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    Dotflow:Illusionary Corridors

    Illusionary Corridors
    Illusionary Corridors Main Area.png
    Basic Info
    Original Name(s)


    Effects EffectPlant

    Flower menu theme

    Events None
    Notable NPCs Hanako, Hospital Children, Little Sabitsuki
    Connecting Areas

    Snow World NoEntry
    Back Ward
    Plant Corridors

    BGM 幻想回路/Illusionary Corridors
    幻想回路/Illusionary Corridors (80% speed) (Plant Room)
    bgm35 (Illusionary Plant Room)
    Map ID 0187, 0188, 0189, 0190, 0192, 0193, 0194, 0196, 0201

    The Illusionary Corridors is an area accessible from Snow World upon making plants grow there.


    The Illusionary Corridors are an overgrown cave-like area populated with ill Hospital Children.

    Entering from Snow World takes Sabitsuki to a stairway where plants will grow behind her as she travels down, and a hallway that will suddenly overgrow with vines once she's near the sole doorway. This leads to another hallway with an vine covered doorway and a large plant to the right.

    Entering the doorway will lead to the main area, while interacting with the plant with cause it to recede. Heading back after doing the latter will reveal the end of the previous hallway can now be accessed. At the end of this path is a room with four doors (with only one other accessible from this end) that connects to a room with a large flower that gives the Plant effect.

    The main area is series of corridors covered with vines, plants, and other fauna. Walking through the area are various Hospital Children, some of which are covered in vines. Heading west from the entrance leads to a door that eventually brings Sabitsuki to the Plant Corridors.


    Entrance → Utility Pole WorldApartmentsSnow World → Illusionary Corridors