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Throughout .flow, there are several possible events for the player to encounter. There are a few events that, when triggered, typically increase Sabitsuki's Erosion Counter.

Accident Room / Alleyway Chase

Location: Town

Navigate your way to the left, you should head to a small area blocked by traffic cones. There is a variable that determines what will be in this room, and it is set from 1-10 every time you enter the room. Things you can see based on the variable are:

  1. A cleaner facing away from you, holding a bloody chainsaw. She never moves.
  2. A Kaibutsu beating a pile of flesh with a pipe.
  3. Upon leaving, a brown creature will be standing behind you, but it doesn't do anything.
  4. Three pregnant women standing in front of a bonfire.
  5. A small black creature similar to the ones in the Psychedelic Town. It runs away from you upon approaching.
  6. Similar to 3, but the creature's head will be undulating and distorting. It still doesn't do anything.

When the variable is at 10, the cones will be missing, and there will be nothing of interest in the room itself. However, a brown creature similar to 3 and 6 will run at you at an extreme speed, knocking you out upon impact. You will then be teleported to a small maze, where brown creatures slowly chase you. Getting caught just brings you back to where you started. There is a door south of where you start, and opening this door takes you back to the main area of the Town.

When Sabitsuki exits, she will be holding her pipe, with her eyes shadowed over. If the Iron Pipe has not been obtained, this event will grant it, making it an alternative - if more complicated - way to obtain it.

The Alleyway Chase can be triggered as Rust, although there are some caveats. She will counterattack the creature that attempts to ambush her, killing them, but only if she hasn't sustained much damage from Fetus attacks.[1] In the event that she is knocked out, the creatures in the maze will actively avoid her. When Rust escapes the maze, she will be mortally wounded, one Fetus attack away from death.

Blood, Pus, and Rust

The white room.

Location: Sewers

In the section of the Sewers that leads to Northern Wastewater Lake, there's a 1/10 chance every time the area is entered that a second, green-tinted grate will appear below the one that is normally there. When interacted with, Sabitsuki will appear to drink the sludge leaking from it. If the player returns to the previous room, the mound of slime there will be a different, sickly brown color. Attempting to walk past it at this point will cause it to engulf Sabitsuki, taking her to a long corridor.

Entering the room at the end of this area leads to a giant white room painted in blood, with a single doorway in the middle of the mess. Attempting to enter the room will unequip Sabitsuki's current effect and flash static on the screen, denying her entry. Attempting to step away from the doorway at this point will cause Sabitsuki to vomit blood before collapsing into gore, eerily smiling as she dies. This forces her to wake up in reality.

Triggering this event for the first time will add 50 points to the Erosion Counter and will also permanently encrust the computer keyboard in Sabitsuki's Room with blood. Triggering it again afterwards will only raise the Counter by 10 points.

Rust cannot witness this event, although she can access the bloodied white room via another route exclusive to her to obtain one of the Empty Boxes.


Entrance to the Childbirth event (before/after you hit it with the Iron Pipe)

Location: Reverse Apartments

Every time you enter .flow, there is roughly a 29% chance[2] that a vomiting smiley face will appear in one of the Reverse Apartments hallways. If it appears, hitting it with the Iron Pipe will allow Sabitsuki to enter. This takes you to an isolated area of Visceral World, where you can proceed to the right to enter a room filled with Onigo.

To proceed, you can either carve a path through the Onigo with the Iron Pipe or attempt to navigate through them by manipulating their paths with the Handgun and Whistle effects. Whatever the case, proceeding through the door at the bottom right of the room will activate the event. Sabitsuki will be trapped in a room with multiple Onigo, as well as a giant Onigo pinned to the wall. The Onigo surrounding the giantess will slowly explode into gore, until eventually the giant Onigo's stomach splits open. At this point, interacting with the giantess's corpse will cause the screen to fill with static, then fade out, forcing Sabitsuki awake.

Triggering this event for the first time raises the Erosion Counter by 50 points. Triggering it again afterwards will only raise it by 10 points.

This event is an excellent way to make money, as the room filled with Onigo repopulates if Sabitsuki backtracks to the corridor and returns.

Rust cannot trigger this event, although she is required to visit an area very similar to the event for one of the Empty Boxes.

Corrupted School

Main article: Corrupted School.

Location: Dysmorphic World

Note that this event requires the Ghost effect to access.

There is roughly a 1/6 chance every time a .flow session begins that a doorway will appear in Dysmorphic World, slightly north-east of the entrance. If it has appeared, equip the Ghost effect before entering.

