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Yume 2kki:Tesla Garden

Tesla Garden
Basic Info
Original Name(s)

Tesura teien




WP #214

Events None
Notable NPCs

Noah, Furasshu

Connecting Areas

Dreary Drains
Underground Laboratory
Graffiti City
Doll House
Neon Sea NoReturn
Spaceship NoEntry
Pierside Residence

Removed Connections

TV Labyrinth


bluetile_sun (No. 360A)
bgm057 (Waterway Building) (No. 362)
bgm-l (Rooftop) (No. 084B)
3 (Industrial Waterfront) (No. 361)
bgm008 (Path to Pierside Residence) (No. 235B)
bluetile_sun (faster) (Bedroom) (No. 360B)
rec2 (Hospital Room) (No. 048D)
2kki bgm 02 (Robot Storage Room) (No. 363A)

Map ID 0832, 0833, 0834, 0835, 0836
Primary Author


Contributing Author(s)


Tesla Garden is an expansive area accessible from a door in the Underground Laboratory.

Map of the Tesla Garden
Map of the Tesla Garden's ladders
Map of the Industrial Waterfront


Tesla Garden is a very large area made of many interconnected maps, with a strong industrial waterway theme. It contains many unique NPCs and a large variety of locations.

Main Area

The initial area is a large, open space, littered with three buildings, metal gratings that line the floor, and several large yellow street lamps. In one area, you can travel in between two streetlamps that are right next to each other, and be teleported to a small area completely enclosed by lamps. Dozens of Shadow Ladies can be found outside the bounds of this area, and you can find a Vending Machine in here (If you could get caught by one of the Shadow Ladies, she would teleport you to Forest World).

Another building can be found going directly south from the entrance from the Underground Laboratory, which connects with the Dreary Drains.

If you travel to the building north-west of the Underground Laboratory building in the main area and enter the gate, you will enter a small, dark-tinted building. You can travel up the ladders and through the door to find an area where you can access a small balcony over the entrance building, the rooftop of this building with a path that Urotsuki can jump off from, ending in a door to the Neon Sea, and one path that leads to the Industrial Waterfront.

The Industrial Waterfront

The Industrial Waterfront is a water-filled mechanical area. There are various connecting and isolated platforms scattered throughout the area, upon which are placed buildings with doors. The doors on the platform's buildings lead to unpredictable locations, sometimes to another door, sometimes inside a building, and so serve as somewhat of a teleport maze. One of the doors leads to a vending machine.

The black door by the entrance to the main area leads to the southwest corner of the map, thus skipping this particular boating section.

Opting to head west on the boat will lead you to a path to Pierside Residence.

One of the doors will take you to a little room with flashing snakes swimming in a pond. Equipping the Chainsaw or howling with the Wolf effects will make them panic and move faster. Using the Crossing action stops them and their flashing, while the Marginal effect change their colors to black and red, as well as stop their movement.

There are four NPCs in the area that can be found. Through the door labeled E on the map, a small bedroom can be found with a single cyborg girl inhabiting it. Through the door labeled J on the map, you can find what seems to be a hospital of some sort. The NPC found in this area appears to be a surgeon or nurse. If you equip the Plaster Cast effect, she will heal you, and if you equip the Marginal or Chainsaw effects, she will boot you out. Noah, a cyborg boy, is found sitting on a bench on one of the platforms accessible through the door labeled F. There is a mutant redheaded NPC in an enclosed area accessible from a door in the west section of the area where Urotsuki can ascend many ladders.

There is a room in the area (labeled with the letter M on the map) with a towering robot. Interacting with it shows a full view of the robot. Continuing east from here leads to the Doll House. East of the building leading to that room is a door that will take you to an isolated section of the dark-tinted building.

In the deepest part of the Industrial Waterfront is a building with a flashing neon sign, whose door leads to the Graffiti City.

Note: After entering Doll House and Graffiti City, black doors will appear in the southwest area of the map, which serve as helpful shortcuts to both locations. If you first enter from Graffiti City, exit and come back in to spawn the door, thus skipping the boating section.


If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active:

If the connection from Urotsuki's Dream Apartments to Sugar Road is active and you visited Chaos Exhibition from the Underground Laboratory:

After visiting the Industrial Waterfront once:


  • Before version 0.112i, this area connected to the TV Labyrinth.


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