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Deep Dreams:Lily Field

Lily Field
Lily field.png
Basic Info


Events None
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Train Station Unlock🔑
Infinity Street


Map ID 0058, 0059
Annotated map of the area.

The Lily Field is an area accessible from the Hospital's exit.


This world is a vast, looping area filled mostly with Lily flowers. There are also some water puddles that reflect what could be the sky, some lampposts, and two small buildings.

From the entrance to the Hospital, going slightly south-east, there is a Bat Girl walking around, equipping the Verdant effect makes her smile and begins chasing you, and the Damage Alter will make her run away from you.

From the place where this girl is located, going straight down and a little to the right seads to a set of stairs going downwards to the Infinity Street, and going back up a little and then to the right leads to a small house surrounded by Lily flowers and a pond. Inside the house there is a girl, lying on the ground, sleeping. Interacting with her will wake her up and unlock a permanent connection to the Train Station


Nexus → Old FactoryVictorian StairsHospital → Lily Field

Nexus → Lamp ForestCathedralTrain Station → Lily Field