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    Yume 2kki:Sweet Medical Utopia

    Sweet Medical Utopia
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)

    Yamikawa sekai

    Effects EffectNone

    WP #745
    WP #767
    Menu Theme #65

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Sniper-san
    Connecting Areas

    Broken Faces Area
    File Viewer
    Azure Overdose Zone
    Blissful Clinic
    Rifle Wasteland LockedCondition🔐 Chance🍀 Chainsaw

    Removed Connections

    Metallic Pathway

    BGM uwa_bgm05 (No. 845)
    uwa_bgm04 (Hospital Outlook) (No. 846A)
    uwa_bgm6 (Sniper-san's Room) (No. 885)
    uwa_bgm7 (Red Creature) (No. 886A)
    uwa_bgm7 (slowed) (Enlarged Creature) (No. 886B)
    uwa_bgm11 (Giant Dove) (No. 955)
    Map ID 2871, 2872, 2876, 2877, 2878, 3062, 3063
    Version Added 0.122h patch 1
    Last Updated 0.123c patch 3
    Author Uwa

    Sweet Medical Utopia is a world accessible from a razor in Broken Faces Area.

    Map of Sweet Medical Utopia


    The main area of the world features a window overlay with IV drips attached to it. Syringes stuck into the ground as well as big and small bandaids fill the area, with the occasional puddle of blood.

    Directly north of the entrance is a pair of glitchy syringes stuck into the same place. Interacting with them leads to File Viewer. East of this connection is a cyan-pink gradient hand that is doing a love gesture, interacting with this hand grants you Menu Theme #65. North of this area is a pair of giant hands forming a heart shape. Going between them leads to the Hospital Outlook.

    Hospital Outlook

    The Hospital Outlook consists of a path with a view of a far-away cityscape. The path is guarded with railings which can be sat on.

    A medium-sized red spherical object (possibly a planet, or a moon) can be seen in the distance. One may use the vending machine or go further right to enter an extended part of the path, with a gap near the start.

    Heading into the gap leads you to a room filled with boxes, a bloodied closed-off hallway and guns hanged on the walls. Usually, the room is bright, and a black-haired character sits in the center of the room. Equipping the Chainsaw, School Boy or Cake effects will cause them to stop kicking their feet and look up. During this state, repeatedly interact with them while the Chainsaw effect is equipped for a 1/21 chance to enter Rifle Wasteland.

    There is a small chance (decided upon entering the room) that the room will instead be dark, and the black-haired character will be laying face down on the bed, which is now covered in blood. In this state, an empty pill box can be found on the floor, and interacting with it leads to Azure Overdose Zone, thus unlocking a book in the Library. Going through a now unblocked passage on the right will lead to a dark corridor with a rifle, which becomes bright after an interaction. Going to the right afterwards leads to Blissful Clinic.

    Heading along the path instead leads to a small tunnel capped off with a large red creature with two bird heads and a body covered in eyes. Equipping the Eyeball Bomb effect makes the eyes of the red creature move, and occasionally glance at Urotsuki. Chainsawing the creature will cause the screen to go black for a moment and then take Urotsuki to another area with an enlarged view of the creature. Exiting this area to the right leads to a much brighter area with a large dove. Walking up to the dove allows Urotsuki to climb and sit on its back. Equipping the Chainsaw will make the dove's eyes turn red and then unequip the effect.


    With the Marginal effect:


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