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Yume 2kki:Soundtrack/401-500

1 to 100 101 to 200 201 to 300 301 to 400 401 to 500 501 to 600 601 to 700 701 to 800 Misc.


401 A n3_dLb Rocky Cavern Plays at 90% speed.
401 B Cipher Fog World Plays at 80% speed.
402 yumepo10 Aquamarine Cave Plays at 60% speed.
403 A bgm8 Clay Statue World Plays at 50% speed.
403 B Haniwa Hollow Plays at 80% speed.
404 A 進退感_anon Oriental Lake Name roughly translates to "Feeling of advancement and retreat_anon"

Plays at 50% speed.

404 B 真胎還_anon Magical Passage Name roughly translates to "True return_anon"

Plays at 70% speed.

404 C The Pansy Path A Plays at 60% speed.
404 D 進退感_anon The Pansy Path B
405 Lem_Lone Entrance to Decrepit Dwellings
406 Lem_RioPiano Decrepit Dwellings: Bathing Mermaid
407 A kappa_04 Erratic Pillar Lands Plays at 50% speed.
407 B Blue Lavender Shoal
408 A 0426 Static Noise Hell Plays at 50% speed.
408 B Nocturnal Grove (TV)
409 A e7 Streetlight Garden Plays at 60% speed.
409 B Butcher Hollow Plays at 150% speed.
410 A 0109BGM1 Beetle Forest Plays at 110% speed.
410 B Cactus Desert Plays at 130% speed.
410 C Underground Burial Site Plays at 120% speed.
411 A kuro9 kyoku2 Green Tea Graveyard
411 B Love Lodge Plays at 70% speed.
412 A 2i9-mus3 Overgrown Condominium: Outside Plays at 60% speed.
412 B Azure Garden: Forbidden Swamp Plays at 50% speed.
413 VANEGI_snow Cipher Keyboard: Workshop Plays at 90% speed.
414 VANEGI_twilight Bathhouse: Dining Hall
415 Nuls_09a-Data_Tech_v2 Data Stream
416 A spelude-24 Titan's Pier Plays at 60% speed.
416 B spelude-24p Piano Girl's Room: Lower Section (Duet with Piano Girl) Unlocked by visiting Titan's Pier and playing the piano down the hole after killing the Piano Girl.
416 C spelude-24full Piano Girl's Room (Interacting with the Piano Girl)
416 D spelude-24pf Piano Girl's Room: Lower Section (Duet with Piano Girl)
417 Lem_cyclops Silent Sewers: Ronsutoka's Room Plays at 80% speed.
418 A 2i9_mus2 Sculpture Park
418 B Sculpture Park: Entrance from Sugar Road Plays at 70% speed.
418 C Corrupted Love World Plays at 140% speed.
418 D Drains Theater: Passage to Serene Docks Plays at 60% speed.
418 E Ethnic World: 01 Pathway Plays at 50% speed.
419 A sound3h Alien Valley: Hadean Path Plays at 140% speed.
419 B Somber Establishment: Interior Maze Plays at 60% speed.
419 C Crow Forest Plays at 90% speed.
420 PhsicalOrchestra_POte (2) Floral Vortex
421 A 2_19 Dream Park: Wooden Maze Plays at 70% speed.
421 B Floating Tiled Islands: Bedroom Plays at 50% speed.

Unlocked after chainsawing either bear.

422 A Autumn HURO3_anon Coffee Cup World Plays at 70% speed.
422 B Clubhouse Yard: Xylophone Path Plays at 110% speed.
423 A RIMA-bgm-recorder001 Dream Park: Puni Homes Plays at 50% speed.
423 B Lovesick World: The Liar's House Plays at 70% speed.
423 C Slime Village Plays at 60% speed.
424 drm_loop_44 Shadowy Caves Plays at 50% speed.
425 spelude33 Guardian's Temple Plays at 50% speed.
426 A soundc_2 Isometry World (Entrance) Plays at 50% speed.
426 B Virtual City: Map Room Plays at 70% speed.
426 C soundc Nefarious Chessboard Plays at 50% speed.
426 D Sunny Town Incorrect speed in the Sound Room; plays at 70% in-game and at 60% in the Sound Room.
426 E Experimentation Building: Floor 2 Plays at 60% speed.
426 F soundc_2 Blue Restaurant: Room 1 Plays at 90% speed.
426 G Rainbow Road Plays at 120% speed.
426 H Skyline Highway Plays at 80% speed.
427 A kappa_06 Subterranean Plant Plays at 150% speed.
427 B Forgotten Megalopolis: Interior House Plays at 70% speed.
427 C Desolate Hospital Plays at 80% speed.
427 D Carnivorous Pit Plays at 40% speed.
427 E Crazed Faces Maze
428 A kappa_14 Neon Face World
428 B Sculpture Park: Purple Forest Path Plays at 70% speed.
428 C Streetlight Docks Plays at 40% speed.
429 A CHIMES Surgical Scissors World Plays at 50% speed.
429 B Forgotten Megalopolis: Steel Pillar Area Plays at 70% speed.
429 C Refrigerator Tower: The Freezer
430 qxy_mus_echoes Surgical Scissors World: Passage to Neon Caves