Head straight up (press shift to go invisible as you move along) until you reach the top where three Kaibutsu will be waiting for you. Turn back. As you reach the bottom, a Kaibutsu much faster than you will appear, and will instantly catch you if you do not have the Ghost effect active. However, there will now be a path to your left that wasn't initially there. Head down it and, again, enter the largest mouth. Enter the School.

In the room past the lobby, you will no longer be able to equip any effects. Kaibutsu with iron pipes will chase you down to the school's basement, where Smile will be waiting for you. The path to the basement is straightforward and you won't be caught as long as you keep moving the whole time.

This event can be accessed as Rust, and in fact, is more likely to occur when playing as her (1/4 chance each session). Note that, instead of Kaibutsu, large fetuses will chase Rust through the school, and will instantly kill her if she's caught.

Flying Event


Location: Rainbow Maze

Glitch Event

Note: This event can only be seen in versions 0.18 and onwards.

Location: Machine Nation

Every time flow is entered, there is a 1/5 chance that an empty text box pops up if the top-left corner of a seemingly empty room in Machine Nation is interacted with. As you try to leave, the screen will glitch out more and more as you move further along. You will eventually be taken back to the room where the event was activated. Keep interacting with the wall in the top-left corner. The room will glitch out the more you interact with the wall and the screen will eventually completely glitch/fade out to black while a loud noise blares in the background, after which you will be forced awake.

Hole in Girl

Hole in girl.png
Main article: Hole in girl

Location: Sweet Sugar

At least 1,500 yen is required.

If Sabitsuki has eaten at least five 300-yen meals at Sugar Hole, interacting with the maid in the third bedroom from the right in the hallway will result in a close-up of her face appearing, revealing that she has a hole for a face. There is a further 1/5 chance decided every time Sabitsuki interacts with her that said hole will suddenly expand and consume the screen, transporting Sabitsuki to hole in girl.

The area itself is filled with statues seemingly made of sugar, depicting women in very sexually suggestive poses. Navigating through the strange area will allow you to see the Sugar Girl at the very end, standing at the edge of a cliff. There is no way to interact with her.

Mouth TV channel

Location: Sabitsuki's Room

When turning the television in Sabitsuki's room on while in flow, there is a chance that a disembodied smile will be depicted on screen. If this occurs, Sabitsuki will be unable to turn her television off for the remainder of that flow session, as attempting will only make it laugh at her.

Night Visit

Location: Deterioration

The final stage of the Night Visit event

Under normal circumstances, the fourth room in the apartments section of Deterioration will display a black screen when entered by Sabitsuki. However, when entering the area as Rust, the room will become available. This room shows Sabitsuki at her computer, seemingly in a flow session. A Kaibutsu stands behind her, and they will sometimes move closer to Sabitsuki on subsequent room entries. The final stage of the event ends with the Kaibutsu approaching the glass wall separating Rust from the room, and banging on it with what appears to be a metal pipe.

Spoilers end here.

Rainbow Flower

Location: Psychedelic Town

The Watering Can effect is needed for this event.

On the ground level of the Psychedelic Town, there are two rainbow-colored pillars south of the entrance. Going between will lead to a small flowery cliff with a wilted flower. Using the Watering Can on it will make it bloom. Interact with the flower to activate an event where the game screen fills with swirls that flash/change color. You can exit the event by pressing Z or Enter.


Location: Disposal

Navigate your way to the area blocked by a bathtub, with Smile and two other men behind it. Equip and use the Handgun Effect to draw the attention of Smile, then interact with the bathtub to see an image of his face glancing back at Sabitsuki.

If this event has been triggered at least once by Sabitsuki, returning to the area as Rust will also allow her to look at Smile, although he will now have tattoos over his eyes.

Sugar Float Days

Sugar float days.png

Location: Reverse Apartments

At least 3,000 yen is required for this event.

After you have eaten at least ten cakes at Sugar Hole, start a new flow session and visit Sugar Hole again (the traffic cone will remain if the player has eaten something in the current flow session). Interact with the maid behind the counter and in the backroom, then go to the Reverse Apartments through the elevator. The staircase that was previously blocked by a traffic cone will be accessible. Enter it to view the event. You will briefly see a younger Sabitsuki and the Sugar Girl sharing tea, before the screen flashes and they disappear.

Due to an oversight, the exit does not function. The only way to leave is to either wake up or use the Arms effect.

