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Braingirl:Industrial Tunnels

Industrial Tunnels
Industrial tunnels.png
Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Shrine Garden


Power Room
A past yet to see

Map ID 0057, 0067

The Industrial Tunnels are an area accessible from entering a building on the northwestern side of the Shrine Garden.

Map of the Industrial Tunnels


The Industrial Tunnels are a series of hallways in what looks to be an abandoned power plant with green walls. Lockers, loose papers, and metal barrels are scattered around. Upon entering, there is a screen on the wall displaying a sinister face. Occasionally, there will be a sudden noise and Mikan will jump as if startled. If she is near the beginning of the area, this will cause her to run out to exit back to the Shine Garden. Upon returning, the face on the screen will be gone.

To the south of the entrance, there is a locker with an image taped to it. Interacting with it will show a crude drawing of what looks like a cloaked figure with a hat, a starry landscape, and a bomb.

To the north of the entrance, there is a machine that can be interacted with and a smoking robot NPC. Further along, there is a locker with an image taped to it. Interacting with it will show an enlarged monochrome picture too blurry to decipher-- possibly a view of a city from above. At the end of this left path is a staircase that leads to the small Tunnels Exit area.

Going south past the stairs, there is an intersection. To the left is a table with a pink creature and a paper that can be interacted with, showing a crude drawing of a pink man in a hat. To the right are 2 CDs.

Further south from this intersection is an open grate on the floor that leads to a new room. Inside the room is a person collapsed in a pool of pink blood.

Even further down in the bottom left corner of the area is a long hall with pink chairs. Another paper taped to a locker shows a messy drawing of a star, or possibly a star-shaped cell tower. The room ends in an under-construction warp point shaped like a large CD.

Entering the tunnels after activating the Spirit Shrine event will make this area lead to a dead end hallway.


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