431 qxy_mus_trianglenoise Static Labyrinth: Lower floors Plays at 20% speed.
432 bgm4 FC Caverns Plays at 50% speed.
433 lem_blasyloop Holographic Chamber
434 A lem_amb3 Holographic Chamber (Chamber without power) Plays at 50% speed.
434 B Ocean Storehouse Plays at 40% speed.
435 A autumn2_Anon Holographic Chamber (Chamber exterior) Plays at 50% speed.
435 B Ancient Aeropolis: Exit Plays at 60% speed.
435 C Halloween Zone
435 D Rainy Town Plays at 80% speed.
435 E Silent Forest Plays at 70% speed.
436 lem_dreamv2 Ether Caverns The successor of a removed filename by the name of lem_dream, hence the "v2" in its name.

Plays at 90% speed.

437 A persistant_slow Fluorescent City
437 B Server Hub Plays at 130% speed.
437 C Frozen Disco Plays at 120% speed.
437 D Blue House Road Plays at 150% speed.
438 A moseni_firefly Stellar Mausoleum Plays at 90% speed.
438 B Shallows of Deceit (Rooftop) Plays at 110% speed.
438 C Marble Ruins: Inside the palace
438 D Golden Mechanical Tower Plays at 70% speed.
439 A e8 Mottled Desert Plays at 50% speed.
439 B Vermilion Bamboo Forest Plays at 90% speed.
439 C Twisted Thickets: Peak Plays at 60% speed.
440 Lem_heart Abandoned Dreadnought: Entrance Plays at 80% speed.
441 Rio_Piano2 Chainlink Lees: Mechanical Heart Act Plays at 60% speed.
442 A fd_room Verdant Promenade: Antiquated Resthouse Plays at 70% speed.
442 B Rusty Urban Complex: Operator Cyborg Plays at 80% speed.
443 lem_noil1 Snowy Village Plays at 50% speed.
444 A owari3 Grand Scientific Museum (Main area)
444 B Atelier Plays at 70% speed.
445 A utage-byzetsu Grand Scientific Museum (Tropical Jungle)
445 B Mountaintop Ruins Plays at 80% speed.
445 C Mountaintop Ruins: Mural Area Plays at 50% speed.
445 D Litter Heaven Plays at the same speed at 445B.
446 nuls_11_Turning_Point Data Stream This only plays when the puzzle is complete. The other conditions to make this play are unknown.
447 Nuaah's_Music I Robotic Institution
448 Nuaah's_Music II Calcarina Sea This track only plays when the Teru Teru Bōzu effect is used in the Calcarina Sea.
449 A Nuaah's_Music III Spherical Space Labyrinth
449 B Miraculous Waters Plays at 90% speed.
450 A Ihavealwayslovedyou Nocturnal Grove
450 B Lavender Park


451 moseni_fog Nocturnal Grove (Midnight Lake) Plays at 80% speed.
452 A moseni_hydrangea Lavender Waters Plays at 80% speed.
452 B Azure Garden Plays at 70% speed.
452 C Azure Garden: Second area Plays at 60% speed.
452 D Holiday Hell: Jimbo's Peephole Plays at 150% speed.
453 qxy_mus_creek2 Lost Creek Plays at 70% speed.
454 qxy_mus_birds Viridescent Temple
455 nantai_穏 Seaside Road
456 nantai_揺 Ghastly Dumpsite
457 nantai_希 Golden Forest
458 nantai_嬉 Dreamscape Villa
459 nantai_瞑 Ghostly Exhibit
460 A 黒の鐘@アノン Lovesick World Translates to "Black Bell@Anon"

Plays at 50% speed.

