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CDs are a collectable currency found scattered throughout the dream worlds in Braingirl. The player can check how many have been collected at any time in the bottom left of the main menu.

The main uses for CDs include buying soda from the vending machine in the Streets Hub and betting on horses in the Red Barn.

Do keep in mind that Braingirl is a work in progress; as such, this page is subject to further changes across future versions.


Main Area Location # of CDs Image
Ecstasy Grasslands Morris's room in the Grasslands Labyrinth, after exiting and re-entering 3 Grassland labyrinth CDs.png
Southwest in the Cubic Ruins 2 Cubic ruins west CDs.png
Southeast in the Cubic Ruins 3 Cubic ruins east CDs.png
Shrine Garden Far left hall in the Industrial Tunnels 2 Industrial tunnels CDs.png
Middle room of the Saloon Backrooms 3 Saloon CDs.png
Tanuki Woods Northern area in the Museum 4 Museum CDs.png
Hamlet The dark house in the Hamlet 3 Hamlet CDs.png
A blue chest in the Cellar 2 Cellar chest CDs.png
The corn maze at the Psychedelic Farm 4 Psychedelic farm CDs.png
Top-left door to the Crypt Tombs in the Crypt 3 Crypt CDs.png
Other In the alleyway behind the vending machine at the Streets Hub 3 Streets hub CDs.png