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Dotflow:Psychedelic Town

Psychedelic Town
Flow psychedelic town.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)




Events Rainbow Flower
Notable NPCs None
Connecting Areas

Rainbow Maze
Sweet Sugar

BGM サイケデリック街/Psychedelic Town
港/Harbour (Harbor Streets and Alley)
虹の花/Rainbow Flower (Rainbow Flower Event)
Map ID 0156, 0160, 0161, 0162, 0164

Psychedelic Town is an area accessible from the Rainbow Maze or the Sewers.


Psychedelic Town is a small town located outside the Rainbow Maze. The outer area of the town appears to be some form of docks, with the door to Rainbow Maze located on the west side, and a manhole leading down to the Sewers contained within an alleyway at the east side. Heading through a passage in the center of this docks area will take the player to the main area of Psychedelic Town.

The main area of the town contains many moving NPCs. Straight north from the entrance is a building known as Sweet Sugar. Just behind this building is a pair of obelisks, and moving between them will take the player to a small field of flowers. Using the Watering Can effect and then interacting with the flower that blooms will play the Rainbow Flower event.

There's another entrance to Psychedelic Town within Rainbow Maze that allows the player to arrive on the town's rooftops. On the rooftops, the player can interact with the numerous colorful NPCs to be teleported around. Reaching the end of this teleportation maze and interacting with the unique NPC will grant the Psychedelic effect.


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