460 B Duality Wilds Plays at 80% speed.
461 tiriri2 Finger Maze: Lonely Crying Path
462 Nuaah's_Music IV Herbarium
463 A Nuaah's_Music V The Void Plays at 80% speed.
463 B The Voiδ Plays at 150% speed.
463 C Black Ink World Plays at 90% speed.
464 Nuaah's_Music VII Calcarina Sea: Night Area Plays at 90% speed.
465 Nuaah's_Music VIII Water Lantern World This track only plays when the Lantern effect is used in Water Lantern World.
466 2i9_mus7 Bleeding Heads Garden Plays at 50% speed.
467 2i9_mus_shoalhouse Ahogeko's House
468 A e37 Ahogeko's House (Distorted) Plays at 110% speed.
468 B The Gutter (Bloody room) Plays at 90% speed.

Granted upon using the Glasses/Grave effects.

469 A 不可視領域_anon Originator Garden Plays at 50% speed.
469 B Stained Glass Cosmo Plays at 80% speed.
470 A yumepo7 Fluorescent Halls: Crimson Triangle Path Plays at 50% speed.
470 B Winter Valley
470 C Candlelit Factory: Room in the back Plays at 70% speed.
470 D Moonview Lane


471 Nuaah's Music IX Phosphorus World Plays at 50% speed.
472 Nuaah's Music X Cube of Sweets
473 A Nuaah's Music XI Cosmic Cube World
473 B Green Tower Plays at 50% speed.
474 Nuaah's Music XV Forest Interlude
475 A Nuaah's Music XII Portrait Purgatory Plays at 50% speed.
475 B Portrait Purgatory (Passage to Basement of Oddities) Plays at 70% speed.
476 A fd-drone2 Forgotten Megalopolis: Interior Plays at 50% speed.
476 B Silent Sewers: Entrance from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments
477 A fd-drone3 Bismuth World: Monochrome Bismuth Path Plays at 60% speed.
477 B Dreary Drains: Dreary Woods Plays at 50% speed.
477 C Rusty Urban Complex: Control Room Plays at 80% speed.
477 D Entropy Dungeon
478 Rio_Piano5 Forgotten Megalopolis: Lower Section Plays at 60% speed.
479 A fd-abyss Wintry Cliffs: Butterfly Stairs Plays at 80% speed.
479 B Ruined Garden: Building Deck Plays at 110% speed.
479 C Drowsy Forest
480 A Lem_light Wintry Cliffs: Butterfly Stairs Plays at 50% speed.
480 B Holiday Hell: Valentine Girl's House
481 A LemRio_Piano6 Tomb of Velleities Plays at 90% speed.
481 B Stony Buildings: Bright Globe Room Plays at 150% speed.
482 LemRio_Piano6(Solo) Tomb of Velleities: Seabed Plays at 70% speed.
483 Laeva_TakeYourTime Tomb of Velleities: Lunar Sanctuary Plays at 90% speed.
484 nantai_彩 Flower Scent World
485 nantai_宙 Visine Spacecraft
486 nantai_濡 Shell Lake
487 nantai_踊 Metallic Plate World
488 nantai_祀 Metallic Plate World (Gourd event)
489 A sound2d Ocean Storehouse (Woman and the Mirror Event) Plays at 90% speed.
489 B Bright Forest (Screaming Forest Event) Plays at 150% speed.
489 C Eyeball Cherry Fields Plays at 50% speed.
489 D Ninja Town (The Neighborhood)
489 E Checkered Postal Path Plays at 70% speed.
490 A Distant Reality Isometry World Plays at 50% speed.
490 B Blue Streetlight World Plays at 70% speed.
490 C Ice Cream Islands: Underground Plays at 90% speed.
490 D Stony Buildings Plays at 80% speed.
491 A 本名_1_small Piano Alley
491 B Unknown Child's Room Plays at 80% speed.
491 C Moonlit Street (Piano Room) Plays at 90% speed.
491 D Marble Ruins: Unicorn Girl's room Plays at the same speed as 491B.
492 A 152-woo The Second Nexus Plays at 90% speed.
492 B Fish Person Shoal / Flamelit Wasteland: Cone room
493 A 2i9_mus_kowaisound Pudding World (Lights Off) Plays at 150% speed.
493 B Parking Garage Plays at 70% speed.
494 yumeppoi Orange Badlands Plays at 50% speed.
495 Nuaah's Music XIII Pop Revoir
496 Nuaah's Music XVII Chocolate Tower Plays at 90% speed.
497 Nuaah's Music XVIII Rotten Sea Plays at 50% speed.
498 Nuaah's Music XIX Color Cubes World Plays at 50% speed.
499 A Nuaah's Music XXIV Calcarina Snowfield
499 B Ice Cream Dream Plays at 50% speed.
500 A Nuls_08-Dtdbr Opal Ruins A/Opal Ruins B
500 B Pathway from Ethnic World to Opal Ruins A Plays at 50% speed.