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    Dotflow:Famicom World

    Famicom World
    Dotflow famicom world.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectBroom
    Events None
    Notable NPCs Witch
    Connecting Areas

    Blue Electric World NoEntry
    Cloud World
    Machine Nation

    BGM FC-魔女の家/FC-Witch's house
    FC-ワールドマップ/FC-World Map (World Map)
    Map ID 0074, 0076, 0184, 0227, 0228, 0230, 0235, 0255

    The Famicom World is an area accessible from the northern route of the Cloud World.


    Famicom World is an area that appears to be entirely 8-bit. The first part of this world is a forested area, with a small path leading from the Cloud World entrance to a small hut. Inside this hut is a witch, who can either be standing by her cauldron or near the table. Interacting with this witch will grant the Broom effect. There's also a path in the trees south of the hut. Going down this path will lead the player to a well, which can be entered. If a Kaibutsu has been struck with the Iron Pipe during the current flow session, there is a 3/10 chance that an aggressive Kaibutsu will spawn in this well, who will warp Sabitsuki to an isolated section of the Sewers.

    Aside from the well, there is also a small path eastward in the hidden tree path. Going through this path will lead to another wooded screen, after which the player will end up in the "overworld" section of Famicom World. This area is mostly a linear path, with three points of interest along the way. The first is what appears to be a small stone circle on the map, which leads to Machine Nation.

    There is another stone circle further down the path, which serves as a one-way entrance from Blue Electric World. Finally, at the furthest point of the overworld, there is a tile that will take the player to the island's peninsula. There is nothing of note in this area.


    EntranceUtility Pole WorldApartmentsCloud World → Famicom World