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Basic Info



Events None
Notable NPCs


Connecting Areas

Shrine Garden


Beer Stains

Map ID 0031, 0032, 0033, 0049, 0052

The Saloon is an area accessible by descending down the stairs of a building in the Shrine Garden.

Map of the Saloon
Map of the Midnight Saloon


The Saloon is a western-style wooden building filled with boxes, tables, and a bar. Many NPCs wander around, including birdlike people and one-eyed green octopi. To the left and right of the entrance are the restrooms. Mikan will only go in the women's restroom.

Directly north of the entrance is a bar with red floors. An NPC playing billiards just north of the bar will teleport Mikan to the Billiard Zone when interacted with. This is a small area depicting a billiard table where Mikan can jump in and out of the holes at the edges.

On the left of the bar is a small set of stairs to a green upper floor. At the end of this path are three doors that lead to the Saloon Backrooms. The right door leads to an empty room. The left door leads to a large red room, and heading to the right here will reveal a few NPCs, one disappearing after Mikan tries to enter the door. This seems to activate a chance for something that can happen when Mikan wakes up at night.

Continuing into this gray room and interacting with the southern wall between the two boxes allows Mikan to enter the vent system. Walking through the vents will cause Mikan to fall into a room with 3 CDs. Exiting will send her out of the middle door in the green hallway. The door will be locked behind her and she can only re-enter by returning to the vent system.

Entering this area after triggering the Spirit Shrine event will make the Midnight Saloon accessible. There are several changes, most notably more NPCs, different music, and a crowd gathered around a stage near the bar.


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