 60% speed.
127 C Highway (Upper East Road) Plays at 50% speed.
127 D Cloaked Pillar World Plays at 20% speed.
128 A bgm-m 2 Zalgo Event
128 B Omurice Labyrinth Plays at 70% speed.
129 A sounda Submarine Plays at 90% speed.
129 B Crying Mural World Plays at 150% speed.
129 C Nefarious Chessboard (Inverted) Plays at 50% speed.
130 soundb Corrupted Eyeball Shop Plays at 80% speed.
131 Cosmic Cosmic World
132 A noise1 Purple World Plays at 50% speed.
132 B Floating Tiled Islands: Bedroom Plays at 150% speed.
133 A soundd Broken Faces Area Plays at 50% speed.
133 B Broken Faces Area Unlocked by entering the Broken Faces Area from Flesh Paths World.

Plays at the same speed and volume as 133A.

133 C Guts World (Balcony) Plays at 120% speed.
133 D Crimson Labyrinth: Main area Plays at 60% speed.
134 pseudosound2 Fairy Tale Woods chase
135 A bgm-r Mushroom World
135 B bgm-r melo White Mushroom Field
135 C Aquatic Cafe Plays at 70% speed.
135 D bgm-r Fuchsia Suburbs
135 E Stove Plays at 120% speed.
135 F bgm-r melo Grilled Octopus World
136 A bgm029 Underground Laboratory: Entrance to the Polluted Swamp Plays at 70% speed.
136 B Snowy Forest: Fairy Hole
136 C Opal Sea Plays at 80% speed.
136 D Forgotten Megalopolis: Forgotten Garden Plays at 50% speed.
136 E Depths: Aquarium Slightly quieter than 136A.
136 F Rainbow Silhouette World Plays at 60% speed.
136 G Rainbow Silhouette World: Zoo Slightly louder than 136D.
136 H Ice Cream Islands Plays at 90% speed.
137 bgm-m Bubbleman Hitogata
138 A bgm-o White Fern World
138 B bgm-o 2 Fern Tower
138 C bgm-o Underground Passage: Passage to Strange Poison Fields Plays at 50% speed.
138 D bgm-o 2 Alazan Domain Plays at 60% speed.
139 RIMA-bgm-Chip002 Bathhouse
140 bgm-n Haniwa Dance Event
141 yume a Blood Sacrifice Translates to "Dream A"
142 2_13 Fairy Tale Woods
143 A 2_39 Ecstasy World: Near the bench
143 B Neon Highway Plays at 50% speed.
144 A 2_40 Power Plant Plays at 90% speed.
144 B Power Plant: Transfer room Plays at 70% speed.
144 C Golden Casino Plays at the same speed as 144A.
145 A 2_45 Ecstasy World
145 B Fish World Plays at 50% speed.
145 C Blue Restaurant: Room 2 after the event Incorrect speed in the Sound Room; plays at 150% speed in-game.
146 A 2_47 Fairy Tale Path Plays at 90% speed.
146 B NES Glitch Tunnel: Entrance Plays at 60% speed.
147 A e31 TV Room Channel #8

Plays at 110% speed.

147 B Mutant Pig Farm Plays at 50% speed.
147 C Parasite Laboratory: After Mutation
148 A gr@ネコノハ TV Room Channel #13

Plays at 110% speed.

148 B Paradise Plays at 50% speed.
149 2kki Ending #3
150 A 6_3 Floating Red Tiles World
150 B Lovesick World: Entrance Plays at 50% speed.
150 C Pink Honeycomb Plays at 80% speed.


151 A 0109BGM3 Developer Room (Slot Machine Mini Game) Unlocked by watching any of the endings, even without playing the slot machine in the Developer Room.
151 B Smiley Face DECK Plays at 70% speed.
151 C Rainbow Tiles Maze Same as 151A
152 A bgm080 Monochrome Eye Room
152 B Ancient Hydrangea City: Crimson Dungeon Plays at 80% speed.
152 C Platformer World: Construction sign room Plays at 70% speed.
152 D Shadow Lady Estate: Attic trap Plays at 50% speed.
153 A bgm-j Stairs to the Haniwa Temple
153 B Haniwa Temple Plays at 50% speed.
153 C Tomato World
154 985_m_2 Galactic Park Plays at 60% speed.
155 A camellia_hysar2 Pyramid Maze
155 B Psychedelic Stone Path Plays at 60% speed.
155 C Serpentine Pyramid Plays at 80% speed.
155 D Platformer World: First area Plays at 20% speed.
156 A yume d8b TV Room Channel #10
156 B Execution Ground Played slightly faster than 156A.
157 A Cave_2 Realistic Cave
157 B Elemental Caves: Icy Cavern
157 C Holiday Hell: Circles Peephole Plays at 70% speed.
158 A yama-loop1 TV Room Channel #14

Plays at 90% speed.

