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Dotflow:Submarine World

Submarine World
Submarine world.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectDiving Helmet
Events None
Notable NPCs Oreko
Connecting Areas

Plant World
White Room
Blue Electric World
Green Electric World LockedCondition🔐
Submarine City
Submarine Village
Star World

BGM 海底/Submarine
Map ID 0022, 0024, 0025, 0027, 0028, 0058, 0106, 0279, 0281
Extras +
YNOproject Badges
Oreko badge.png Oreko

The Submarine World is an area accessible from two beige pillars within the Plant World.


Submarine World is a series of underwater areas, with its sole inhabitant being Oreko, despite its sheer size. Generally, one can find beige, reed-like objects, as well as rocks, colorful corals, and other sea life.

From the Plant World entrance, you'll essentially arrive at a hub, where you may travel to four possible locations. By going north, you'll arrive at the Submarine Plaza, which brings you to Submarine City.


This area will have a hostile Fetus chaser if the player is playing as Rust.

Spoilers end here.

A pair of reeds may also be found to the east, which brings the player to Submarine Village. Additionally, going between the two identical rocks above the Plant World pillars to the west will lead you to an area with a strange, winged monitor resembling Oreko's apparatus that takes you to Blue Electric World; if the player had visited this area from White Room, it will bring them to Green Electric World instead.

Going south will bring you to the Submarine Desert.

Annotated map of the Submarine Desert.

Submarine Desert

Submarine Desert is a very large and open sub-area with substantially less sea life. If playing as Rust, two Fetus chasers may be present here.

By going somewhat northwest from the entrance, you can find a symmetrical group of reeds. Passing through them will take you to a small sub-area with a staircase at the south, which will bring you to Star World.

Oreko, the NPC who grants the Diving Helmet effect, may be found here. You can also visit her house by traveling southwest from the entrance, containing some sort of strange, black and orange apparatus resembling a computer, where she may be seen inside. When playing as Rust, a Fetus will take her place.

Oreko's exact location is determined by a variable that is rolled between 0 and 14 each time Sabitsuki enters a flow state. Refer to the Table below for more details.

Variable Location
0-9 Inside Oreko's House.
10 Outside, in front of Oreko's House.
11 In the cluster of reeds east from the House.
13-14 In a group of rocks, west from the row of reeds.
15 (impossible) In front of Submarine City. This number is impossible to roll in a normal game, but due to an oversight, Oreko can still be briefly seen whenever the Handgun is fired here.

If Oreko is attacked with the Iron Pipe effect, she will remain dead for the rest of that flow session. This will also subtract 10 points from the Friendship Meter. She also is not present when playing as Rust. If Oreko had disappeared during the event in deadhole, then a diving helmet will take her place instead.

Additionally, if the player has had some points racked up on their Erosion Counter (either from being caught by chasers or witnessing disturbing events), interacting with Oreko with the Diving Helmet equipped will lower Erosion by 10 points. This can be done once per flow session.


EntrancePlant WorldSubmarine World