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Braingirl:Streets Hub

Streets Hub
Streets hub.png
Basic Info


EffectMarble Soda (Item)

Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Ecstasy Grasslands
Shrine Garden
Tanuki Woods
Terminal Room LockedCondition🔐


Yure Yure

Map ID 0009

The Streets Hub is an area found by sleeping in the bed in the bedroom of Mikan's Bedroom. It serves as the ingress to the rest of the dream world.

Map of the Streets Hub


The Streets Hub is a network of roads along a neighborhood of wooden houses. The area is always set at night and its starting point is marked by a smiling crescent moon symbol on the ground. Scattered around the area are four different statue-like objects that act as "doors" to other dream worlds. Unlike most conventional Yume Nikki fangames, the Streets Hub is a full-fledged environment with a specific structures and other background elements, as opposed to an open space with a set of doors leading to other worlds.

Above the Ecstasy Grasslands entrance is a vending machine that offers Marble Sodas for 3 CDs, which increase running speed temporarily when used. Behind the vending machine is a hidden alleyway with 3 CDs, obtainable by walking all the way to the back of the alley and interacting with the trees on right side.

Click the figures below for more information on the dream worlds found in each area.