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Orange Maze
Orange maze.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs Kaibutsu, Oreko
Connecting Areas

Sewers NoEntry
Submarine Corridors
Orange Laboratory
Orange Passage LockedCondition🔐

BGM オレンジ回路/Orange Maze
Map ID 0067, 0081, 0085
Extras +
YNOproject Badges
Orange experiments.png Orange Experiments

The Orange Maze is an area accessible from various locations, most notably the star in the Sewers.

Map of the Orange Maze


Orange Maze is a rather complicated and winding series of paths, complete with several Kaibutsu roaming the area. Within the maze there are two staircases, with the eastern one leading to a path that takes the player to the Wetland, while the western staircase leads into the Submarine Corridors. There's also a roaming star that appears if the Orange Maze is entered from the Sewers, which takes the player to the Orange Passage upon interaction.

Within the area, the player can also find a large test-tube with Oreko sitting inside. Upon approaching this test tube and turning back around, the entire maze will change into a singular path which leads to the Orange Laboratory.


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