158 B Ancient Crypt: Rave event Plays at 110% speed.
158 C Wintry Cliffs (Cottage) Plays at 50% speed.
158 D Serene Docks: Path to Jade Block Mounds Plays at 70% speed.
159 A owari2 by.sakai RGB Passage Translates to "Ending 2 by Sakai".
159 B Playbox Passage Plays at 70% speed.
160 A e29 False Shoal Plays at 50% speed.
160 B Monkey Mansion: Marquise's Hall Plays at 70% speed.
161 dedp_x_r036_4_120 Urban Street Area
162 A enter_2 Realistic Cave
162 B Highway (Convenience Store) Plays at 60% speed.
163 A for Flying Fish World Plays at 50% speed.
163 B Gray Road
163 C Sunken City
163 D The Rooftops Plays at 60% speed.
163 E White Scarlet Exhibition Plays at 120% speed.
163 F Horror Maze: Dining area Plays at 15% speed.
164 A yukihi1 Jigsaw Puzzle World: Mermaid Moon Lake Plays at 70% speed.
164 B Dream Park: Stretch and Child puzzle rooms Plays at 140% speed.
164 C Library: Reading Room
165 A n3-AoF Fairy Tale Woods: Apple House Plays at 50% speed.
165 B Plays at 60% speed.
165 C Bridged Swamp Islands
165 D Totem Hotel Plays at 70% speed.
166 A n3-BoM Green Neon World Plays at 60% speed.
166 B Aquamarine Cave: Bar Plays at 120% speed.
166 C Dreadful Docks: Neon Pathway Plays at 80% speed.
167 A n3-CaSP Floating Stones World Plays at 60% speed.
167 B Fountain Church Plays at 80% speed.
167 C Floating Tiled Islands Plays at 50% speed.
168 A n3-ELP Boogie Street Plays at 150% speed.
168 B Sprout World (Dried tree room) Plays at 60% speed. Unlocking this track will unlock 168 C as well.
168 C Sprout World (Pond room) Plays at 70% speed. Unlocking this track will unlock 168 B as well.
168 D Crimson Labyrinth: Mountainside Louder than 168B.
168 E Boogie Street: Path to Dream Park Plays at 130% speed.
168 F Forest Pier Plays at 50% speed.
168 G Giant Desktop
168 H Giant Desktop: 3D Area Plays at 50% speed.
169 A n3-FiT Dark Stairs Plays at 50% speed.
169 B Riverside Waste Facility Played louder than 169A.
169 C Techno Condominium (Flying off the dark roof) Unlocked by visiting the Techno Condominium.

Plays at 60% speed.

169 D Silent Sewers: Boat passage Quieter than 169C.
169 E Abandoned Dreadnought: Corridors Plays at 80% speed.
169 F Dreary Drains (Exit) Plays at 50% speed.
169 G Rusty Urban Complex Plays at the same speed as 169C.
169 H Abandoned Factory: Strange Door Louder than 169F.
169 I Industrial Maze: Amber-Lit Passage Plays at the same speed and volume as 169D.
169 J Victorian Drains: Ladders Plays at 70% speed.
170 A n3-iFF Sprout World Studio Plays at 80% speed.
170 B Transmission Tower World: Overgrown Room Plays at 60% speed.
170 C Blue Sanctuary
170 D Blue Restaurant: Room 7 creature Plays at the same speed as 170A.
171 A n3-KtO Cog Maze Plays at 70% speed.
171 B Bismuth World Plays at 50% speed.
171 C Cog Maze: End Plays at 60% speed.
172 A n3-LaW Forest Carnival Plays at 80% speed.
172 B n3-LaW_yugami Forest Carnival

(High Priestess Event)

Translates to "n3-LaW_distorted".

Plays at 70% speed.

172 C n3-LaWoS Cultivated Lands Plays at 60% speed.
172 D Muffin Spice World Plays at 50% speed.
173 A n3-LI Sprout World Underground (Vine Corridor) Plays at 80% speed.
173 B Azure Garden: Entrance Plays at 60% speed.
173 C Ruined Garden: Garden Room Plays at 50% speed.
173 D Field of Cosmos/Adabana Gardens: Sceneries Plays at the same speed as 173A.
173 E Deserted Town: Hidden Garden Plays at the same speed as 173C.
173 F Cinder Statue Heaven
173 G Abyssal Garden: Footprint Path Plays at the same speed as 173B.
173 H Flowery Ponds
174 A n3-NiT Abandoned Factory: House behind the culvert Plays at 70% speed.
174 B Chaotic Buildings Plays at 80% speed.
174 C Sea of Trees Louder than 174A.
175 e28 Nostalgic House Plays at 90% speed.
176 A n3-Tcs Alley Robot’s Room Plays at 80% speed.
176 B City of Liars: Deceivers' Lounge Plays at 50% speed.
176 C Deserted Town: Coffeeman Room
176 D Frozen Smile World: Indoors Plays at 60% speed.
176 E Honeybee Laboratory Plays at 70% speed.
177 A n3-tSP Sprout World
177 B Riverside Waste Facility: Exterior Plays at 150% speed.
177 C Rainbow Ruins: The Gutter
177 D Spore Forest Plays at 110% speed.
177 E Abandoned Factory: Passage to Arc de Pillar World Plays at 60% speed.
177 F Neon City: Underground Path
177 G Empty Abode Plays at 70% speed.
178 A n3-WeR Dark Forest
178 B Forest Carnival (under the floor) Plays at 130% speed.
178 C Decrepit Dwellings Plays at 50% speed.
178 D Colorless Roads Plays at 80% speed.
178 E Chaotic Buildings: Underground Forest Played louder than 178C.
178 F Expanded Corridors: Infinite Pit Plays at 90% speed.
178 G Tribulation Complex: Entrance
179 A nami Realistic Beach (Cave Entrance) Translates to "wave".
179 B Flooded Dungeon Plays at 80% speed.
179 C Gulliver Desert Plays at 50% speed.
179 D Colorless Pier: Entrance to the Subway Louder than 179B.
179 E Silent Sewers: Entrance from Seaside Village Plays at 70% speed.
179 F Birthday Tower: Beach Plays at 130% speed.
179 G Candlelit Factory: Entrance to Fish Person Shoal Plays at 50% speed, quieter than 179 C.
180 A oudn-05 Spider’s Web
180 B Abyss of Farewells Plays at 50% speed.


