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Basic Info
Original Name(s)





WP #290

Events None
Notable NPCs

Noah, Robot Guard, Sunset

Connecting Areas

Cipher Keyboard
Pastel Pools
Pollution District
Dream Venus LockedCondition🔐
Tesla Garden LockedCondition🔐 NoReturn


error (Entrance) (No. 070B)
ループ「青光」By音師竹内 (Main area) (No. 102E)
(Spaceship exterior) (No. 200E)
dedp_ann (Clothing shop) (No. 064B)
e26 (Dimly-lit bedroom) (No. 349C)
626-tb303 (Bar) (No. 008C)
Blue (46) (Sunset's Room) (No. 713B)

Map ID 1007, 1008, 1009, 1844


Spaceship is one of the worlds accessible from Cipher Keyboard.


Map of the Spaceship

Spaceship is a small location that starts out in what appears to be a docking station or reception area overseen by androids and filled with mini spaceships, similar to the one entered from Cipher Keyboard, and a Robot Guard trapped in between some. Near the top-left corner of the map is a small desk and a door that takes the player to the main area. The nearby orange spaceship leads to Pollution District

In the main area, there are more human and android NPCs walking around, with many tables and a set of apartments in the back. There are also some couches next to a window looking out into the starscape, with a green alien sitting on one of them. The elevators let the player go up and explore the different apartments, but not many of them can be entered.

One of the doors from the first and second floors leads to a small apparel shop, and another one on the first floor leads to a small bar area, where the player can buy drinks from an android girl for 100 Yume each.

There's also a room with two white-skinned aliens. The one at the top serves as a connection with Dream Venus if that area has been visited before.

The fourth door from the right on the third floor leads to a dimly-lit bedroom that unlocks a wallpaper upon entering.

On the top floor, a steel door is seen here, locked up and marked with a warning sign. Equipping the Spacesuit effect allows Urotsuki to walk out on the balcony, showcasing a view of a planet with two moons. At the left of the top floor, there's a room where a brown-haired cyborg boy, Noah, can be found. Interacting with him leads to the Tesla Garden if the player has visited the Industrial Waterfront area of Tesla Garden at least once.

Sunset's Room

On the second floor, entering the door immediately left of the elevators will bring you to Sunset's room, belonging to the titular girl in neon clothes and deep purple hair. Her room is different from the others, having a much darker color scheme with neon lights and furniture. At the back, a door can be found here with a symbol resembling a sunset, and will bring you to Pastel Pools upon exit.



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