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Hospital flow.png
Basic Info
Original Name(s)


Effects EffectNone
Events None
Notable NPCs Doctor and Nurse, Oreko, Gisokuko
Connecting Areas

Back Ward

BGM 病院/Hospital
モルグ/Morgue (Morgue)
Map ID 0168, 0169, 0170, 0171, 0172, 0174, 0183, 0243, 0252, 0253, 0254

The Hospital is an area accessible from the white building in Hole.


The Hospital is a large white building filled with various rooms. From the entrance, the player will walk through a waiting room area, before entering the hospital proper. Immediately, a door with a bloody arrow pointing to it can be seen. Inside this room is a doctor and a nurse. Neither react to the Handgun, and only the nurse will react to the Whistle. They both can be killed with the Iron Pipe, and the doctor will leave behind a pair of glasses upon death. Neither of them respawn after being killed.

The room to the right of the doctor's room appears to be an operating room. There are two dead bodies on some of the operating tables, and two living men stand in the room. They can be killed by the Iron Pipe, but do not react to any other effect.

At the top of the area, there are four doors that each lead to hospital rooms. The leftmost room has little Oreko sitting on a bed. She'll react to the Handgun effect, and Oreko will vanish from other locations in the dream world if she is killed here. If killed elsewhere, little Oreko's dead body will appear in the room instead.

The third hospital room contains a girl who appears to have robotic legs walking around. She does not react to any effects, but can be killed by the Iron Pipe. The second and fourth rooms are identical, and completely empty.

At the top-left of the hospital, there's a door that leads to the hospital's morgue. After going through the initial room of the morgue, the player will arrive in a passage. This area has shelves along the walls, as well as several tables that appear to have dead bodies on them. Going west here will lead to an isolated area of Hole, on the other side of the fence from where the Handgun effect is found. Going further north in the passage will eventually take the player to the Back Ward.


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