181 RIMA-bgm-Chip003 FC Basement
182 A short_bgm2 Magnet Room
182 B Blue Restaurant: Room 7 creature Plays at 110% speed.
183 A sound2a_ Ocean Floor: Main area
183 B sound2a Polluted Swamp: Primary area Plays at 70% speed.
183 C sound2a_ Polluted Swamp: Secondary area Plays at 60% speed.
183 D sound2a Blood Red Beach: Sword Beach Plays at 130% speed.
184 A sound3d Warehouse: External area Plays at 50% speed.
184 B Never-Ending Hallway
184 C Experimentation Building: Floor 3 Plays louder than 184A.
185 A sound3e Exhibition
185 B Florist
185 C Warehouse Plays at 120% speed.
185 D Flooded Dungeon Plays at 50% speed.
185 E Rusted Factory: Upper Exterior Plays at 80% speed.
185 F Industrial Maze Plays at 110% speed.
185 G Pillars World Plays at 130% speed.
185 H Deserted Town: Back Alleys Plays at 150% speed.
185 I Industrial Maze: Core Plays at 90% speed.
185 J Abandoned Apartments: Upper Section Plays at 70% speed.
185 K Wind Tunnel Plays at 60% speed.
185 L Abandoned Apartments Background image is the same as 185 J.

Louder than 185D.

185 M T-Folk World Plays at the same speed as 185E.
185 N Blue Restaurant: Cook's Room Plays at the same speed as 185C.
185 O Blue Restaurant: Room 4 Plays at the same speed as 185J.
186 A sound3f Closet Pinwheel Path
186 B Dream Pool: Red Culvert Plays at 60% speed.
186 C Garden of Treachery: Stairs of Wrath Plays at 140% speed.
187 A sound4d Fisherman’s Hook
187 B Bathhouse: Entrance
187 C Ghost Town Plays at 60% speed.
188 twen20ty-7 Hourglass Desert (Child Effect Room)
189 A under a cloak of snow Christmas World
189 B Twisted Thickets (Tent) Plays at 60% speed.
189 C Wooden Block World Plays at 80% speed.
190 A yoi Dark Museum Translates to "Evening".
190 B Underground Laboratory Plays at 50% speed.
190 C Candlelit Factory Plays at 60% speed.
191 yume d3a Never-Ending Hallway: Madotsuki Room
192 yume d4b The Baddies Bar
193 yume d11b Intestines Maze
194 A yumepo5 Train Tracks Plays at 50% speed.
194 B Rusted Factory: Entrance Quieter than 194A.
194 C Virtual City: Passage to Reflecting Electron Zone Plays at 20% speed.
194 D Abandoned Factory: Big Red Plays at the same speed as 194A.
194 E Experimentation Building: Moving Elevator
195 A ヴォー Seishonen’s Room Translates to "Vaud" or "Vaux".
195 B Subterranean Research Center Plays at 50% speed.
196 ゆめ2っき Ending #3 Translates to "Yume 2kki".
197 屋敷内BGM ↑V↑ (Mansion)
198 A 0722_3 Black Cat Room
198 B Marina's House: Lights on
198 C Ghostly Inn Plays at 70% speed.
198 D Deep Cold Path Plays at 50% speed.
198 E Sakura Ruins: Petal Passage Plays at same speed as 198A and 198B.
198 F Plays at 80% speed.
199 A 185Go_Sea_map1 The Trench Plays at 90% speed.
199 B 185Go_Sea_map2
199 C 185Go_Sea_map3
199 D 185Go_Sea_map4 Star Ocean
199 E 185Go_Sea_map2 Snowy Village (Candle Girl's house) Plays at 130% speed.
200 A Dream Beach Translates to "Wind".
200 B Dojo: Balcony
200 C Snowy Forest Plays at 80% speed.
200 D Chainlink Lees: Exterior Area Plays at 60% speed.
200 E Spaceship: Exterior Plays at 70% speed.
200 F Windswept Fields
200 G Experimentation Building: Wooden house Plays at 50% speed.
200 H Bodacious Rotation Station: Entrance from French Street
200 I Breezy Golfing District