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    Yume Nikki:Yume Nikki Wiki

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    Welcome to the Yume Nikki Wiki

    Detailed information and guides for everything Yume Nikki

    Yume Nikki is an exploration-based game which relies on mystery and discovery.

    The nature of this wiki makes it more suited for players who wish to discover more about the game and inform themselves on areas they may be unaware of. The wiki also covers popular theories on the game's major themes, unused and removed content from the many discovered versions, and related official media.

    It is best to play the game in full before consulting the wiki.


    Yume Nikki Titlecard.png Effects Titlecard.png Events Titlecard.png Characters Titlecard.png Madotsuki Titlecard.png Locations Titlecard.png Soundtrack Titlecard.png Theories Titlecard.png Other Media titlecard.png

    External Links

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    Despite the game's age, many details have been neglected or are otherwise absent. All contributions are welcome to help improve the wiki.

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    15 July 2024

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    14 July 2024

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