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Braingirl:Ecstasy Grasslands

Ecstasy Grasslands
Ecstasy grasslands.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Streets Hub
Cubic Ruins

BGM What a nice day
Sheep Rave (Grasslands Labyrinth Speakers)
Map ID 0006, 0007, 0008, 0013, 0050

The Ecstasy Grasslands are an area accessible from the bush-like creature in Streets Hub's southwestern section.

Map of the Ecstasy Grasslands
Map of the Grasslands Labyrinth


The Ecstasy Grasslands are a large field of blue grass with scattered towering bushes and cubic structures that have eyes and mouths. There is a pair of small lakes, one of which has an isle with a fast-moving bug running around. Inhabiting the area are humanoid creatures with avian heads, as well as green bugs. By entering the open mouths on the structures, you can enter the Grasslands Labyrinth's different sections from various starting points.

Grasslands Labyrinth

The Grasslands Labyrinth is a disjointed series of corridors interconnected with the Ecstasy Grasslands, whose walls are either orange, purple with eye-like marks, or red and veiny. Initially, the area is silent, but if you find a speaker next to a white dog and interact with it, there will be music playing from it all throughout the labyrinth. The music will continue to play even if you wake up and return to the labyrinth later, unless you turn the speaker back off.

Much deeper within the labyrinth, there is a door with eyes next to it. This leads to an isolated section of the Ecstasy Grasslands. Here you can find a green creature named Morris in one of the buildings, who gives off a loud static noise. If you enter his room and exit, then go back inside, 3 CDs will appear in his place.

There is also a green creature stalling near the deepest section of the labyrinth named Leonard, who provides a shortcut to outside the labyrinth upon interacting with him. From Leonard's room, you can find a doorway to a dark corridor that leads to the Cubic Ruins via a star-shaped hole in the wall.


Streets Hub → Ecstasy Grasslands