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    Pink Sea
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectNone
    Events Uboa
    Notable NPCs Poniko, Uboa
    Connecting Areas

    Snow World
    Poniko's House

    BGM ゆめのくに?
    Map ID 0108
    Map Type Large, Looping
    Version Added 0.07
    Last Updated 0.08
    Extras +
    YNOproject Badges
    PinkSeaCoral(badgeYN).gif PinkSeaCoral(badgeYN).png Sweet Pink Waters

    The Pink Sea (also known as the Pastel Sea or Pastel Shoal) is an openly-looping deeper location of Madotsuki's many dream worlds.

    Map of the Pink Sea


    The Pink Sea is dominantly pink, characterized by several pale islands surrounded by a large expanse of shallow, pastel-colored water.

    Madotsuki starts the area on a balloon-shaped island with a curving path. If the player walks back to the tile they entered the area from, they will be taken back to the igloo in Snow World containing the warp to the Pink Sea. Down the curving path are two coral-like structures faintly resembling chromosomes and a pink balloon. Interacting with the pink balloon will warp Madotsuki to the sea itself, right next to a blue balloon. The water will make Madotsuki walk slower, so it is recommended to bring the Frog or Bicycle effects to walk faster through it. Directly north of the blue balloon is a green balloon, which will warp Madotsuki to another island. When interacting with the green balloon, Madotsuki will teleport right next to a light-green balloon on an island containing conical structures and Poniko's House.


    NexusSnow World → Pink Sea


    • Floating with the Witch effect's broom is disabled in the water portions of the Pink Sea, as Madotsuki will revert to walking once teleported and will be unable to equip the broom until on land.
    • The area was added in version 0.07, although it lacked Poniko's house at the time.
    • In real life, a lake colored entirely pink exists, known as Lake Retba.
    • The actual background music for the Pink Sea is faster. In-game, it is slowed to 60% its original speed.
    • The Pink Sea has a bug in which the player's footsteps can still be heard when moving around while floating on the Witch effect's broom.


    The conical structures on Poniko's island may be Japanese party poppers

    Although it is ostensibly a large ocean, the world seems to be styled along the lines of a young girl's birthday party. The dominance of pink and pastel colors, the floating balloons, the square island vaguely resembling a gift box, and the conical structures on Poniko's island that resemble Japanese-style party poppers may indicate that this dream is based on Madotsuki's memory of a birthday party. This may be significant in interpreting the meaning of Poniko and the Uboa event, as they inhabit the Pink Sea.

    Alternatively, it may also be another homage to the Mother series, since it resembles Queen Mary's Magicant from the original Mother game (also known as EarthBound Beginnings), and the exterior of Poniko's house resembles the buildings there as well as Queen Mary's castle.