When the Music Dies Down

Location: Submarine Village

Use the Iron Pipe effect to kill all three guitar players in the village (there are two in the village and one in building with clothing racks). After killing them, the villagers will chase you. If they catch you, they send you to an isolated section of Hell.

Kaibutsu Events

The following events consist of interactions with notable special Kaibutsu with unique behaviors.

Bar Kaibutsu

The Kaibutsu's retaliation.

Location: Sugar Hole

There is a 60% chance[3] that a Kaibutsu armed with a pipe will appear at the bar every flow session.

Equipping the Iron Pipe near him will make him shoot a warning glance towards Sabitsuki, and attempting to hit him with the Iron Pipe will cause him to quickly counterattack and knock Sabitsuki down. After she falls to the ground, he will raise his weapon and strike her again while laughing, killing her. The screen will cut to black as the sound of someone dragging something, presumably her body, is heard. Sabitsuki's mangled corpse will then be shown in a dark room, lit only through the doorway. After the door closes, she will wake up in her room.

Each time this event is triggered, the Erosion Counter will increase by 15 points. Note that the Bar Kaibutsu will never spawn when playing as Rust.

Purity Kaibutsu

Location: Womb Maze

Follow the Viscera effect guide up until you reach a hallway that splits off going left and right. Enter the door to your right instead of your left. Go down, head right when the path splits, right again when the path splits a second time then keep going up. You should reach two machine-like pillars. Go between them to reach a peaceful, foggy area. Head left and go between two gray pillars. You will now be in a darker area with a Kaibutsu standing in front of a gaping hole. Hit them with your Pipe and leave. The peaceful area you were previously in will now be full of large holes with eyes as well as Red Demons.

Shinsoku Kaibutsu

Location: Blood Maze

Similar to the Candle World Toriningen in Yume Nikki, the Kaibutsu in the Blood Maze moves extremely quickly when angered. To locate it, head to the Blood Maze from the White Room, and head south-east from the entrance. Attack it with the Iron Pipe and try to flee!

Note that the Shinsoku Kaibutsu will also be hostile if any other neutral Kaibutsu has been attacked that flow session: Entering the Blood Maze in the first place is inadvisable if any have been angered.

Getting caught by the Shinsoku Kaibutsu will raise your Erosion Counter by 10 points. The Shinsoku Kaibutsu will be replaced by a normal Fetus when playing as Rust.

Well Kaibutsu

Location: Famicom World

Attack any passive Kaibutsu aside from the one in Blood Maze. Teleport back to the Nexus using the Arms effect, then make your way to the Famicom World. Enter the well that is south from the path that you'd take to Machine Nation. There will now be a Kaibutsu in the well that will trap you in a pitch black area once interacted with. Keep in mind this Kaibutsu will not always be there.


Beginning .flow

This cutscene plays immediately after a new save file is created, by selecting the ".flow" option on the main menu.

The cutscene itself depicts Sabitsuki floating in a black void, occasionally flickering into static. Pressing any key will cause static noise to play as Sabitsuki vanishes. The game will transition to Sabitsuki's Room immediately afterward, beginning gameplay.

Disguised Bug

After collecting every Effect, wake up and attempt to reenter flow. A cutscene will play instead, depicting several significant NPCs along with several scenes of gore. Sabitsuki will wake up and leave her computer when the film ends. This can only be seen once per save file.


Main article: Endings

After collecting all 24 Effects, waking up from flow and exiting Sabitsuki's door will play an ending. The ending shown depends on actions taken before leaving through the door, with a total of 3 different possible endings.

Erosion Event

An event only seen after version 0.192.

After raising your Erosion Counter above 250, wake up to trigger the Erosion Event. Sabitsuki will appear to be sleeping in her bed as a Kaibutsu strongly resembling her breaks into the room. The screen will intensely distort as it seemingly teleports over to her and bashes her with an iron pipe. Sabitsuki will immediately get off her computer after this event and pinch her cheek, as if to confirm if she is awake. This event will trigger every time you wake up until your Erosion Counter is lowered below 250.

If triggered by Rust, she notably will not pinch her cheek after getting up.


  1. She'll counter if she has been hurt by Fetuses in the current session less than five times.
  2. Every time .flow is entered, Variable 34 is randomly rolled between 0-100. The Childbirth entrance only appears if this variable is between 40-69.
  3. Variable 34 above or equal to 40. To note, this means that if the entrance to the Childbirth event is present, that the Bar Kaibutsu event is also active.