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Flow school.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)



EffectTattoo, Uniform, Empty Box (Smile)

Events None
Notable NPCs Kaibutsu, Students, Smile
Connecting Areas

Southern Wastewater Lake NoEntry

BGM 学校/School
Map ID 0020, 0083, 0206, 0207, 0209, 0210, 0211, 0221

The School is an area accessible from a passage in the Neighborhood.


The School is an area which houses two effects: the Tattoo and Uniform effect. The School is a two story building, with an accessible rooftop.

Entering from the Neighborhood, you’ll end up on the road where there are many traffic cones and tapes below. Up is the main entrance to the School.

In the first room of the School contains what appear to be lockers, and a counter with two special Kaibutsu behind it, allowing you to change your menu theme. The top Kaibutsu allows you to change between three default menu themes. The bottom Kaibutsu allows you to change menu themes that you have unlocked. Entering the doorway above leads to the first floor of the School.

The first floor is divided into two sections, with doorways leading to the classrooms of the School. Going to either end of the room, you can find another stairway, which leads to the second floor and the basement.

In the first classroom, following clockwise, contains desks and three students. The second classroom solely contains desks. The third room also contains desks and four students. The fourth room is surrounded with desks that you can’t go past by, preventing the player from reaching Smile. There are five students circling him, and equipping the Iron Pipe effect will cause Smile to take out his hammer and change expression.

In the basement, the to the left and right only contain lockers. The door to the bottom leads to a room with two students and a doorway, seemingly blocked by lockers. Through them leads to a room with a smiling Sabitsuki in school Uniform, the effect that is gained after interacting with her. She will then disappear, and will be followed by a Kaibutsu laugh when leaving the room.

Heading downstairs from north of the southern room will lead to a doorway where Sabitsuki cannot enter through. Trying to enter will remove the currently equipped effect and briefly show static.


This room can only be accessed through Rust, where you can acquire one of the empty boxes, known as Smile. The room cannot be entered again after obtaining it.

Spoilers end here.

In the second floor, there are four entrances. The door to the west leads to a classroom containing desks and two lockers. The door to the east leads to a classroom with Smile looking down and holding a hammer, with desks surrounding him, preventing the player from reaching him once more. The southern doorway leads to a room with weirdly shaped creatures with a bleeding eye and mouth.

Going upstairs leads to the rooftop, where you can find a giant Smile looking out on the balcony. Interacting with him grants the Tattoo effect.


Using the cat effect shortcut in Music World:


  • The School contains the most collectibles out of any world, having both two Effects and one of the Empty Boxes.