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Oreko sprite.png
Basic Info
Role Grants the Diving Helmet effect, reduces Erosion
Collectibles None
Events None

Submarine World
Orange Maze

Killable? Yes

Oreko is an NPC seen in several areas of the game.


Oreko appears to be a girl of indeterminate age. She is short in stature, and is typically seen barefoot and wearing a tattered, beige dress or nightgown, and is typically seen wearing her iconic, orange diving helmet.

The Hospital is the only area where Oreko's face is visible. Here, she appears to have dirty-blonde hair, dark eyes, and a white gown.


Oreko's role within the game's story is unknown, however she appears to have a very positive affiliation with Sabitsuki, as she seems to have a positive effect on her condition, namely by reducing the Erosion Counter when interacting with the Diving Helmet effect.

This NPC has a unique mechanic known as the Friendship Meter, which may be raised or lowered depending on the player's actions. Raising the Friendship Meter to 30 points or more will allow you to obtain the Orange Menu Theme from the bottom of the Star World.

The following actions will affect the Friendship Meter:

  • Beginning a Flow session when the meter is =<29 (+1)
  • Interacting with Oreko in Submarine World (+5)
  • Interacting with Oreko in Submarine World with the Diving Helmet equipped (+5; stacks with the above)
  • Hitting Oreko with the Iron Pipe effect (-10)

Submarine World

Oreko can primarily be found in Submarine Desert, though her exact location is determined by a random variable which is rolled each time the player goes into flow. Interacting with her will give you the Diving Helmet effect. She is absent here when playing as Rust.


A younger version of Oreko can be found in one of the rooms here. This is the only location where Oreko is seen without her helmet. She will flinch and cover her ears when using the Handgun effect.

Orange Maze

The player may first encounter a larger version of Oreko floating within a test tube. Interacting with her will bring you to the Sorrow area of the Orange Maze where she is seen holding hands with Sabitsuki in a heavily rusted state, insinuating a friendship between the two. When playing as Rust however, Oreko is completely absent from this scene, where only Sabitsuki remains.


  • Oreko's height around 90-110cm tall, or between 2'9" and 3'6".[1]
  • Oreko will always drop money if killed.
  • Oreko is programmed to potentially spawn in the area outside the building in Submarine City but never does.[2] Due to an oversight, using the Handgun here will cause her to briefly appear.



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  2. Whenever a flow session starts, the game rolls a random number from 0 to 14 to decide where Oreko should appear. She is coded to appear outside of the building if this number is 15, but this can never happen legitimately.